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An Adultfyi Exclusive: Conversations with Debi Diamond- 11/22/2007

Porn Valley- In 1994 Debi Diamond left the adult industry when she was on top of her game.

Wednesday night I had a long talk with Diamond who’s now living in Hawaii [she said it was okay to mention that].

She has three kids and is now divorced. But the big news is the fact that Diamond’s going to be at the AEE in Vegas where she’ll be signing at the PAW/Arrow booth,

“I’m pretty good for being so old,” laughs Diamond who’s now 42 and telling me she’s having a mid-life crisis.

“Nothing like a beautiful woman having a crisis,” I tell her.

“And that she admits it,” Diamond adds.

Diamond next explains how this whole Arrow promotion has come about. She started talking to Bill Margold who introduced her to Arrow’s Paul Interlandi. And how Margold tracked her down is interesting if not obvious.

Diamond next credits Steve Nelson from AI News who found her on MySpace.

“He told me he was friends with Bill and that Bill first didn’t believe it was me,” says Diamond. “I wrote Steve back and said tell Bill it is me because I remember Butts Motel 3 and I gave him something about teddy bears because that was a scene Bill was in. Then Bill wrote me right away- that IS you. And I actually called him and said, yeah, it is me. I thought it was very cute that he was doing all these security questions. But I found a lot of people who didn’t believe it was me.”

“I really miss the business,” adds Diamond. “I’ve been suppressed for 12 years.”

Diamond left Porn Valley right after the 1994 earthquake. She tried living on a boat for awhile but says the whole experience was detrimental to her health and the tremors scared the hell out of it.

“It’s etched in my mind forever,” she goes on to say. “I had to leave my house and tried living on a boat with a bunch of dogs and birds. I just had enough.”

Diamond started dancing and that took her out of town.

“That was crazy in itself,” she says. “And I kind of settled down. I stopped in one of my cities I was touring through, bought a house and just kind of stopped and said, wow, it’s really peaceful here. I did it on a whim.”

In the process, Diamond pretty much left her earthly possessions behind.

She put all of them in a storage unit behind the Sherman Oaks Galleria. Her house was deemed unlivable so with everything in storage, she lived on the boat with ten bags of dancing clothes and her pets. Once she re-located she had everything flown to her.

“I just stopped and said I’m going to try this,” she says. “I’m going to try and find out who I am. I had been going so fast. I got married and had some kids. I stopped eating meat. I got into Yoga. My whole life changed. I grow my own food and do all these weird things that are really good for me.

“I feel better now than when I was 20. I exercise every day. I eat really good. I do everything right. I’m no longer married but I still have the kids! I’m a really great mom.”

“The rumor at the time was that you settled in Chicago,” I said.

“That is true,” says Diamond. “That’s where I made my last pit stop.”

During her travels, Diamond also lived in New York for awhile with a guy who had a pretty big punk band.

“They even wrote a song that Debi Diamond was dead,” she says. “Because I just disappeared. I heard the song and found the guy- he’s a junkie or something now. I guess I just disappeared like that. But I had to do it that way. I couldn’t half-ass it. I just had to cut out all my ties and go because it would have called me back. I was born in the Valley. That was my home and that’s the only place I knew. It was hard to leave and I still miss it. I would love to be able to go back but the damn earthquake just scared the shit out of me.”

“I remember racing around and grabbing Bionca,” Diamond continues. “She was up by Cal State Northridge. I remember fires four stories high. We were just panicked. It was complete mayhem.”

“Growing up in the Valley, we had a really big house and horses and what not and the pool,” Diamond recalls. “And dishes would always shake. My mother was so cool, oh it’s a little tremor. And we just grew up with earthquakes. But this thing was a monster. It wasn’t your normal little dishes shaking-thing. That just put me through changes, I guess being alone and the house was old and it moved off the foundation. All the animals were looking at me. I guess I was in a predicament where enough was enough. That helped me get out of town and try the dancing-thing.”

Diamond thought while the dancing idea was fun, clubs weren’t prepared for her.

“I wasn’t your normal, lay down on the floor dancer,” she says. “I had a lot of people in shock. The fans loved it but the clubs weren’t prepared for that. I didn’t know you couldn’t touch people. I didn’t know any of that.”

Diamond now has three kids ages 9, 8 and 7.

“I thought that would make me whole,” she continues. “Everyone wants to be a mom. I was getting older and my biological clock was ticking. I figured let’s try this. I got all this passion in me that I can’t exude any more. I was suppressed like crazy and I figured with all this love and passion, maybe children will give me focus.”

Diamond thought raising kids would be the toughest job she’s ever had in her life.

“It’s made me whole but I’m still fighting the demons of my sexuality,” she says. “I’ve got passion that’s ready to blow off the top of my head.”

Diamond did her first movie in 1983 when she was 18 years old.

“Technically I did a loop for Mike Carpenter in 1983,” she states.

