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Amber Peach: Tired of False Allegations

Amber Peach [pictured] writes: I’m really tired of all of the false accusations and rumors being spread about me and my professionalism. I do not like to like to talk negatively about people and I believe everyone has a right to their opinion and free speech so I have allowed opinions to be posted about me without responding in the past. However, this time I feel that I must stand up for myself because this has gone too far.

I understand the use of the website PSP and I believe it’s a great idea to report when a performer is a flake or doesn’t do a job he or she has been hired to do. Though I’m not perfect, I want to make it perfectly clear that I’m not a flake and I give a quality performance when I’m hired.

Though I hadn’t planned on sharing my personal information with everyone (it is rather embarrassing to admit that you have an infection) I feel that it is necessary to set the record straight. FYI, I was in the emergency room on Friday. Yes, it is true, I did have a staff infection and yes, I DO have the doctor’s note ordering that I refrain from work for at least a week. I could have been irresponsible like some others in the industry and work with a contagious disease. However, I have more respect for the other talent and for myself to put anyone at risk and wish the person that gave it to me would have shown me the same respect. I was on set on Wednesday, as Stoney mentioned and I’m guessing that’s when I was exposed to staff, I did a g/g that morning and then I shot some scenes for my website that evening and then woke up with a bump. I canceled my scene that day and went straight to AIM.

Stoney’s shoot wasn’t the only shoot I had to cancel. I asked that my agent email Stoney a copy of my doctor’s note to verify the situation since he didn’t seem to believe that I was telling the truth. Even with proof Stoney has not stepped up and admitted that he was wrong and issued an apology for falsely accusing me of flaking. I wouldn’t mind if this was just between us, however he’s now affecting my career by posting these false accusations on the internet for people to read and I feel that it’s necessary that I stand up for myself and explain my side.

Let me just set one more thing straight. I am and have been back with Lighthouse Talent for about a month now. Harry [Weiss] did NOT drop me, I left him to return to Lighthouse because he was just not providing enough bookings for me. He only provided me with four small jobs the entire time he was representing me and they weren’t even enough to pay my rent. Lighthouse has kept me booked almost every day since I’ve been back with them.

I was also very disappointed in Harry when he didn’t stand up for me when I was booked on a job on the 7th and wasn’t paid what I was booked for. I chose Harry as a manager/agent because he sold me on the fact that he would handle all of my PR and how great he would be at handling my career. When I asked that he do something to warn other girls about this person since they were spreading lies about me, he did nothing. I wanted to let people know how horrible that experience was, they treated me horribly, were violet and offered me meth and I felt girls should be warned. I harbor no hard feelings towards Harry he just wasn’t the agent for me.

Again, I normally wouldn’t have said anything but I think that it’s time I stand up for myself and set the record straight on a few things that have been going around about me and are effecting my career and reputation. Thanks for listening,

-Amber Peach

PS- The doctor said I will be available to work again by the 2nd, To book me just call Light House Talent (818) 907-9752

> when asked about the ID flap she was in the middle of, jessica drake at Wicked’s Manhunter party the other night stated that the lawyers are taking care of it.

> I’m told that Chasey Lane has formed a production company and is shooting movies. James Avalon has directed the first movie for her company.

> I ran into Patty Plenty at Jerry’s Deli in Woodland Hills Thursday night. She tells me she’s house sitting a $25 million mansion in Malibu The night before I run into Lynn LeMay and Devyn Devine also at Jerry’s. Devyn apparently has this thing about Mickey G so Lynn’s lining up a scene with Mickey for her in the next movie for LeMayzing Enterprises. And, yes, Lynn admits the story about her and Bud Lee being an item is true but i wondering who leaked it.

> from a press release: LOS ANGELES – More than three years since its inception by business consultant Holly Moss, Women in Adult (WIA) has changed hands and now will be managed by media company XBIZ, parent company of and trade magazines XBIZ World and XBIZ Video.

XBIZ will oversee management of the website,, as well as related functions and events supporting women in the industry.

WIA was founded on the premise of empowering women in the adult industry with business development opportunities, as well as providing a forum where industry women can speak their minds freely and build strategic alliances with one another.

“I have tremendous respect for women in the adult industry, especially those who have overcome great challenges in order to achieve their success,” company President Alec Helmy said. “XBIZ has always supported WIA’s core mission of empowering, inspiring, and supporting women in the adult entertainment industry. XBIZ is very proud to be involved in shaping the future of WIA.”

The revamped website, which launched today, features Woman of the Month profiles, industry news, events calendar and a discussion board.

“This is a great opportunity to bring women from all areas of the industry together to network, socialize and inspire one another,” XBIZ Sales Manager Kristen Kaye said.

“It is an exciting time for women in the adult industry,” said XBIZ Director of Public Relations, Dusty Marie. “What a wonderful and advantageous prospect for the growing number of women to network, advise and support one another. The strong backing of XBIZ provides the stability and resources WIA needs. The teaming of XBIZ and WIA is an ideal pairing.”



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