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“And Jacko Jacked Me Off”-

Porn Valley- Excuse us, guys. While Everyone’s getting all excited about headlines being generated today by Court TV, might I point out that we had this same story two years ago and the fact that Michael Jackson dished out $20 mil plus in hush money. Here’s what was written:

From the Gene files: Let’s face facts. For a black man who’s main obsession in life is to look like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Michael Jackson’s got to be a little weird. But even McDonald’s which will promote anything that can be assembled into an action figure can smell the aroma of a smoking gun. The flap began last week when it was being reported that Jackson was attempting to raise money for victims of the 9/11 tragedy with the release of a single titled “What More Can I Give” – an ironic title all things now considered.

When it became known that the song’s producer F. Mark Schaffel had alleged ties to the gay porn industry, Jackson’s record label Sony and potential marketing partner McDonald’s supposedly moonwalked for the hills. It was suggested that the burger meisters had received complaints that they would form a partnership with someone who had settled a child molestation case

Notwithstanding the fact that the case stems from nine years ago. If McDonald’s had even entertained the slightest notion of getting into bed with Jackson today, someone from that chain had to have been smoking their own Big Macs.

More is also made of the fact that Jackson at a recent Harlem press conference blamed Sony for holding back the single’s release. Jackson called Mariah Carey’s former husband and Sony Music Chairman Tommy Mattola a racist.

Enough of the formerly black pot calling the kettle a racist. Here’s the story behind Jackson’s molestation suit- the details of which Diane Sawyer and the rest of the media conveniently glossed over during her now famous Jackson suck up on network TV.

Pay close attention to the caseworker’s report of Jackson’s hushed up affair with a 13 year-old boy in 1993 especially if you want your kid scoring $20 million.

Gene further writes: Nine years ago I received a copy of the caseworker’s interview of Jackson’s sex victim who’s identified in the report as “RC”- not the victim’s actual initials. The narrative report details the fact that RC’s mother often looked the other way as Jackson had a relationship with her son and allowed her kid to go out of town with Mr. Never-Never Land.

“RC alleges that over a period of several months the perp [Michael Jackson] has sexually molested the RC in his home and in the Perp’s home as well,” the report goes on to read. The narrative continues to state that RC’s mother was suspicious of abuse “but was persuaded by the perp to allow the relationship to develop.” The relationship is graphically detailed. RC said it started with he and Jackson sleeping in the same bed.

“At first no touching and slowly after time perp would hug RC then it lead to kissing on the mouth, fondling and touching of the genitals,” the narrative goes on to read. “Later the perp would masturbate in front of RC. Perp would persuade RC to cooperate by telling him of other relatives and kids who did this and it is ok for him to do as well. Perp would rub up against RC’s body until he got an erection and would rejectulate and eat the drippings out of his hand. On another occasion perp coerced RC to suck his nipple while masturbating himself. Eventually perp graduated to putting his mouth on RC’s penis and eating the semen. The perp consistently explained it was ok and natural because other [sic] of his friends had done this with him. RC disclosed names/comp.” [Supposedly one of Jackson’s other victims resides in Australia.]

The report continues with handwritten details, comments and other facts left out of the summary just quoted from. According to that, Jackson allegedly bribed the mother with “gifts and money” to allow the relationship to continue. “On one occasion when the mother and RC went on an out of town trip with the perp, she came into the room and found the RC and perp in bed together. Perp begged the mother to let RC stay with him in his room [perp was in tears, sobbing] because she was interferring [sic] with their relationship.” As the notes continue, it describes Jackson as becoming more seductive in his wiles to the point where he would start cuddling, fondling and kissing RC in the mouth. As the report continues, when the father found out about the affair “he tried to negotiate with the perp by being willing to accept some money for keeping the whole thing quiet.”

The caseworker also details the fact that he was allegedly ordered by a sergeant at the West L.A. police division to discontinue the investigation.

The Jackson case report further reads: “Minor stated he had met Michael Jackson when Mr. Jackson’s car [what, no limo?] broke down in front of a friend’s office. Minor’s father is the owner of the company….and assisted Mr. Jackson. Minor said they became friends and Mr. Jackson would call minor frequently [approximately every day] and have long conversations about video games and Mr. Jackson’s ranch.

Minor stated Mr. Jackson called minor while on tour several times from around the world. Minor said when Mr. Jackson returned from tour [Approximately Feb. of ’93], he began to see minor, buying him gifts at Toys R Us, etc. Minor stated Mr. Jackson took him, his mother and 1/2 sister to Las Vegas and whole there, they watched The Exorcist. Minor said he was afraid and felt comfortable sleeping in same bed with Mr. Jackson wearing sweat pants and pajamas respectively. Further, minor states mother was aware of minor sleeping in same bed and allowed this to continue. Minor visited Mr. Jackson frequently and slept in his bed. Mr. Jackson also stayed at minor’s homes. Minor said at first Mr. Jackson would “cuddle” him and kiss him on the cheek and minor did not feel uncomfortable with this. Mr. Jackson then began to “rub up against me” while sleeping in bed. Minor says mother stayed in guest house on property.

Minor says over time Mr. Jackson graduated to kissing me on the mouth…one time he was kissing me and put his tongue in my mouth and I said don’t do that… he [Mr. Jackson] started crying…I guess he tried to make me feel guilty. Minor said Mr. Jackson who put his hand on minor’s “butt” and his tongue in minor’s ear, but Minor told him to stop and he did. Minor stated that sometime in April or May [1993] Mr. Jackson took minor, mother and 1/2 sister to Florida and “continued to rub up against me quite often.” Minor said he could sometime feel that Mr. Jackson had an erection, as did minor sometimes. After trip to Florida, he continued to spend time with minor, primarily at minor’s mother’s home but also at his father’s home. At this point Mr. Jackson realized he had met minor several [approximately 8] years previously and began to tell minor that their being together was “in the cosmos” and meant to be.



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