Although Diamond’s family was in regular show biz, she always thought there was something honest about being in porn. And Diamond, herself, started off, in the Screen Actors Guild, appearing in episodes of Air Wolf, Knight Rider, Fall Guy. Murder She Wrote, and Budweiser commercials. She was 15 when she got her start.

“Everyone wanted to screw you anyway,” she laughs. “It was horrible for me trying to do something right and pleasing your family but feeling so dirty if you did it. Then you wouldn’t get the part if you didn’t. What’s that all about? I couldn’t stand it. But there’s something honest about pornography that is so wonderful and I’ll never find it again in anything- I know I won’t.”

“Your parents must have flipped out,” I tell her.

“I was kind of a wild child,” she observes. “Me and my girlfriend one day were looking through the paper and we saw figure models- World Modeling. We went in there and Jim [South] was sitting behind his desk. I never wore too much makeup and he sent us both to see Suze Randall. Suze wanted me but didn’t want my girlfriend. Right at that point I thought is this what I want to do? I just said the hell with it, I’ll do it. I think I did a magazine with her and drove right over to Hustle and did Hustler with Clive. Jim asked me the same day if I was interested in doing a boy-girl. I said, sure. Why not.”

Diamond remembers one the first films she ever did. She went to San Francisco when shooting porn was still illegal.

“We were running around and meeting in places,” she recalls. “In San Francisco, Joey Silvera and Paul Thomas- we did a movie called San Fernando Valley Girls which was me. I was born there. The first scene we were sneaking around but ended up doing it in a big warehouse the Mitchell Brothers owned.

“My first scene in this movie was to get my hair cut by Joey and Paul Thomas owned the salon. They did this comedy-thing and they were just crazy. And I’m watching them and thinking I’m going to do both these guys.

“Before I know it I had a cock in each hand and they both came on me at the same time. This was one of my first movies. I was like oh my God, this is the greatest thing! I laughed so hard. We had so much fun and I was just so amazed that I did it. I was hooked from that moment.

“Then I got booked for Hawaii for All American Girls in Heat,” Diamond continues. “My first scene with a girl was with Shauna Grant on a rock. It was her first time with a girl and my first time with a girl. It was so stressful for us. She made me nervous. But it was beautiful. We walked on the lava rocks and stayed in a great condo on the beach. Laurie Smith was in it. That was a fun, fun movie.

“Unfortunately one night after shooting, me and Shauna ran off to a hotel and ransacked all these rooms. We had so much fun. Then a couple of weeks later she was dead. I remember thinking this beautiful girl, this little girl- she was really young in her mind. I remember feeling so horrible that she was gone. I didn’t know the details of any of it but that would be the first of many that would meet some tragic end.”

Another shoot Diamond remembers well was Bad Girls 2 for David Frazier. She co-starred with Ron Jeremy, Herschel Savage and Jacqueline Lauriens.

“There were stunts and we were up in Newhall,” recalls Diamond. “They hired a stunt crew and cars jumping. I’d be standing on a corner and the farmer would crash his tractor. I did so many fun things. That whole beginning was so much fun because they were movies then and a whole experience. You would do it for days and be a character. Not to say I didn’t like going in and getting right down the business. Towards the end, it was wait, I don’t want to say any lines. I don’t want to waste my time with this crap. Where’s my cock?”

I had to ask Diamond what the situation was between her and Blake Palmer. Many people thought they were an item.

“We weren’t an item I was telling this to Bill Margold,” explains Diamond.

“What happened was I went with him to see his girlfriend and we got in a car accident. He broke his leg and he lived on a boat. We were both in a hospital and he didn’t have money. I felt so bad for him that I got him an apartment and would take him everywhere because he couldn’t drive. He had pins in his leg and everybody thought we were a big item. But we weren’t.

“What I was trying to do was get him work. He was great at doing anal. Right? So I would drag him around with me, get him work. That’s how that really was. I would drop him off at night and he would do his thing. I just felt so obligated because we were in that car accident together.”

To this day Diamond say she feels wonderful that she was part of the industry for so long.

“I was really lucky to have all of this and all of these movies,” she says.

“I have a nice library and remember everything. My memory’s really sharp.”

“Thank goodness,” I tell her. “How many people have had careers that can’t remember any of it.”

Diamond credits this to a daily regimen of vitamins and herbs.

In between the lines of what she’s saying, I ask Diamond if she’d like to take a shot and come back. Diamond’s toying with the idea and has mentally rehearsed the conversation she’d have with her two sons.

“I’ve done it enough in my head – it’s going to be easy once it starts flowing,” she says. “The problem I’d have is explaining it to them how I did it after they were already here and why I would make those choices after. I don’t know.”

Diamond’s the first to admit that she’s an adrenalin junkie and keeps occupied with high intense pursuits like motorcycle drag racing.

“It doesn’t matter where I go,” she explains. “If I’m grocery shopping I see in my mind all these guys shopping and it turns into a big gangbang in the dairy section. My mind does not stop. I’m a total pervert. I’m not going to deny it but it’s hard to live with it in suppressed mode.”

