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Amora Sex Academy Opens In Berlin where visitors are encouraged to touch the displays

From – We remember the class in college called “Human Sexuality” for which there was usually a long waiting list. For that, you received a simple textbook. Now there are museums. And talk about an interactive exhibit. The new “Amora Sex Academy” that opened its doors in Berlin Thursday encourages visitors to explore the male and female mannequins on display for hands-on (literally) lesson in human sexuality, reports Caroline Copley for Reuters.

The purpose of the museum is to educate visitors on everything sexual, from the location of the erogenous zones to how to perfect a striptease, oral sex session or achieve an amazing orgasm. Visitors are encouraged to watch, listen and explore sans embarrassment.

The exhibit is comprised of 50-plus interactive displays, including multiple life-size plastic mannequins in different sexual positions. Visitors are encouraged to intimately explore the mannequins with their hands. In one part of the exhibit, when a visitor correctly locates the “G spot” on a female mannequin, a female voice says in a congratulatory tone, “That’s it!”Sex and Intimacy

Museum operators said that just as many women as men have been visiting, reports Copley, and many of the visitors have been couples. The “Amora Sex Academy” originated in London and was created by a Frenchman (we should have guessed!). It is expected to travel to Barcelona next.

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