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Amber Lynn Scheduled for Operation

Hunter Skott, aka Bridget Monroe, was a guest on The Ginger Lynn Show Monday night. Filling in for Ginger who had the flu was her co-ho Amber Lynn. Noting that Ginger had celebrated her “last dance” last week in Colorado, Amber said there were club owners waving big money at Ginger to continue featuring. Lynn also reported that she was scheduled to have an operation after Christmas for a tumor in her uterus.

Because of the size of her tits which caused her backaches, Monroe said she had to have them reduced to 600’s from a 1,000 cc’s. Lynn said when she signed a contract with Goldfingers, she had her boobs augmented to 800’s. “Part of the contract was that they wanted my boobs doubled in size. It was a half a million dollar contract over the course of five years.” Lynn said the size, likewise, threw her back out. “My breasts were so big I could not feel my nipples.”

On a more somber note, Lynn mentioned that she’s scheduled for an operation having been diagnosed with a tumor two weeks ago. “It seems to be in its chronic stages and is getting worse,” she said. Lynn said the tumor is in her uterus and, according to doctors, is bigger than a fist. Lynn said ever since she’s been diagnosed, she’s had physical problems and needs to go in for the operation by Christmas. Because she wants to spend that day with her family, she’s putting off the operation until the 26th. Lynn said she’s scheduled for tests Tuesday. “Wish me luck and say a prayer for me.”

Bringing her fans up to date with her career, Skott who’s decided to go back to the name Bridget Monroe explained that Monroe was her nom de porn when she first got into the business in October of ’89.

Monroe admitted adopting the new name in 2000 as a means to get back in the door of the business because companies weren’t using girls that had done a considerable number of movies. “I changed my name to Hunter to trick them.” Monroe said she had left the business for about four years to pursue a relationship. “Then I came back as Hunter Skott.”

Skott said, as Bridget Monroe, she’s very sweet but that the Skott persona is very much out there. “The anal come out when Hunter came in. Bridget is sweet and boring and Hunter likes to take it up the ass. Hunter works for Skeeter and Bridget works for Vivid.” Amber said no one ever asked her to take it up the ass when she worked for Vivid.

Interestingly, Monroe said she’s never done a d.p. in her entire career and would never consider doing one. “There’s too much going on,” she said, whatever that means. Lynn said when she first came into the business, she didn’t do anal but knew that Ginger did both that and d.p.s. Amber said she never had the guts to do it and told a story about the time she was fucking Jamie Gillis when his cock hit her in the ass and his head poked in. “He had a very thick shaft. I think he did it on purpose, the bastard.”

Lynn said now you can open up her ass and drag a bus up there. Lynn also recalled jumping and screaming during the Gillis incident vowing never to take it in the ass. There was a time in the business, she said, when you didn’t have to do anal to get work, but that when she was on hiatus from the business she met a guy who was into anal. “He stuck it in my ass and I really liked it.” Lynn said when she got back into the business she decided to do it for her fans. Lynn was then told the business was no longer impressed by anal, that it was no big deal, that she had to do d.p.s to get a rise.

“When I first did it I was so scared to do it. Once I did it- I did it with Joel Lawrence and Voodoo- I really liked Voodoo but I didn’t like Joel Lawrence, he was such an egomaniac and wanted to steal the show.” Lynn said she did it again in a Rob Black movie, and, truth be told, didn’t enjoy many things about being in Black’s movies.

Monroe got into the business through Selena Steel who’s going to help her put together a new website. “Bridget Monroe’s already taken,” Monroe said, indicating that she has no financial interest in that site. Lynn’s had similar Internet woes involving her name and proceeded to relay an involved story involving

Lynn said she had been doing business with an Internet company in Florida who turned the name over to her. “I built the website; lo and behold two years later they sold their company even though they had transferred over the name and it is registered in my corporation name, they have gone ahead and done some dastardly deed.” Lynn went on to explain that the name was transferred to a satellite. “When you punch in my name what happens is that it says you can’t get anything there anymore.” Lynn said she’s had to hire an attorney and is waiting to hear about getting that name released, that the only way you can reach her for now is on Lynn said she’ll trademark the name which will allow her access not only to the dot com name but “You’ll be able to find me a lot easier on the net which is what I’m trying to say to you guys.”

Bringing everyone up to speed on her life, Monroe reported that she had just done a move for Sin City called Juggernauts and worked with Angelica Sin. Monroe did a threesome with Sin and her man. “It was an anal scene and it was nasty.” Monroe said she did another movie with Lee Stone for Sin City called The Liar’s Club. Lynn didn’t know who Stone was and Monroe had to explain that he was the “big, muscle guy.” Lynn thought Stone was a gay makeup artist. “Is he white?” Lynn asked. Monroe said Stone’s fun to work with and knows exactly what to do to make her cum. “It’s hard to cum on sets when everybody’s around you.” Monroe also noted that Bud Lee was the director. Lynn said she hasn’t seen Lee in a long time and was still under the impression Bud was married to Asia Carrera.

As Hunter Skott, the name she adopted in 2000, Monroe laughed because she got in dutch with Wankus at KSEX over supposed flake incidents in which her grandmother passed away and another time when she was very hung over. Monroe, that is, not her grandmother. Lynn said she was also on the flake-on KSEX list for not showing up one time. On the other hand, Lynn said she heard you’re nobody in the industry unless you’re on the list. Wankus said it was so long ago that he didn’t even remember the incidents involving Monroe/Skott.

Wankus came on to talk about Ginger Lynn’s retirement party, Lynn noting that they got out a wheel chair for Ginger. Which could just as well have been earmarked for Wankus who reported that he was sick as a dog during the event. “I had the flu, bad.” Wankus said Lynn was officially retired just from the feature dancing circuit and not from anything else. Lynn said she was under the false impression that because an e-mail was being circulated by Bisexual Britni, that the event was a swing party. Which it wasn’t. Wankus also commented on the talents of Jennifer Steel who was on hand to do a spectacular fire-breathing act.

A chat room habitue, who Lynn suspected was Randy West, asked when she was going to have Buck Adams on the show. Lynn said she was under the impression that Buck was shooting the Charlie’s Angels project for JKP but would get him into the studio as soon as possible. Via the chat room, it was also brought up that Ginger Lynn’s pussy may have been used as a stand-in for a double penetration scene involving John Holmes and Traci Lords in The Grafenberg Spot. Lynn said she wasn’t buying it. “I don’ believe that Ginger would allow her pussy to be used as a stand-in for Traci Lords. I know there’s a personal thing there.” According to Amber, Ginger has a very uniquely shaped cookie and Lords’ is vastly different like a “puffy pussy.”




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