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Amber Peach & Flower on KSEX

Porn Valley- Amber Peach filled in as co-ho for Michelle Lay, on The Wanker Show, and Flower, who bested Cytherea in a squirting contest last year was the guest. Also on the guest docket was Mike from USA BioMeds, a company which has a new method for HIV testing which he claims is better than any pocess being used now.

Meanwhile, Peach said she was just learning to squirt and has done it a couple of times. Wankus said when Flower starts, Universal shoots footage for the next flood scene in a move. Peach said she’s been working a lot and just started doing anal.

Peach said she’s been doing anal for years in her personal life but hasn’t been doing it on camera because she gets scared. “You have to be real relaxed for anal,” she said. Peach said her first anal scene was with Van Damage. Wankus agreed that Van Damage is the anal master. “He knows how to work it.” Peach said the scene was good. “He actually made me come doing anal- it was a great first scene.”

Wankus said Annie Body was supposed to have been filling in that evening, but, according to Wankus, she took ill and Peach filled in for her. Peach said her website, is up.

“It’s getting better and better every day.” And, Peach, who wasn’t wearing panties for the occasion, said she’s been adding video clips and pictures. “Lots of stuff.” Peach said what she shoots for her website is exclusively for her website. “You won’t find anything on my website that’s in other places.”

Wankus mentioned that somehow he’s now a contestant in a Zero Tolerance blowjob contest which is being held next week. Peach volunteered to be his partner. According to Selena Silver who stayed over to do Wankus’ show, Kris Slater was another one of the contestants, but, for now, it looks like Silver will be sucking Wankus’ cock in the contest.

Wankus then asked Peach if she intended to go to the August Internext show in Florida. She said she never heard of it. Wankus said the summer show is best for people, like Peach, who are just starting to build their names up. “It’s content heaven,” he said. “By day you go to the convention floor and by night everyone’s shooting and having fun. As it looks now, Wankus said Gauge will be doing the show with him.

Peach also said she has stage fright and can’t dance. Nonetheless she’s going to attempt feature dancing without dancing. “In other words you’re going to be doing feature pamphlet work,” Wankus suggested. Peach said that was about the size of it. “I’m sure I’ll do little stage things.” Peach remembered a time where she got booed off a stage while she was attempting to strip.

“It was the first time I got on; it was very scary and I didn’t do a very good job. Ever since then it’s been hard for me to get up on the stage.” Peach explained that she literally walked into a strip club on an amateur night which really isn’t an amateur night because here are ringers from other strip clubs.

“I got up there and I was an actual amateur. I got booed.” Peach said someone needs to teach her how to strip. Wankus said his philosophy is if a girl can’t dance, she can’t fuck. Peach said another obstacle was the fact that she was dancing on a stage in her regular heels. “I didn’t realize that strip stages are slick; I wasn’t wearing stripper shoes.” Peach said she almost busted her ass as a result. “You don’t realize how slick the floor is.” Wankus said if he was in that situation he would probably be doing a white guy dance.

Peach said Vanessa Blue has offered to teach her to strip. “She taught me how to talk dirty. I’m getting better at that because of her. I’m kind of shy.”

Of the conventions, Peach said she has gone to the AEE with her boyfriend. “We were totally unprepared for it.” Peach said she still has yet to attend an awards show, however. Peach said she went to one of the after-parties. When the discussion got on about the parties, Peach said she’d fight with her boyfriend over a girl. “I want her first.”

For the Florida show, Wankus said Gauge was going to be his roommate. “I’m going to get her drunk….ho, ho, ho!” he thought. Then he found out she was bringing her boyfriend. Peach said suggestions that sounded like a girl-girl show but Wankus wasn’t gettin excited about the prospect. “I can go fishing, put two flounders in a bucket and it’s the same fucking thing for me!”

Flower then came on the show, noting that she’s never done a full-lebgth interview with Wankus but has been at KSEX in various partying capacities. It was noted that Flower appears in a feature titled Jamaican Me Horny and that she has a scene with two men. Flower also dances every Tuesday at Deja Vue in North Hollywood. Asked what she does in her private shows, Flower said she makes sure the customer leaves happy. “We have a good time. Guys are walking out with their pants wet. But it is a tease.” Flower said she’s always shooting for Seymore Butts and will be on the road feature dancing, soon. “And I’m doing a lot of dirty girl-stuff, teaching other girls how to squirt.”

Peach said so far she hasn’t been able to do it for distance. Flower said the more you do it, the more control you have. “I could make myself have a clitoral orgasm. It’s all in the mind, I guess. I know how to work my G-spot.” Peach said she has trouble finding hers.

Flower said with anal you can hit the G-spot really good. “I cannot even control whenever I squirt doing anal.” Wankus agreed that when he takes it up the ass he squirts like a motherfucker.

Flower said she learned to squirt via clitoral stimulation whereas Cytherea does it by the G-spot. “It’s almost like a hot, burning sensation,” Flower said. “Then it fills up and you relaxe and all your attention’s on your vagina.”

Noting the competition between Flower and Cytherea last year at KSEX, Wankus said it was a close call. Flower said there should be a re-match bringing in a couple more squirters. “If we’re going to do it get enough people involved.” Flower hastened to point out that it isn’t piss. “It’s clear and odorless- it dries quickly. It’s a good lube and dries different.” Wankus said there’s no way that a girl could lay on her back and piss like that- across the room.

“It’s a lot different than urinating,” Flower agreed, noting she has a website, that will be up soon. Flower said she can also be found on Flower said you’d have to get 3 or 4 feet back to get out of firing range.

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