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An Interview with Carly Milne

(WOODLAND HILLS, CA) — How is KSEX getting so much press lately? Show host LorrAINIAC said recently, “because Wankus is hiring all the adult PR people!”

I had an opportunity this morning to chat with public relations babe, and now DJ, Carly Milne. I have always respected her writing skills, keen wit and incredible alter-angles to topics and stories. I wanted you to meet her and read the fun interview we did below:

Wankus: I’m ready to interview you now.

Carly: Okay baby, fire away.

Wankus: I already fired away last night… good orgasm… wish you were there

Carly: Hee! Did you think of me, at least?

Wankus: Absolutely! [Well actually no, but I promise I will next time]

Carly: dammit.

Wankus: lol

Carly: I feel empty now.

Wankus: Don’t sweat it, I still love you

Carly: you’d better, you’re stuck with me.

Wankus: So….tell us first off, how excited you are about hosting a show on KSEX?

Carly: Oh man, where to start… well, in my native Canada, I did a little Internet radio. It was a wholly unsatisfying experience, mainly because the show was a mess thanks to unwelcome sponsor input, but I enjoyed doing the show, so I’m happy to have the chance to go for it again… at the risk of losing all of Chef Jeff’s listenership.

Wankus: I love your confidence, really inspires me to tune in…LOL

Carly: It’s not that I’m not confident, it’s that Jeff has his style and I have mine, and they’re likely not the same! I think it’ll be a ton of fun.

Wankus: KSEX will be different though. You are free to be yourself and the only input you’ll get from management is improving the “basics” and format

Carly: Good — I hate being censored.

Wankus: Well, there is a big need for a credible show on KSEX. All the shows are great right now, but one of the things founder, Mike Rick brought to the table with his former show, KSEXperts, was an educational and informative show. Not just tits and ass. While I hope to see your tits, I think it’ll be great to see you bringing in the kinds of guests and topics who can bring a more credible side of sex. Do you have any guests or show ideas you can share with us for some upcoming shows?

Carly: As I’ve said many times before, my tits are best left clothed. Actually, I usually say it about my ass, but I’ll adapt it to fit this situation.

Wankus: lol

Carly: Guests and show ideas… well I want to really run the gamut. Every show will have a different theme to it, be it fetishes, fantasies, sex toys, what have you, and my guests will range from sexperts to porn stars to sex writers, and everyone in between. I don’t want to name names yet, because nothing is set in stone, but I’ve had the fortune of meeting and getting to know some pretty cool people in the industry, and I hope that all of them will find the time to drop by and grace the KSEX couch at one time or another.

Wankus: Ah yes, and when you start as host next Tuesday, there may be a NEW KSEX Couch in there

Carly: Yay, something fresh for defiling!

Wankus: You said earlier that you are from Canada. Where did you grow up? How long have you been here? And, was sex always a strong topic in your life?

Carly: I grew up in Edmonton and Calgary, moving back and forth between the two nearly every year until I hit my teens. When I was 20 I split for Toronto, and when I was 23 I left for San Francisco. Sex wasn’t always a strong topic in my life, which ultimately is why it became one. Everyone seemed to want to keep me from learning about it, so I figured it must be something pretty damn cool and interesting for it to be such a hush hush issue in my family. So I sought out the information for myself.

As a result, somehow it kept haunting me in my professional life, even before I started working in adult. I guess it’s a topic that’s meant for me. πŸ˜‰

Wankus: I love it. Makes complete sense. (At least according to those psychology books I’ve read)
Wankus: lol

Carly: I’d like to think so. I’m fortunate that I was able to decipher good info from bad, right from wrong, while I was researching, so I feel very comfortable with the path I’ve taken.

Wankus: What was your introduction to adult? How did you get into the biz?

Carly: I got into the biz by complete fluke, actually. If you’re meaning just the sex stuff, I encouraged a fellow Canadian sexpert to start a highly successful female sexuality site that she’s been doing for nearly four years now, and she asked me if I’d be a porn and toy reviewer. Who am I to say no to that? Then when I wet to San Francisco, I had a personal site on which I had a diary that discussed my thoughts and feelings about sex and my sex life. Although that wasn’t the main focus of the diary, it caught the attention of a radio producer in New York who asked me to be on Bob Berkowitz’s radio show Love Bytes, and once I was on the show once, they liked me so much that they asked me to be their sex toy reviewer. So every week for nearly a year I’d test three sex toys and report my findings live on the air, grading each toy by how many orgasms it gave me.

Wankus: Very nice

Carly: Then I left San Fran and went to LA, went looking for work, found an ad for a job at AVN, thought “that’d be fun!,” applied, got it, and the rest is history.

Wankus: Wait a minute, the rest is history….you left some shit out

Carly: What shit did I leave out? You asked me how I got into the industry, and that’s how. πŸ™‚

Wankus: I met you when you worked for AVN and thought you were awesome. I read your review on a KSEX show you watched and said to myself, “this girl is good…real good!” Next thing I heard, you left AVN. WTF?

Carly: I was drained. I had reached a point where watching porn was no longer fun for me in my personal life and that was a big problem, as far as I was concerned. I also didn’t feel that I could give my all to what I was writing anymore thanks to the burnout, so I left.

