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Anarchy Drama Plays Out on the Web

> Conky at writes: Anarchy’s shenanigans These guys are a blast. Is there anyone out there who’ll still do business with them? I thought most people learned that lesson about five years ago, but apparently not. Here’s the dirt from

“Justin Syder emails: “Recently I provided Anarchy Films with a free location and several models to finish 2 of their series up and for almost 3 1/2 months now they’ve stalled payment on some of the models checks…It’s a known fact that they lag but when the product is on the streets already and models are still waiting to be paid it’s a complete diss to the girls who showed up on time, did a good job and still have pay due…please boycott doing any work for this lame company…..there’s plenty of outfits out there to work for that handle their accounting much better…Just be aware if they try to book you chances are you wont be paid.”

Tony Malice emails: “Someone needs to let Justin Syder know that ‘models’ don’t eat sperm and do double anal.. well, on camera at least. The girls he’s refering to are WHORES.”

Justin Syder emails:

First to Tony Malice whoever the fuck you are…yes we are all a bunch of whores…thank you for your intelligent and eloquent description of the talent in the adult biz..I only have one question….who the fuck asked for your input anyway you stupid bitch?….The girls in this business…”whores” or not are the backbone of the industry, like it or not, so your disrespectful and low class depiction of them I’m sure wont go unnoticed by them…. and since you want to describe friends of mine in such a way I hope I have the chance to meet you soon so we can “talk” about it…

Now to the real reason I’m posting again…Im in line to take my 7 year old son to see the new Transformers movie and enjoy the afternoon when one of the “models” who hasn’t received the measly $250 thats been owed to her for 3 months calls and tells me that she’s been told that she wont be getting paid now at all because of my post.

I call Oren “owner” of Anarchy to ask why…He starts off with some bullshit about “what so your her agent now?” then has the fucking balls to threaten me saying “don’t worry, you’ll be taken care of” what does that mean Oren? does it mean since you think Im her agent that your going to take care of me by paying an agency fee to me? cuz my agency fee is a grand…anytime you want to send me a cashiers check…since your checks can’t be cashed at your bank anyway…feel free to do so…who knows maybe your just mad cuz your girlfriend wants to fuck me….but If “taking care of me” is some sort of threat of violence theres some things about me you should know about me…

1. Before getting into porn I was a professional fighter having fought and trained in the ring for years under a hall of fame coach with some of the best in the boxing world and the UFC…and I love to humiliate people who think they have an edge on me…

2. When you threaten me you threaten the welfare of my family and the last guy who did that is permanently disfigured for life….

3. If you think for a minute that your cheapskate coward ass has anything at all on me then go to your file drawer, pull out one of my releases, mapquest my address and come over for the wake up call of your fuckin life.

If I were you I would go ahead and pay the “model” what she’s owed and try to hide out for the next few months till I calm down. You have no idea what you bit off and I guarantee fuckhead that theres no way you can chew it. As for the threats you seem to think you can hand out to whomever you feel you can? I have friends in low places too but I highly doubt I’ll be needing to pull that card. I’ll make quick work of your lame ass..just stop being a bitch and pay the talent what they are owed. Your future to me is certain the way you operate your business and there is no future…suck it up chump and do what’s right.

I went out of my way to help a friend out who was directing 2 lines for these guys..I went above and beyond to help him with quality talent and a free place to shoot. All the “models” did awesome scenes and this company spits in their faces for it by stalling them for months. It took me more than several weeks to get my money from them too and it was always the run around..My friend who was directing for them is still owed for his work and it’s doubtful that he will ever see that cash unless he obtains a court order for it. Im a low key guy and get along great with most everyone in this business….but one thing I will always step up to are con artists and cowards who think they can say or do whatever they want at the expense of the ones in the industry that make it happen in the first place…think you got somethin on me?…you got fuck all….this is your official public invitation to bring it….and I’m looking forward to it too…”


I wouldn’t want to be in Oren’s shoes. Justin is a persistent man.

And then “Joe” emails this to Luke:

“Anarchy Films is back on the spot light again, and I have to update you with more information on them: the company is broke, in turmoil, and out of control. Guy, the older of Ovadia brothers, has turned into a depressed, nervous, full blown drug addict who will burn anything and anybody just to get his next fix. They don’t pay, because they don’t have any money. they have reduced thier releases to one title a month, and even their monthly titles are not new features, they’re odd comps containing scenes which were shot years ago, and cheap scenes they have bought from freelancers; even though many of those freelancers never got paid. No producer releases through Anarchy and their distribution arm, Fifth Element anymore, because they have ripped off every single one of them. Must adult agencies including LA Direct Models do not book any performers for them, because they do not pay. I dare one producer, or director, or performer to come across and say one positive thing about them. Even Leah Luv is pissed off, because she works at their office as the production maneger/secretary/phone operator, and is not getting paid properly. One of my fellow producers told me she had to call him to borrow some money from him. These people are at the end of their ropes, abandoned, broke, and disgraced. A scary example of how a mismanaged company can go to hell, and take everybody with it.”


The only surprising thing about this whole story is that we’re now in 2007. I expected this about three years ago.


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