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Ann Marie Debuts with Cherokee – Updated

Porn Valley – Long time absent from a regularly scheduled gig on KSEX, Ann Marie started what will be a once-a-month stint on Wednesday afternoons.

This time around, Ann Marie has Cherokee, Alexis Amore’s former co-host as her new sidekick and the chemistry seemed to work very well. There was another time in the past when the two worked together and that was the subject of a trivia question for a prize.

Ann Marie reported that he had come back from Denver where she did the Porn Star Ball for Pleasures. Otherwise she said she was working, working, working. Cherokee said she was going to Texas to dance. “I’m featuring at Stilettos the 20th to the 27th.” Ann Marie said she was going to start featuring the end of the year and has been practicing in the mean time, evidence bruises on her knees.

Asked what her favorite theme costumes might be, Cherokee said she had an Indian one. “It’s so heavy. It’s all made out of beads. It’s like 50 pounds.” For video projects Cherokee just did Wicked Sex Party recently and worked with Tommy Gunn, Brittney Skye and Mark Davis. Ann Marie said she’s only done one boy-girl movie so far this year. It’s called Flawless and she worked with Lee Stone. “It was a good way to come back,” she said.

Cherokee asked if she ever worked with Stone before. Ann Marie said she did once. “I’m afraid to work with him again.” Cherokee said Stone’s scary. “He’s very aggressive.” Ann Marie said during their scene he told her to slap his dick. “You can’t hurt me or something like that,” she said. “I don’t want to do that. He’s like slap it, slap it, you’re not going to hurt me. So I slapped his dick and like all of a sudden this welt came on the side of his cock. He was like ,oh my good God! We had to take a break before we finished the scene because his dick was hurting so bad. He told me to do it. I told him no. He said the next time we work together I’m going to get you. So I’m like, hell no.”

Cherokee said Stone’s the only guy she would let choke her. “He just beats the fuck out of me. I let him and I like it with him. Other guys try it and they can’t pull it off. Either you got it or you don’t.”

Ann Marie commented on Cherokee’s unique helium-style vocal pattern. Cherokee said people urge her to say hello so they can have a good laugh. The two noted that it’s been a year since they’ve seen one another and Ann Marie brought Cherokee to speed on her love life. “I just recently became single,” she said. “Which I’m really diggin.'”

Noting that she had just done one boy-girl movie, Cherokee asked Ann Marie if she had been horny to get fucked.

“It’s not like I hadn’t gotten fucked,” Ann Marie replied. “But I was kind of like a litle kid going to school again. I was a little bit nervous. But I was pretty comfortable coming back doing my scene with Lee. It’s all work. He was professional but at the same time, the way we fucked each other was really hot. It was pretty nasty.”

Cherokee said Stone was a little big for her. Ann Marie agreed with that. “You can only go so far in. For whatever reason he works it in a way where we’re all good.” Ann Marie said Metro was shooting the next edition of Taboo. “That’s coming up in July.” Ann Marie said she told Metro she was really horny and could they write her some movies featuring certain people.

Cherokee asked if she had a “list” or was she inclined to give anyone a chance. Ann Marie said she was all over chances. “I have four to five guys I work with and that’s it. We’re more attracted to each other. We have good sex and there’s no problms. You go there to fuck and that’s it.”

Ann Marie said she’s been in the business three years last April. Cherokee it’s been two years for her and she’s over the thing granting chances. “I know who I like. I know who I don’t like.” Ann Marie said people can comment how they please but at the end of the day it’s your body. “So fuck off.”

A caller-in asked if Ann Marie stopped doing boy-girl scenes because she was dating someone. “It was partially because of that,” she said. “I’ll be honest with you. But a lot also because there was so much going on in the industry. That once I stopped there was 400 and something break outs of Chlamydia. And then we had the HIV-scare. There was so much that I really needed to hold off for awhile and make sure I’m safe. When things are all good, I’ll go back and here I am.”

Ann Marie asked Cherokee what her dating status was. “I don’t even know the answer to that to be honest with you,” Cherokee answered. “I was dating this guy forever and I actually flew him up here to visit me and all that stuff. We went to Vegas. I don’t really know what I want to do with it.” Ann Marie asked if that had the makings of booty call. Cherokee said she wasn’t a typical California girl in that respect. Cherokee said she thought about dating women for awhile. Ann Marie agreed. “I’ve got past my share of cock, too.”

Cherokee confessed to having had a crush on Audrey James who had been in the business a brief time. “She only did 30 movies- a really, really pretty girl. Double-D natural boobs, just crazy. I always had this big thing for her. I was totally in love with her. I would try to hide it from her. And she never did girls, ever in her life. She was kind of inexperienced especially for doing porn. It was weird to me. But I would always flirt with her and she would kind of giggle and laugh. But I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to be like a dude and get shot down. That’s a lot of pressure on guys.” Cherokee said that gave her a whole other appreciation for men. “It is difficult to make a move.”

Ann Marie said she’s up for doing the nasty with a hot chick but will never hit on the girl. “I’m so shy- what if they’re like, no, whatever.”

Cherokee aid she’s been hinting around things. “But she just giggles. It’s so funny. I walked her to her car and she’s running her fingers through my hair [that might be a tipoff] and just looking at me, putting her face really close and laughing and looking away. Like all show. I’m figuring she wants me to just fucking take her. But I just let opportunity slide ride through my fingers. And I was jacking off ten times a day.” Ann Marie suggested that Cherokee go where they can slip into bikinis. “I think having a slumber party and saying you have to conserve water to make them shower with you- that always works. Usually by the morning they don’t care. They’re like, yeah, whatever, let’s do it.”

Noting that she used to do Tales of Tail on KSEX, Ann Marie then asked Cherokee how her stint with Alexis Amore fared. Cherokee didn’t seem too inclined to answer the question. Ann Marie if that was an off-borders questions she understood. Cherokee said she’d like to get into the issue. “But I’m too crafty for that so I won’t.”

Asked if she was working on her website, Cherokee said she was so over it. Ann Marie agreed that it’s a lot of work. Cherokee said so much work that she’s considering not having one any more. “Then people take your pictures and post them all over the Internet. They steal them from you and the webmasters steal from you. And how many people e-mail you wanting free stuff? Or a free membership to your site? I’m sorry, boys, if you’re listening, support us. If you like us, support us. We do a lot for you. We go to your trade shows. We’re good people but if you like a girl, support her.” While she realizes that fans can’t join every site out there, Cherokee just made it clear not to write and ask her for free stuff. “That is so fucking annoying. It really is. I’m so over it.”

Cherokee said she particularly gets requests from people she went to high school with. Ann Marie said, ditto, for her. “They want an autograph or something or want to hang out.”

Cherokee said she got a request from someone she went to school with asking her to do a bachelor party for one of the guys who was getting married. “I flew home and did it just for fun,” she said. “They were like the whole time, that was my date to the prom! Yeah, well let’s be honest and tell everybody how you didn’t get any! It was so funny. He was, like, why did you have to say that? He was a good guy but I didn’t have sex until I was 20. I was a late bloomer.”


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