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Another actress working underage?

Porn Valley- Before he even got his seat warm over at Metro, Bob Veze was fired as its art director. When I asked someone over there what happened, I was told Veze, who’s known primarily for his photography skills, tried to turn on the computer.

>When the judge in the high-profile corruption trial of two former Tyco International Ltd. executives declared a mistrial last week, citing pressure placed on one juror after her identity was revealed by the media, First Amendment attorney was asked to weigh in.

In an interview with the L.A. Times, Cambria, a Buffalo, N.Y.-based lawyer, said the Tyco mistrial might lead judges to impose greater restrictions on media coverage during trials.

“It’s a timing situation,” Cambria said. “In the media’s economic competition of beating one another for stories, the judicial process is getting interfered with.”

If publicity during jury deliberations can influence verdicts, Cambria said courts probably would find that the potential for corrupting the judicial process “holds supremacy over the timing of the release of names.”

> I spent the weekend talking to some people in the adult industry about Jennifer Worthington to see if they could add anything to the suspicion that she may have worked underage. XXX told me about another high profile performer who was at X Con Sunday.

XXX: “I heard the other day that she forges tests, and she can’t pass muster. She can’t come up with a legitimate I.D. Everybody in town except…are passing on her. I know she can’t pass I.D. She can’t walk in with two legal forms of I.D.- one a picture I.D. That give you many choices to fall back on: a driver’s license, passport, social security card, you name it. She can’t come up with representative identification. This girl can’t come up with a valid driver’s license. I can’t swear about the tests part, but I’ve heard a number of girls claim that she forges tests.”

Gene sez: I was also told that one record’s keeper from a major company refuses to sign off on this particular babe stating that she’s not going to jail over it.

> On her KSEX show last week Kylie Ireland was asked by someone in the chat room if there was one producer or director in the adult industry that she’d like to smack in a face with a shovel without any repercussions, Ireland said it would be Stuart Canterbury.

Ireland: Director Stuart Canterbury would be up there in the list. I don’t know if I’d hurt him, but I’d like to smack him along the side of the head with a shovel. Maybe. He’s famous for trying to ‘jew’ girls out of money. But I didn’t mean that in a racist way. He’d agree to a sum of money before the scene. You’d do the scene and when the scene is over he’d come over, put his arm around you and be like, so the productions really tight and I’m afraid I can only pay you this much even though we agreed on this much. He used to do that to me all the time. I used to get so mad because I thought that was so uncool. He actually, when we were in Budapest, I was shooting a movie for VCA. Russ Hampshire said I think it’s really a good idea if you go to Budapest and do this movie with Stuart Canterbury. Great. The boss is suggesting I go, so I have to go. I ended up walking off the set because I was so mad with Stuart Canterbury by the end of that show. In Budapest. Where the fuck was I going to go? At six in the morning, my plane leaves in three hours, I’m leaving. I just walked off the set. But the reason I walked off the set is because we were over there and this is in the height of the condom-only days. Right after the HIV scares. And Stuart wanted me to work with this guy that absolutely had no tests, with no condom. I’m like, no. I don’t know this person. He doesn’t have a test. He doesn’t even have a test in another language. No. We got in a huge fight. This was like in the 25th hour of a 24 hour day and I just walked off the set.

> I’m told this story about one of the adult actresses who was in the middle of a d.p. during a house shoot and ran to the bathroom to take a dump. A huge dump into which she dropped a plastic enema bottle and proceeded to flush. But it didn’t go down leaving the p.a. to have to fish into the toilet. The p.a. proceeds to answer the phone, meanwhile the dog of the house grabbed a hold of the enema bottle out of the toilet and started playing with it.

> I’m told about an incident that occurred on a shoot recently involving a very high profile company. The female performer was under the impression that she’d be getting a toy in her ass when in reality the director wanted her to take a beer bottle up her ass. She agreed under the condition that the bottle was corked. She was told they wanted to put actual beer in the bottle, and she had her hesitations not wanting any beer to leak in her ass because of kidney problems. The director insisted it be beer because they wanted to see suds. The bottle, which was waxed shut, was shoved in her ass. But when the bottle was removed, it was obvious that half the contents had leaked into her ass. It made her very sick and she was very unhappy with the whole development. She’s been told to get an attorney and sue the company.


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