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Alia Janine and the Deep Dishing Orgasm News Interview

VENICE, CA – Writer Dave K at Orgasm News obviously did his research before going into the ring with Alia Janine and the result is an interview that goes beyond the standard porn star questions and takes a deeper look at one of porn’s most thoughtful stars.

from – Porn Star Alia Janine is definitely a star on the rise. She was featured in the book ‘Confessions of the Hundred Hottest Porn Star’ and has already appeared in several mainstream productions including The Booty Hunter as well as hosting the show Foursome for Playboy TV. Orgasm News had a chance to speak with the statuesque adult film star about her career, representing herself and Measure B.

Orgasm News: How did you initially enter the porn industry?

Alia Janine: The first scenes I ever shot were with the Score Group. I started out only doing a couple solo videos and pictures. I wasn’t planning on doing any actual “porn.” I just wanted some credits for feature dancing. I was on set for a few actual hardcore shoots, and they asked me if I wanted to do a boob job scene too. So, we worked out a rate and I did that and really liked it.

Then, they asked me to be in their feature movie Mamazon which would require actual sex. For some reason I was surprised when they asked me because I wasn’t planning on being a “porn star” I just wanted to dance. I thought about it and talked with my friends and family, and said yes. I’ve been performing ever since!

Orgasm News: You recently started to represent yourself. Why did you decide to this?

Alia: I’ve been representing myself on and off since I started performing. I have a lot of my own contacts and people tend to book me directly anyways. I liked the agent I was with because I was able to book my own scenes without a hassle, but I figured it was time to move on.

Orgasm News: You were featured in the book “Confessions of the Hundred Hottest Porn Stars.” How was that experience like?

Alia: It was wonderful! Lainie Speiser is an amazing author and fabulous person. The book was very well put together and the fans loved it! I was excited to be apart of it.

Orgasm News: Who are the porn stars that you admire? Why?

Alia: As of late, I admire James Deen, Nina Hartley, Jessica Drake, Kylie Ireland, and Kimberly Kane for their work on the “No On B” campaign. They worked really hard to try to educate people on what the measure actually entailed.

Orgasm News: Measure B recently passed. What does this mean for the porn industry in Los Angeles?

Alia: Fight it! Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition wrote a letter to the Board of Supervisors stating the industry’s concerns about the new law, and told them that the industry will take the law to court if they sign it, while helping companies that want to move out of Los Angeles before the law goes into effect.

I personally think if it goes to court we may actually have a chance. The general public doesn’t know about the law or what it actually entails, a judge can better understand and see it for what it really is. It’s not over yet.

Orgasm News: You studied law/police sciences before. Were you looking at pursuing a career in law before? Are you still considering it?

Alia: No, not at all. If I wanted to, I would have pursued it. It just wasn’t for me. I have a few other plans, but none of them involve law enforcement.

Orgasm News: Can you tell us a little about your move from Milwaukee to Florida? Why did you make that move?

Alia: I had moved out of Milwaukee to go to a feature dancing school, and to get out of the cold. I can’t stand the winters there, the summers are awesome, but are too short. I get cold in 90 degree weather—I needed to move some place warm. I like LA’s climate much more though, I have naturally curly hair [and] Florida is too humid for me.

Orgasm News: Your one of the tallest porn stars out there right now. How have you used that in order to grow your popularity?

Alia: I haven’t really. It’s actually harder to get work sometimes because I tower over the male talent. There are a lot of short male performers. Most of the time, if my partner is shorter, they’ll have to use an apple box if we’re on a desk or counter. It’s funny.

Orgasm News: What is the importance of branding and marketing for you? What out-of-the-box things have you done to promote you and your ‘brand?’

Alia: Branding and marketing are very important. I promote everything I do: interact with fans, and keeping up with my blog. I also hired an amazing PR team: Rising Star PR, and they help me expand by setting me up with interviews, pod casts, press releases, help with award nominations, and a so much more. Having a great publicist with a good name and track record is must have if a performer really wants their name to be known and sot after.

Orgasm News: How do you utilize Twitter and other Social Media sites in order to maximize your exposure?

Alia: I would be lost without them. Social media is one of the main outlets to promote what I do. I have a profile on almost every social media network, it’s a job in itself to keep up, but it’s well worth it.

Orgasm News: You have tasted mainstream success when you were in the film The Booty Hunter. Are you working on any other mainstream projects at the moment?

Alia: I was recently an extra for the Spike Jonez film Her starring Joaquin Phoenix, Olivia Wilde, and Amy Addams. That was a lot fun. I’m working with my mainstream manager on a few other projects as well.

Orgasm News: What was the craziest sexual thing that you have ever done?

Alia: Besides perform in porn? I think that’s considering crazy!

Orgasm News: What celebrity would you love to make a sex tape with and why?

Alia: I wouldn’t make a sex tape with any celebrity; I don’t want that kind of image. Although, I would love to bang quite a few celebrities, and Jason Statham and Zach Galifianakis are on the top of that list!

Orgasm News: What would your ultimate sexual fantasy be?

Alia: I haven’t had sex under a waterfall yet, or on an airplane, or in zero gravity. I really want to have sex in zero gravity; I’m not even a sci-fi geek! I just think it would be amazing.

Orgasm News: What is your favourite position and why?

Alia: I like cowgirl because I like being able to watch the guy I’m with as I’m on top of him as I control my hips.

Orgasm News: Can you describe what a perfect date for you would be like?

Alia: I’m old fashioned. I like a nice dinner and good conversation. Maybe something fun like an art show or baseball game. Maybe something different like a cooking class.

Orgasm News: Have your family and friends been supportive of your move into porn?

Alia: Definitely, as long as I’m healthy, happy, and safe they’re cool with what I do. I’ve always been the wild one in the family, so they’re happy I found something I like.

Orgasm News: What is something people don’t know about you?

Alia: That’s a good question…I don’t think there is anything that people don’t know about me. At least what I want them to know!


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