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Alternative Modeling Re-visits KSEX- final

Porn Valley- On his KSEX show Monday night, Wankus had some of the women on from Alternative Modeling including Brianna Beach [pictured], Leah, Lexi Williams and Micah Moore. Eli who heads the company was also on the show. Wankus brought up the time when a girl from Alternative was on the show- Daisy Duxxx.

“She was raving and bragging about killing animals, pissing on them and fucking on their bodies,” said Wankus. “Eli’s was the agency that sent her on those jobs.” Wankus said he wasn’t mad at Eli, that he was a “glorified pimp” and that Wankus didn’t care what he did.

“What I am mad at you about is that you defend her and she’s a fucking idiot,” Wankus said. “There’s no way you can defend her.” Eli said he was just providing girls.

“They had been asking me for models a year and a half prior and I avoided it,” he said. “I personally don’t like it. I don’t think the act they portray is erotic.” Wankus said he heard arguments on Duxxx’s behalf that she was young, naive and trying to pay her bills.

“You should have seen her on my show,” he said. “She was bragging about it- what that is, is a fucking dumb cunt. That’s all she is. She can go to fucking hell and die for all I care.” Eli said he personally likes Duxxx and she’s since made a decision not to do work like that.

“But my job is to defend her.” At the same time Wankus said he wasn’t mad at Eli.

“You’re just doing what you do,” Wankus told him. Wankus said it’s Tyler Faith who’s the one that’s all fired up, that Faith was in his office the night Daisy Duxxx was on the show and Faith wanted to mangle Duxxx. Nevertheless, Eli said he’s still repping Duxxx.

“She’s made some bad choices.”

Since that one widely publicized negative incident, Alternative Modeling is doing well. Jack Spade had also been involved with the agency as a partner but Eli said Spade was no longer with the company.

“I like Jack as a person but as a business partner, it didn’t work out,” he said. Eli said the company was doing great and that things were happening in Florida.

“There’s a lot of new companies opening up.” Wankus also heard that Florida was a great location to go to. But Eli said the talent is no longer as cheap as it used to be.

“Quite honestly the rates are getting much more competitive to shoot.” He mentioned something about talent getting between $600 to $700 for scenes, that they were fully paneled tested as in LA and were using condoms.

“They’re usually short scenes- you’re out the door in three hours at the most- Internet stuff.”Wankus said he heard the Florida cops are pretty bad and Eli said he’s had more issues out here.

“As long as you’re discreet,” he said of Florida cops.

Brianna Beach started in the business about 2 1/2 years ago and began working full time a year later. It’s probably her fifth or sixth trip to LA, according to her.

“I’m doing pretty good.”

Wankus wanted to know if Eli and Beach were a couple. They are. Beach is not an anal girl, she said, but loves interracial.

“I like a pretty hardcore scene, slapping and hair-pulling,” she added. “I’m not into the spitting into the mouth or the face. No punching, either.” Eli mentioned that she’s worked for Erik Everhard and Evil Angel as well as Playgirl. Beach said she had a lot of fun on that shoot. And Wankus said, small wonder because it focuses on the boys. According to Wankus, Tyler Faith went to a couple of those and couldn’t believe she was waiting on some dude to finish his pretty boy shots. Beach shot a feature in January that isn’t out yet. It’s called The Diary from Rebel Motion Pictures. She was the lead character and the shoot took six or seven days by her recollection.

“It’s a mixture of hardcore and softcore,” she explained. “It’s geared toward the female audience as well as couples. It’s different, groundbreaking that way.” Wankus was curious about the age difference between beach and Eli. She said something like 5 years.

“What are we looking at 10, 15?” Wankus asked.

“Five really,” said Beach

“You either look like shit or she looks great,” Wankus told Eli.

Telling Eli he looked like a former cop, Wankus wondered what he did before coming into the business.

“I used to work for a consulting company,” he told Wankus. “A Microsoft partner, put it that way. A lot of integration-work, project management-stuff.”

Lexi Williams was then brought on the show. Williams last week had some scorching tales of agency betrayal to tell, and I put her on tape at LA Erotica. Sure enough, Williams was singing a milder, loving tune this week. Wankus thought Williams has legs to break necks. Asked about her nationality, Williams said she was a little bit of everything- black, white, Puerto Rican and Chinese. Williams has been in the business under a year on and off.

