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Andrea Mountjoy on Chloe Jones

Andrea Mountjoy writes me the following regarding her appearance on A Current Affair

I stated that Mountjoy managed to garner a plug or two for her website. Mountjoy says: Gene, Just for the record, I did not ask for a website plug. In fact, ACA found me through my website. In support of their decision, is the fact that I had made a tribute to her [Jones] and am in no way trying to get commercial gain from her unfortunant death. She was a very dear person and close friend of mine and I have had a difficult time in dealing with the loss.

Please feel free to see my tribute to her at – Mountjoy writes on her site: Dear Friends, Chloe and I have known one another since we were teenagers. We both lived in California at the same time. We met doing shoots with the same photographer. We both did national posters together, and we even did a poster where they showed just our butts while we were on roller blades, boy was that fun! We loved to hang out and get a little crazy. We had our share of parties, and let me tell you, when Chloe was at a party, she became the party.

Talk about a very strong willed person with the most beautiful heart. Yes she was not perfect, but who in the hell is! Chloe just didn’t know when to quit. She was the kind of person that would not let anything get into her way, I mean ANYTHING! Everyone that really knew her would agree that she was the biggest prankster alive! I tell you when I looked down upon her lifeless body, I was just waiting for her to pop up and say aaah I Got Ya! As we all know that did not happen.

Okay enough of the crazy fun stuff. Lets talk about the more serious side of Chloe, she had the most beautiful soul a person could ever have. You would look into her mesmerizing eyes, and get lost everytime! She was the best mom in the world! Anytime, and every time I talked to her she would always talk about how special children were.

At her funeral, watching her 3 beautiful children was so sad. I have to say that this loss of a friend was one of the most difficult, and saddest times I have ever gone through in my whole life!

We will all miss you and remember just how wonderful you were to anybody, and everybody that ever crossed paths with you baby. She does not have to suffer anymore, and is in a beautiful HEAVEN, where we will all meet her there someday. I love you girl, and you will always have this special place in my heart. To everybody who reads this, please go to all the people that you love most and just give them a great big hug and kiss and let them know just how special they are to you because you never know if it will be the last.

Club Jenna, Inc. has set up a fund for Chloe’s children that it would contribute to on a monthly basis. The link is Chloe Jones Assistance Fund.

With All of My Love, Andrea


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