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Apologies in Rebecca Love Rant

> Some of you didn’t believe the story when we reported it this week but Saturday night it was obvious for all to see. There was a UFC pay-per-view event broadcast from Mandalay Bay in Vegas and in the audience was UFC fighter Tito Ortiz. Ortiz’s squeeze? Jenna Jameson. Making that moment a little extra special was the fact that Wankus & Tyler Faith were holding a UFC barbecue at the moment and serving up some truly magnificent grub. Great night with friends I don’t get to see that often.

> There was a rag on about Rebecca Love [pictured] and the initial posting appeared to come from Scott Fayner. Fayner clarifies: Taylor [Rain] wrote this, not me. I was sleeping. I don’t even know who Rebecca Love is, and even if I did I doubt I would write bad things about her unless she did something to me. I’m actually attracted to Rebecca Love. And for the record, whenever you see writing with ALL CAPS, a ! after every sentence! and misspelt wordds you can guess it was her and not me. Thank you and I apologize if this hurt any feelings. I truly am.

TMFR POSTS: I was super high last night and on 2 bars of zanys. I was lookin for GOOD Talent for my next movie and I came across Rebacca Love. I have never met her, just thought she was a little old and ugly. Sorry if I hurt someones feelings. I’m sure shes pretty nice gal! TMFR

> Asia Carrera posts on Yesterday morning [Thursday] our sweet white kitty Gorby started puking up chunks of black foam all over the house – who knows where he got it from, it kinda looked like he chewed up a flipflop. Today he was still really sick, so I took him to the vet, and they gave him barium to check for an intestinal blockage. Whatever he ate, it’s stuck in his gut and they’re doing surgery on him as we speak to remove it.

You know how much they’re charging?? $1300!! (&@!%$*!!! They’ve got a racket as bad as the mortuary – of course you’re going to pay whatever they ask when it comes to a loved member of the family! Grrr!! I even tried explaining to them about my recent situation and asked if they could cut me a break, and they offered me a discount on PUTTING GORBY TO SLEEP!! $55 instead of $85 to kill a member of my family!!

ARGH!! So needless to say, I bent over and took one for the team and told them to do the surgery and send me the bill. There’s no way I could come home with an empty cat carrier and live with myself knowing I had that sweet little guy put to sleep! This is the second time he’s done this though – he had this surgery a year ago when he ate a piece of my breast pump. I need to invent a pool filter I can stick in his throat that will catch offending objects before they get in his gut! He’s such a sweet, sweet kitty, he loves to lay on top of the kids when they nurse, and he’s been Catty’s pal since they were both tiny. He only cost $35 to buy, but now he’s the $2500 pedigree kitty after these two surgeries. I can only hope and pray he doesn’t do it again!!! This is not a habit we can afford for him to repeat!! Good luck with your surgery Gorby, I hope everything comes out ok! We love you Gorby!

> Michael Payne posts on Yesterday [Friday], I shot two scenes with Amber Rayne and she delivered one hell of a kick ass performance. things were not going according to the plan, and we were behind our schedule, but Amber went above and beyond the call of duty, and came for her shoot even though she knew she will miss a very important college class.

from the minute she arrived, she was extremely sweet, friendly, and cooperative. in this line of business, everyday we have to deal with all kinds of rude, uneducated, unappreciated skanks who care for nothing but making a buck and burning it on booze and drugs and bullshit, no class broads who consider themselves “Porn stars” and fall in love with their own hype. wretchedly unhappy, insecure losers who stay long after their validation date expires, and become the parody of a “Porn star”; and all is left for them to do, is locking themselves in a room and doing drugs all day long, and reducing themselves to some street walking crack whores by doing underrate side jobs here and there.

I don’t need to name the names in this post, I’m sure everybody knows them; and even though they try to look away and ignore their miserable failure in life and pretend they’ve still got “IT”, but deep down, they know who they are. in this line of business, caring, educated and down to earth girls like Amber are very rare; and working with them is such a great opportunity. Amber Rayne can be booked through Gold Star Modeling.

P.S: As usual, Jonny Zinn handled the camera duties. Jonny is a great guy to work with, whether as a perfomer or as a camera man. he always delivers the goods, both in front and behind the camera.


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