“I didn’t decide if I was going to do it right away,” said Williams. “Then I hooked up with Eli.” Williams was secretly freaky having grown up on the white-Asian side, she said. “It was kind of hush-hush about adult films but I’m definitely a freak.” Williams grew up in Chicago then moved to Tampa, then Miami. Williams couldn’t remember her first scene.

“I think it was a girl-girl-boy and I was kind of scared of the girl,” she said. Williams was reminded there was a boy-girl scene before that. But prior to getting into porn she was a fiber optics technician. Wankus imagined that she was nervous her first time on a set.

“I was at first,” she agreed, noting the first guy she worked with wasn’t cute. After that things went smoothly.

“It took about two hours- not bad,” she said. Wankus wondered if the guy had wood issues and Williams said it was more the fact that the lighting was off. But William also lent the impression that porn for her isn’t a career and wasn’t likely to be doing this ten years from now. According to her, she has a back-up plan but wouldn’t mind putting out a line of product to include dildos and other sex toys. Williams used the word “product” and Wankus said you have to be careful using that word in Miami. Williams doesn’t have a website but can be found on Wankus was curious what the ethnic mix of Williams’ family thought about her being in the business.

“My grandpa knows,” she said. “He’s got my high school graduation picture and a swimsuit issue picture that I did. But all my friends are supportive.” It’s Williams’ father and mother that don’t know. She hasn’t told them.

“My mom is white and Chinese- very shy and quiet,” she said. “My dad is black and Puerto Rican, rowdy and loud.” Wankus assumed that dad would be the last to find out. And Williams predicted they would be mad having spent all that money on her college education.

Leah was then brought on the show. She’s 18 and probably the youngest of the girls.

I just started in the business in April,” she said, right after she graduated high school.

“I had to fly home to graduate,” she said. “I did my first scene before I graduated.” Leah’s from Boston [Worcester] but Wankus said she didn’t have the accent. She didn’t know why. Leah said she’s mostly German with Italian and French, although people assume she’s Swedish. She’s still attending college, she says. Leah got into the business by putting an ad online.

“I went looking for it,” she laughs, noting that he original plan was to work as a lifeguard for the summer for a total of $600. Wankus said she’d have her whole summer paid for two hours on her back. Ely said something about having an office manager named Julia who handles recruiting for the agency.

“She found most of the girls that you see here.”

Wankus conceded that this crop was pretty hot as opposed to the last bunch that were on the show.

“You’re company’s growing- I like it,” he said. At the time she got contacted by Julia, Leah said she really wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

“She said this is what we do for our girls- it sounded like a really good deal,” said Leah. “Because all the traveling expenses are paid.” Judging by the way she talked, Wankus said Leah was coming off like some Miss America and hoped she’d show her tits so he could degrade her.

Corroborating her story, Eli said the first time Leah came to the agency she was in high school and they didn’t know it. But they sent her back until she graduated because several of their clients have had litigation with various school boards.

“If you just called Max Hardcore once you would have had money for the next two years,” Wankus laughed. Leah said she likes the Max stuff and did a scene where she had bruises and scratch marks. Wankus wondered if Leah came from a rich neighborhood where she was using porn to let it out.

“You speak so well- I would never have guessed that you put out.” According to Leah, her friends weren’t at all surprised when she told them what she was doing.

“They knew what I was like.” Oddly, she claims she didn’t sleep with anybody in high school.

“But during my first scene I wasn’t at all nervous,” she said. “I had a blast. It was a great scene an I had a lot of fun. I came out of that and I was, like, I want more.” Her scene was for Captain Stabbin where she shot an anal scene with two guys. Wankus heard that modern day girls do it in the ass not to give up their virginity and wondered if Leah was one of them.

“That’s not me,” she insisted, noting that she’s not into anal and prefers vaginal. Wankus predicted a few shots of Jagger would change that.

The final girl from Alternative Modeling on the couch was Micah Moore. Moore is 18 and describes herself as being a little rebellious. Moore got into the business because of her roommate McKenzie Miles who’s also with the agency.

“We met working at Starbucks,” said Moore. “She was my shift manager. Her and I were, like, fuck Starbucks. We’re getting out of this” Moore and Miles then started dancing in Oregon.

“We didn’t take that too seriously,” she laughed. “That ended.” Moore talked about going on Craiglist and Wankus assumed she had a story. Moore said, yeah, that she met “a struggling photographer.” Wankus assumed that this was a guy who also doubled as male talent.

Judging by the languid pace of her spiel, Wankus announced that Moore’s segment was being brought to listeners by Cheech & Chong.


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