Diamond talks about how she started a page on MySpace,

“I started going through some of my pictures and put them up there,” she continues. “All of a sudden I got thousands and thousands of people writing me and asking me questions. I’m not sleeping for days on end because I’m online talking to people. That was making me happy. I’m loving it and I’m talking dirty and being complimented. I was really surprised that anybody even remembered me.”

Diamond laughs about spending too much time on the computer but says it’s been great therapy for her.

Asked if she’s kept in touch with anyone from the old days, Diamond says no one.

“I never kept in touch,” she says. “Now I’m just starting. I just found Felicia. I wrote her on MySpace. She’s got a site and I wrote her a little note and sent her a picture I took of myself this morning. I said this is me as an old lady which looks really good, by the way. I told her she look so good and yummy. I found Randy West who I talked to. And I’ve had a phone conversation with Bionca. She was not on MySpace but I found somebody who knew her. Janine, of course, was one of the first ones who found me and her comment to me was hey fucker where have you been? She’s such a beautiful woman.”

So hooked is she, that Diamond goes on MySpace every hour to answer messages.

“I’ll answer every one of them,” she says. “I’m neurotic about it. I feel if people are going to take the time to write to me it’s the least I can do to write them back. There people appreciate my energy and my love for sex. They appreciated the passion I had.”

“And I love my computer!” she exclaims. “I never turn it off. I love to chat with people and I’ve got a webcam which is going to get me in trouble, I just know it is. Are you kidding me? My phone- I can send videos to people. I can do one right now and e-mail it right to you. I love all this stuff.

“And I wouldn’t be against doing private stuff,” she adds. “I think that that would be okay. I just have it in me. I can’t stop it. Besides the fact that I do have kids and have to set a good example, I can get a way with a little bit. I can’t help it.”

When she got together with Paul Interlandi and they talked about her coming out to Vegas, the conversation also got around to Arrow’s creating a website for Diamond.

“I’ve always loved Arrow,” Diamond relates. “Paul’s great and his son is an amazing little brainstormer. Paul looks at the quality of things and looks at me like I’m quality. I love that. He wants to help me and having access to Arrow and Moonlight, he has a lot of my stuff. And to be close to him and to work with him on different levels. it’s really going to be great for me.

“Paul’s going to help me offer some of the many movies I’ve done. Other than MySpace I really don’t have a website. So they’re going to help me set up the links so people can watch my movies online. I get asked about that all the time. What movie was this and did you ever work with her. Yeah, I remember everything- but I don’t know where to get those movies so now, hopefully, within a month we’ll have this set up to where I can just point people right where to go and they can watch whatever they want.”

According to Diamond, she’s never felt as excited about a project and particularly excited to be helping PAW when she gets to Vegas.

“Arrow’s going to bring a riding bull out to this place,” says Diamond.

“This is going to be crazy. They want me to dress like Debbie Does Dallas and get me on the bull.”

Diamond thinks going to AEE will be fun while meeting people for a couple of days.

“It’s so great that this has happened,” says Diamond. “All these fans are just amazing. I never had any idea.”

“The year you won Female Performer of the Year- no one’s equaled what you did,” I said.

“It was crazy,” says Diamond. “I was so happy. I was telling Paul that people were accusing me of being on drugs and doing this and that.”

Just to prove that she wasn’t, Diamond participated in a drug screening of her own volition every three weeks just to show the results.

“There was one director that kept saying you’re high,” Diamond remembers.

“I was so offended because I wasn’t high. I wouldn’t do drugs. I’d say go to Jim’s office and have him fax you the drug screening every time I did an HIV test. I paid for it myself. It just made me feel horrible that everyone would accuse me. I didn’t want my spirit to be attributed to something it wasn’t. That was my love and being able to have a year like I had, I could be as crazy as I wanted to. I had the greatest people I was working with.

“It was a dream to get up in the morning and go to work. And then for somebody to say because I let somebody put oil in my ass, that it was because for some other reason. That was an insult and I was tired of it. I thought it was really unfair and it hurt me feelings. And this was coming from people who didn’t know me or appreciate me.”

“I may have drank now and then which was a bad thing and I would never do that again,” Diamond admits. “But I certainly was never a drug addict. What I stopped doing was eating meat. Everybody who knew me knew I went vegetarian. I lost a bunch of weight. I only drank water. I started cleaning myself out internally and it was working for me. I was exercising.

“I ran every day. Nobody knows what I did when I got home. How do you stay in such good shape and have such good endurance if you’re not taking care of yourself? I was having such an amazing time and couldn’t have asked for a better life. I just felt like the luckiest girl on the planet.

“I feel lucky now with my kids- it’s very rewarding when they talk nicely and have great manners,” she points out. “They’ve got good vocabularies and are respectful and they pick up trash if they see it without being asked.

“Those wonderful little things make me feel really proud that I’m raising good human beings.”


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