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I’d have to say that this is one performer/director that I owe a big “Thanks” to. Had it not been for him, I might never have sucked cock on film. As you might know, the first year I was in the business I did not give head in any of my scenes. When I finally decided to give it a blow, I knew I needed a seasoned pro. Who better than a man who had his own blowjob series,

“The Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead?”

He was happy to oblige in helping give me cock sucking lessons, and the rest, as they say is history. Now getting to the point, during a recent “practice session” I was able to pin him down for an interview for you.

AM – How long have you been in adult and how did it happen?

Craven – LOL – First and foremost, lets refer to me as the lucky guy who got to be the first one to ever put his cock in your mouth! “The man who taught you to suck dick” has kind of a GAY ring to it. Anyways about 5 years now it was actually by accident. I met Peter North at the gym in Aliso Viejo and became friends with him, just through working out. It wasn’t until 6-7 months later that my girlfriend at the time told me who he was and that he was a huge porn star. I had no idea. I never really watched porn growin’ up. When I asked him about it, he kinda laughed and thought I knew the whole time. He then asked if her and I wanted to be in a film, and next thing you know IM getting a my dick sucked in front of 50 fucking people in some Hollywood mansion. Real weird I tell ya.

AM- You started as a performer and now you direct. What are the projects your now working on?

Craven- I got 4 main titles that I’m working on these days. The first “Girls Gone Cock Wild” is a reality based gonzo series, where I go all over the planet and capture wild, crazy teenage sluts in action. 2nd is “Busten Nuts on Sluts” pretty self-explanatory, I still do the “oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead” my flagship blowjob line. And the newest title “Maximum Thrust” which I collaborated with legendary PornStar, Peter North. It’s a series based around Fast Cars and faster women. A take off from the Fast and the Furious, except we’re faster. lol

AM – What’s your favorite type of scene to film?

Craven – Midgets!!!!! Hahahahhahah, just kidding, please let Gauge know I meant nothing by it. I enjoy shooting scenes that aren’t fake. There’s nothing worse then shooting a girl that looks like she’d rather be in line at the DMV then having sex.

AM – Blondes or Brunettes?

Craven – brunettes

AM – Real boobs or fake ones?

Craven-Real boobs

AM – Hmmmm, I know a cute Latin girl who kind of fits that description. I heard you just divorced Monica Mayhem, and your now single……….what’s up with that?

Craven – Well the only Latin girl I’m interested in getting to know a little more is sitting in front of me =), and that’s right ladies I am now single! I will keep you all posted on “Craven Moorehead’s Raging Divorce Party.” Its gonna be off the hook. It’ll almost make me want to get married again. Hahahah uhh NO

AM – I heard she was a witch and put a spell on you.

Craven- Sad but true huh? She put some karma spell on me. Said I was fucking too many girls off camera at the house. You never really understand how unstable and whacked these porn girls can get till you marry one. To be honest I think it was during a blackout, cause I really don’t remember saying “I DO”. I just remember in the morning going “OH SHIT!”

AM -So what’s going to be your next best movie release?

Craven – Maximum Thrust #2, and any movie that I can sneak you into.

AM – Mmmmm, I can’t wait to see it.

As I get up to leave, he tells me “Call me when you need your next

“practice” session.

I reply, “I’ve got you on speed dial”.

You can see more of Craven and all his hot bitches at:

Until next time, AnnMarie here signing off and saying see you next time when I take you deep inside today’s adult stars and behind the scenes into the world of PORN.


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