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An Ashley Steel update

Porn Valley- Hannah Harper is the guest co-host tonight on the pre-taped The Wanker Show, but it was Ashley Steel who filled in Wednesday night for Michelle Lay with Tony Batman also subbing for Wankus. [Wankus is currently in New York with Tyler Faith.] Steel, who laughed about being called in last-minute, provided her fans with an update of her activities, such as they are. That’s because Steel paints a picture of her being an innocent college girl who happens to work in porn.

“Batman called me on my way home- I was all the way in San Diego,” explained Steel who claimed she was bribed to come in with a veggie pizza. Steel suspected that Lay was on the rag again explaining why she wasn’t on the show. [A running gag on KSEX.] Steel said she was having finals this week so Batman was lucky to get her on. She was talking about a huge statistics test that she had scheduled for today, and Steel said she’ll try studying at least a week before an exam.

“Like when I was in community college I didn’t have to- I was totally fine,” she said. “But now at this school I have to. They’re trying to kill me! Community college got me to where I am, but this is definitely harder.” Batman said community college got him to where he’s at and Steel sounded mildly impressed. Steel hasn’t been shooting porn that much but did a “mainstream-y” low budget movie. She urged her fans to check out for more details.

“I’ve got my bra on in one of the scenes- it’s pretty good,” she said. Batman was curious about a plot in something called Soup Movie.

“It’s about a guy that’s dating these three girls,” Steel continued. “And he goes to the Saddle Ranch all the time. I’m the waitress at The Saddle Ranch that ends up serving everybody that comes in there.

“Like food and soup,” said Steel. Batman, who was slow on the uptake, said he’s been in porn too long and assumed serving everybody had a sexual connotation.

“I see 12 guys getting in front of you and you giving them blowjobs,” he said.

“Bukkake service,” added Steel with a laugh. Asked if she got paid well or got community service or college credit, Steel said she didn’t.

“Did the producer bang you?” Batman wanted to know.

“I didn’t get any of that either,” Steel replied. “I didn’t even get sex out of the whole thing.” Steel then went on to say that she’s been seeing someone and getting a lot of sex lately in her personal life.

“I normally don’t date and I actually met someone I like,” she said.

“You should have brought her in- we could have had a good time,” said Batman. “Keeping her all to yourself, aren’t you?” Besides working on school, Steel said she’s been devoting time to her website.

“I’ve been talking to my web guy every day- doing that kind of stuff,” she added. “My members section isn’t ready.”

Once her new site launches, said Steel, she can starting paying for her tuition because college is expensive. According to Steel, it was costing her $15,000 a year not counting books and other bullshit. Not too mention a gallon of gas to come to KSEX, said Batman.

“That’s like two hundred bucks,” laughed Steel.

“You’re going to tell me you drive from San Diego- KSEX can’t afford that,” said Batman. Steel mentioned that she would do the show for the veggie pizza.

“And like I’ll have sex with you if you take care of MySpace,” chuckled Steel, an allusion to the stalker she had to deal with who was outted on a KSEX show. Steel, however, said she hasn’t had any problems with her web master.

“I don’t do stuff like that,” she said innocently. Batman said he was prepared to haul out the tape from the past show proving otherwise. Steel, who doesn’t think she’ll ever live down that MySpace incident, said her web master has been working on her site but is also a student so she takes that into account.

“He’s a nice guy- he’s working on it,” said Steel. “But if ever there’s a problem we can call him on air.” Steel agreed that once Wankus called out her other stalker, Steel no longer had a problem with him.

“It was great- not one call, not one text message,” she said. “And I’m so happy about it.” Batman said that whole episode was classic in that Steel admitted she fucked the guy.

“I wanted the shit done,” Steel said. On the other hand, Steel feels that it’s okay to use sex as a bartering tool.

“In some circumstances- I think a lot of girls do that, they don’t admit it,” she said. Batman volunteered his willingness to help Steel cheat on her finals in exchange for sex.

“I don’t cheat!” Steele insisted. “I’m like a good girl, karma- I don’t do drugs. I’m, like, weird. I only drink water, eat organic food, like honest all the time. It’s really bad.” Steel said she gets e-mails all the time that she must be the craziest party girl ever.

“You have no idea,” she laughed. Batman said Steel was ruining every fantasy about her.

“I am a college girl,” Steel replied. “I’m a cute, innocent college girl that likes to have sex. I do like sex.”

Batman talked about a story in Florida in which some college students got into an 8-foot helium balloon and died, apparently sucking on the helium. Steel was asked about the craziest thing she’s done in college, assuming that porn on the scale was way out there. Steel describes herself as a studious person who doesn’t go to parties.

“Porn gets crazy,” said Steel. On her weekends, Steel studies and goes to the beach, the gym and sometimes goes hiking.

“I’m going to start surfing this summer,” she added. “And in the winter I snowboard.” Steel was asked if she’s ever been to a swingers party.

“Those are creepy, sometimes,” she replied. “If they’re good-looking people that’s cool.”


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