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Amber Lynn Decries Cancer Rumors

Porn Valley- It’s a tumor, says Amber Lynn. But it’s not a cancerous tumor. On the KSEX show Monday night which she’s now sharing with Ginger Lynn, Amber thanked her fans for the e-mails of support she received when news got out that she was having surgery the day after Christmas. Lynn, however, said there’s been a “forest fire” of misinformation regarding the surgery that’s scaring even her.

“I have not been diagnosed with cancer,” she said. “I have been diagnosed with a tumor and there’s always a possibility when you go in and have a tumor removed that it could be cancerous. But they test you and the blood tests have come up negative.” Lynn said it’s illegal for the doctor to tell her that she doesn’t have cancer without opening her up. “He’s going to be going through a small incision in my belly button and a tiny quarter-inch incision in my pubic line. There is a small chance that he may mess up the part in my hair-cut below. But believe me I’m hoping for the best here,” she said. Lynn said one of the setbacks with having a tumor in the uterus is that you can’t have sex.

“Needless to say it’s been more than three weeks since I’ve been laid,” she went on to say. “And I’m getting a little bit horny. Things have been rough. Masturbation doesn’t work because your trigger has been pulled. So you can get wet and you can get hot. But you can’t get off. So it’s like having the worst case of blue balls you’ve ever thought of.”

Lynn also related some anecdotes about her last two weeks on the road. Once instance took her to a club called Jill’s in Wheeling, West Virginia where she did a Christmas party. According to her, while she was there she met “a really cute boy” who was a fan. “He was young. He was horny and he was a big fan of mine.” Lynn said she was tempted to take the guy home. “I was staying with friends of mine. The owners of the club are my friends and I was staying at their house.” Lynn said she didn’t want them thinking she’s the slut she really is. “I thought it would be kind of disrespectful.” Lynn said the guy was almost idolatrous in his approach and comments to her, but she had nowhere to take him but was also second guessing herself for entertaining the thought.

“I thought to myself I don’t know if I should promote this. Because I know a lot of the girls in the business are always talking about the etiquette behind having a fan come up and approaching you in a public venue.” Lynn said with the CES show coming up she was sure fans have entertained the notion of being able to have sexual encounters with their favorite porn stars. Lynn said she was impressed by the way the fan approached her at the club.

“He didn’t leap on me,” she said. “He didn’t jump on my face and attach himself. So I wasn’t terrified. But he let me know he was a fan and said enough to impress me. But he didn’t go too far and there is a line between, ‘gee, I really love your work,’ and I’m a stalker and you are my prey.” Lynn advised if you try that approach, name a couple of movies and not a hundred which is truly indicative of the fact you have nowhere to go on a Friday night. “Don’t pull out your collection of stuck-together Hustler magazines and start trying to tear apart the pages to show her your favorite pictures because you spermated all over them,” she also advised.

“But let her know that you like her and if she was willing, you’d be interested in meeting her sometime for a cup of coffee. Or whatever, totally no strings attached. And if she wasn’t present to that, that you would not be offended at all.” Lynn suggested that if the woman started curling her nose and began making vomiting sounds, that it was a good idea to pack it in. “Let it go. Don’t become offended. Don’t start throwing your issues of Hustler at them having conniptions.”



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