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Allenina Interviewed-final

Porn Valley- Allenina, was a guest on Layla Jade’s KSEX show Friday night.

“If you can’t tell, I’m Asian,” she told Jade. “I’m the most Asian-looking person ever.” Allenina started in the business maybe eight years ago but hasn’t done movies in the last three. Allenina does everything by herself on her website, but it takes her forever, she said. After several minutes of non-consequential banter it was revealed that Allenina’s transsexual.

“I’m pre-op,” Allenina explained. “Post op means you move it back in. Pre-op means that it’s still out there.” Someone in the chatroom wrote asking Jade if would she suck Allenina’s dick.

“I’ve never sucked a tranny’s dick before,” said Jade.

“It’s just the same as any other guy’s dick,” Allenina revealed. “It’s no big deal.” Allenina said she’s sported the look she has now for maybe ten years.

“First you start with cross-dressing, whatever you call it,” said Allenina, pointing out that she isn’t a cross-dresser. For her part, Allenina got a boob job, took the hormones and shaved her Adam’s apple a couple of years ago.

“Which is a funky, weird procedure,” she said. “If I go on the street, lots of times girls can tell- and the first thing they’ll look at is the Adam’s apple. They make scar right here and insert the knife, all the way down and they do some crazy shit.”

Allenina will also be appearing at a lingerie show club in Phoenix from the 14th to the 18th, she said.

“I have absolutely no clue what to expect,” she said. “I’ve danced in strip clubs before and I heard it’s somewhat similar.”

It was mentioned that they’re like bikini bars except for lingerie. All the girls are dressed, obviously, in lingerie. At the behest of a caller-in Allenina whipped out her dick and Jade was very complimentary.

“It’s all shaved and it’s all nice,” Jade said. “I can’t imagine- you’re this beautiful fucking woman- and very much so you’re a woman, obviously. I can’t imagine that you’d pull down your pants and there’d be this huge, hairy dick there. And it’s going to be disgusting with this hair everywhere. That’s what I imagine- this big schlong coming out that’s terrifying. But you have a very pretty little cock. And it’s nice. It is cute.”

Another person in the chatroom asked Allenina if she was going to get her dick cut off.

“If you gave me $25,000 I would totally get it cut off,” she said. “Or just kind of push it back in.” Allenina said one of her friend’s got that procedure done.

“It’s really scary,” she said. “I got so freaked out looking at it but it was so pretty afterwards. Such a pretty pussy.” Jade said she had a friend in England who was female but always felt very masculine and lived very male and had the operation to turn from female. Allenina talked about the reactions she gets from people.

“I was trying not to hook up with guys- I was talking to this guy on MySpace for such a long time,” she said, noting that a lot of people on MySpace don’t actually read. “Then two months after we got together. I thought he knew by then. He didn’t realize that. He totally freaked out. He did not talk to me afterwards. I did not hear from him. I think that’s totally not cool.”

Allenina said some people will get violent but she manages to hang out with people who are pretty cool. She’s also taking some acting classes in college so her next anal scene will look better, she said.

“I’m kidding,” she laughed. Then she told a story about a shoot in which a woman was really bitchy with her.

“Women can be real bitches,” Jade agreed. “This isn’t something you do for porno- this is you as a person. This is how you choose to live your life.”

“Do you fuck boys?” Jade asked wanting to know about her sex life. Allenina said she hasn’t got laid in a long time.

“Not because I’m a tranny,” said Allenina. “I’m not desperate because I’m older; because of the hormones I’m taking- it’s not that I’m not horny. It’s just that it’s giving me a different type of sexuality. Unless I meet someone in whom I’m interested, I wouldn’t go all the way. That’s my sex life nowadays, waiting for the right guy. Talking about my sex life, specifically, I take it up in the butt all the time. And I’ve fucked people in the ass. I’ve done it. I don’t mind doing it. But I think a lot of guys- they don’t really know how to receive. It’s like fucking an elephant. It’s totally, totally stupid.. Unless the guy is good at it I wouldn’t feel comfortable fucking him. So, guys, practice.”

Allenina then talked about some future plans that might include grad school.

“Or do something really creative,” she added. “I want to stick in a creative atmosphere. I think porn in a way is very creative. I won’t say I’d leave any time soon, but I might. I don’t know yet.”


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