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Alyssa Lovelace Does Larry Flynt Proud

New York- Alyssa Lovelace was on the Howard Stern show with the “permission” of Larry Flynt, but Lovelace didn’t do Larry proud. She failed on a number of questions in a strip trivia quiz besides being unable to spell the word “ski.” The exasperated Lovelace said she was having a bad day. Lovelace, a former Mormon, insisted that she had two years of college at BYU. But when she was chided for not knowing the square root of 64, Lovelace said she went to BYU for Performing Arts.

When asked what she got on her SATs, Lovelace said with attitude, “A very high score, actually.” Lovelace claims she graduated at the top of her class. Robin Quivers suspected in Lovelace’s case that something happened between high school and college. When Lovelace, who packs natural 34D’s, blew the spelling, Stern wanted to know which class she was on top of. To her academic credentials, Lovelace could also add the fact that she didn’t know what either DVD or D.C. in Washington D.C. stood for.

Lovelace came on the show accompanying Steve O from Jackass. That part was the easiest to follow from trying to figure out which magazine Lovelace was representing. Stern was told that Lovelace was going to be in Playboy but Steve O was telling everyone his “girlfriend” was a Penthouse Pet.

Lovelace confused matters further by saying it was the Australian Penthouse, special edition. “I was supposed to be a Penthouse pet here,” Lovelace said, “and we’re still kind of waiting on that. I’ve only been in the industry for a short while.” Lovelace, 21, said she had also shot for Playboy’s special editions of College Girls and Busty Beauties. Stern said that wasn’t too bad for just starting out. “You’ve got a whole porn career ahead of you.” Stern was curious if Lovelace was going to do films. Lovelace didn’t think so. “Just print.”

Stern was willing to bet that Lovelace would soon be doing girl-on-girl films soon and featuring in strip clubs. Lovelace said she doesn’t do that, either. So Stern asked how she made a living. Lovelace says she models full time. “That keeps me busy. “I do mainstream also. I do extra work for movies and I do mainly print. I do stuff with Playboy. Hustler keeps me busy.” Steve O said Lovelace was on with the permission of Flynt. “He’s worried about his image on this show,” Stern commented.

Stern asked Lovelace why she needed permission. “That’s my family,” she replied. It was noted that Steve O had smuggled in a stun gun past security and Stern asked if he was going to do his nuts with it. Steve O then explained some bizarre concept for a game in which Lovelace would be asked questions and he’d either be nailed with the stun gun or Lovelace would strip naked. Stern liked the strip naked part. Lovelace didn’t judging by her reactions.

Steve O was asked how long he’s been banging Lovelace. “We’re not going there,” he said. “We both just had hard breakups so we’re just using each other for distraction therapy.” Steve O seemed disinclined to use the “girlfriend” word and Stern asked why he was being all weird about it. “We’re dating,” said Lovelace chiming in. Steve O then admitted that he roasted a doobie before coming on the show. Stern noted that on stage Steve O does a bit where he swallows a balloon filled with pot. “Then you choked on it and almost died.” Steve O said that was his international drug smuggling skit.

Stern asked Alyssa how she came up with her name. “They named me,” she said. “I was shooting for Penthouse and there was like a scramble to name me. So that’s what I got stuck with.” Stern asked how she got into porn. “I started modeling, mainstream print work like Mervyns and J.C. Penny catalogues. I was offered to shoot for Penthouse then I went over to Playboy.” Lovelace said she met Steve O on a show, Totally Busted for Playboy. Lovelace said she had to streak through a hotel. “We got naked and went down to the lobby trying to find a rubber,” Steve O explained.

“Security was on us right away. I was like, you got to have a rubber. I have a chance of nailing this chick. So they’re dragging me out and I’m screaming, I’m going to blow a load all over this lobby if you don’t get me a damn rubber!” Stern also noticed that Steve O had the words “shit and “fuck” tattooed on his knuckles.

When Lovelace got down to her pants, she insisted they were staying on. “I’m not wearing any underwear!” she said. Stern said why did she care, that she was hot. Lovelace said it was all embarrassing and degrading and that she was going to have a discussion with Steve O about their relationship after the show, that she didn’t agree to any of it.


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