Wankus: Gotcha

Wankus: I feel like that all the time…Naked chicks on my lap nightly….I’m so over it! LOL

Wankus: You took a break, re-grouped and then started your public relations firm?

Carly: No, I actually did PR for Metro Interactive until the end of January, and *then* I started my own PR firm. It’s not really a firm, actually, because it’s just me, sitting in my house in my pajamas. πŸ˜‰

Wankus: That’s right, I remember when you worked for Metro. Smart move though, learn how it works then go out on your own. Too many people just go out on their own without knowing shit.

Carly: It honestly wasn’t intended that way, though. But sometimes you’re pushed into situations you don’t expect, so you have to react for survival’s sake.

Wankus: I know that all too well… spent 20 years as an entertainer

Wankus: Do you know how many nights I wanted to go to West Hollywood and offer my ass to gay men? Hmmm… well, no nights actually, but I thought it would help drive the point home. LOL

Carly: Are you sure this is stuff you want to admit openly? πŸ˜‰

Wankus: So you’ve had the PR company now for a while, Sin Spin, and how is it going? Can you name some of your clients for us?

Carly: I’ve been doing Sin Spin since the beginning of February, and it’s going extremely well — better than even I expected. My clients are WantedList, Madness Pictures, Erotic University, Grand Opening!, Zero Tolerance Entertainment, Pussy Pucker Pots, and Mark Davis.

Wankus: I’ve spoken to some of your clients and they seem to be very happy with your services. Anh at is really charged because you brought some really exciting opportunities to his company exposure wise. Care to comment on any of them?

Carly: Well, I’m kind of reluctant to say, because I don’t like counting my chickens before they hatch. But we had some tremendous meetings with a number of people when we were in New York, including Penthouse Magazine, Maxim, Vibe, Details, and they went on the TV show Naked New York. Should all go well, there could be some interesting partnerships and coverage that comes out of those. I’m very pleased with how well that trip went.

Wankus: That’s awesome!

Carly: Thanks. πŸ™‚

Wankus: One of the things I find about adult PR people, is that they struggle with convincing mainstream media to be interested in their clients. But you seem to be working “the other side” quite well. Any other things of note with some other clients?

Carly: It’s a hard line to straddle — you never know who will take what when, so you just have to keep trying. As for other clients… well. Mark Davis was just interviewed by E! for a True Hollywood Story they’re doing on Jenna Jameson, Grand Opening! was also featured in that segment and their opening party was attended by LA Weekly, Self Magazine and Time, and my latest client, Erotic University, has been slowly but surely gaining steam as well. At their first class they had to turn Fox TV away at the door because they don’t allow cameras in on the classes — it compromises the anonymity of the students. They were none too pleased, so I’m trying to set up an alternate shoot for them. But they’ve been doing some good radio from everywhere from Las Vegas to Ireland, and I’m setting up some print stuff for them as well.

Wankus: Tell us about your web site,
It’s a site with neat features and very creative writing, but what inspired it…is it a release for you?

Carly: I started the site originally because when I started working in the industry and women started asking me about what it was all like, it reminded me of how curious I was about it, yet I couldn’t find much information about it. I didn’t initially intend for it to become such a soapbox for me — I had thought I’d touch on the lighter side of things and talk about being on set and whatnot as opposed to getting into lengthy dissertations about the industry, but people responded to it, so I kept on going. Is it a release? Sure. Sometimes I get frustrated and I need a place to vent, sometimes surreal stuff happens that I think nobody will believe, so I post it.

Wankus: Well it’s a fun site to read

Carly: I’m glad you like. You and my other six readers.

Wankus: 7…I print out a lot of stuff on there and let my roommate read it. πŸ™‚

Carly: Thanks, man, I could use all the support I can get. πŸ˜‰

Carly: I’m also freelance writing on the side and loving every minute, so I do want to continue writing. Eventually I’d like to do books, but who wouldn’t. πŸ˜‰

Wankus: You’re working your tail off and doing an awesome job. What does the future bring for Carly Milne the PR person, DJ, adult writer?

Carly: Exhaustion. But not in that Whitney Houston dehydration excuse way. I mean full-on tiredness.

Wankus: LOL That’s an understatement, but do you want to be in the adult biz all your life, have future goals, etc?

Carly: I always have a plan. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Wankus: Wow! Like the US GOV’T….confidential

Carly: πŸ˜‰ I prefer to surprise people. Plus, just because I have a plan doesn’t mean it’ll pan out.

Wankus: You are doing wonderful things Carly and I wish you nothing but success. I’m looking forward to your radio show on KSEX and can’t wait to see some of the confidential works you plan on embarking in down the road. If people want to contact you for PR representation, how do they do that?

Carly: They can e-mail me at [email protected]

Wankus: Real quick, you mentioned a good client list. What about independent adult talent? Are your rates affordable enough for an adult actor to be able to afford some representation?

Carly: It all depends on what they want and how much time they need me for. Every client is different, so I work with each of them depending on their needs.

Wankus: Good to know. Ok baby, that’s all I wanted to know. Thank you for taking the time with us.

Carly: No problemo.

Visit Carly’s PR company at

Visit Carly’s web site at

Visit some of Carly’s clients:


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