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Anabolic and Diabolic Splitting Up; Big Bob Back at Dane; “An Internet Radio Show with Pictures”

> Deep Throat posts on Yep, it’s finally happening. Anabolic and Diabolic are splitting up, you heard it from DeepThroat first! More news as it breaks!

>It was only two days but Big Bob has decided to return to Dane Productions. Personal reasons, he states

> Conky writes on an XBiz newsletter today, although it’s not up on their site yet:

“LOS ANGELES — Following the loss of their studio after an LAPD raid in November, Erotic University has transformed their original idea of a live audience broadcast into an Internet radio show streaming live from different venues, such as adult entertainment shoots or sex conventions.
“An Internet Radio Show with Pictures” will be hosted by Erotic University founder Jeff Booth, featuring weekly looks at sex science, sex and politics, sex and religion and the adult entertainment industry. The show will host a mix of guests from sex educators to porn stars, and the company said it offers an intelligent look at all things sexual.
“I was very disappointed when we lost our studio,” Booth said. “Since we don’t have a space for an audience, we’ll take the show to the people. How we do that will evolve, but I think we can take an unfortunate situation and turn it into a very fun dynamic show.”
The show premieres on May 28 at 7 p.m. at Erotic University said their producers are always on the lookout for interesting guests and venues for the show to visit.”


What a brilliantly novel and original idea. A radio show broadcast on the web, with pictures. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? If only they could find some sort of douchebag figurehead….. a man with an ax to grind, spurned by someone and thrown on the trash heap.

I know, I’m a dreamer.

> Gatoster writes on ADT: Word is that most mainstrean actress did scat sometimes… Anyone knows wich girls did it? Have any photos videos or any thing related to it?

The ones I know is that of jewel de’nyle, wich said she already ate shit (tough I never saw any photo or video of it), that veronica jett (everybody already knows this one!) and thats it, the others are just rumors that I heard (jena haze and monica mattos included)

> Everett writes:I can’t believe it, rumors of Jewel DeNyle doing that. The first time I’ve ever heard that about her or any other mainstream actress. There was a video series out about 8 years ago with photos of well known pornstars on the box covers together with animals. Can’t remember them all but I do remember Jill Kelly being plastered on a few of those box covers. Doesn’t mean she or the others committed any acts of bestiality as these box covers didn’t specify what was actually in the movie. But bestiality not being my cup of porn tea, I never checked those flicks out so I cant vouch for what was actually in the movie. But Jewel DeNyle or other maintreamers committing Coprophagy , say it ain’t so.

> Cage 69 writes:Actually there are numerous actresses that have taken part in this type of play………..

List: Brittany Stone, Nicole Parks, Zoe Matthews, Alisha Angel, Lora Black

To just name a few……….

>ArinsystmaticX adds the following names: Angel Long, Kami Andrews, Sandie Caine, Isabel Ice; Jewel Denyle (With Rocco while shooting Animal Trainer);
Ariana Jollee (only rumored, no evidence yet); Charmane Star (Skye Blu);
Monica Mattos; Tima

Ah the list goes on and on, there are so many. It’s a lot more acceptable in Europe, and several pornstars out of UK specially have done it and still doing it. Anyways, if you’re good at using different search engines and aren’t limited to google….you’d be surprised who you can find doing what.

P.s. Btw, the Veronica Jett was real and it was only some of her fans on that “other” forum who tried to start a rumor that it was fake. Just go buy the movie or any other movie of that line, where they actually show EVERYTHING now just so people will know for sure it’s all real. It wasn’t the only time veronica has done that from what I hear and she’s also done pissmops. Ugh I am bored…..

> Gatoster adds:Jewel de’nyle said that she did scat, she said that! It aint a rumor! I’m lazy to search the interview, but if you people doubt too much I can search it.

And about Bigboxxx, you need to know that the only sexual act per si is the vaginal sex, man on woman, period. All other things (blowjobs, anal sex, girl on girl, gangbangs, cum swalling) are derivations, or how many would say depravations. So why you see cum swallowing as a sexual act but not scat play? Because you think disgusting? well, there are many people who find cum swallowing disgusting. Who is right? You? They? Maybe you’re more important tan any other people and what you find ok is to cbe considered a sexual act, and what you don’t isn’t to be considered. If you don’t accept scat sex as a sexual act them you mustn’t accept: Blowjobs, cum swallowing, nay oral sex, anal sex, gangbangs, lesbianism… And so on.

>Zen Master 2007 adds:I doubt that Jewel will weigh in on this topic, but here are my thoughts based on knowledge (and review) of existing titles.

Jewel De’Nyle is without question one of the filthiest women in American pornography when she wants to be. However, other than multiple dirty ATMs for Mike John and an envelope pushing scene for Rob Black where Michael Stefano pisses on the face of her (supposedly) dead body while holding her head over a toilet, I don’t believe that Jewel has ever done what the Germans would refer to as a “full-on” scat scene featuring the smearing and ingestion of feces.

As far as past interviews go, she has been known to piss in the face and mouth of an avid fan if she is asked nicely in the spirit of proper subservience.


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