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Are directors Xeroxing their scenes?

>Are directors xeroxing their scenes? xxx tells me: “The companies and distributors are sitting idly by by allowing one Red Light after another to go in business, making the same stuff with the same people. They don’t even take the time to notice that the same movie they get in one week has the same girl doing an identical scene with the same male performer that she did for a different company the week before. No imagination, no plot, no story, no nothing.”

>During Victoria Zdrok’s court hearing this week with her ex-husband who’s attempting to litigate her porn profits, Howard Stern’s name was brought up.

Alexander Zdrok, 53, who’s attempting to sue his former wife who’s claiming poverty and threatening to file for bankruptcy, said he heard about an interview on Stern’s radio show during which his ex said she could make $50,000 in an afternoon from her adult activities.

“It must be true if it’s on Howard Stern,” Cody deadpanned.

Victoria Zdrok, the mother of a 16-month-old girl, said she would like to move out of “the adult industry.” Zdrok who claims college degrees in law and psychology, said she’s rather be a nude model for the rest of her life. Nude models are “pitied because they’re depraved, immoral souls,” she said. “Lawyers are hated.”

>Then we had a quickie chat with Porno Steve Seidman who’s now residing in Houston. The tiff between Seidman and Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof has apparently been settled. And Seidman said he was working on his image and we agreed that calling into KSEX and bragging that he was getting blowjobs from Russian immigrants was a real image enhancer.

“I’m startin’ to love those Russkies down here,” Seidman exclaimed. Seidman tells us he’s much happier now that he’s back in publishing. “That’s where my heart was.” Seidman tells us that Houston has to be one of the most adult-friendly cities around. “You can get anything you want inside the strip club.”

Seidman talked about the classic photo that we run of him from time to time, surfacing from a swimming pool. He says a girl approached him at one of the clubs claiming to know him. Seidman asked her how. “She said I was in the swimming pool with you. I find out that she’s a pornoholic and she reads all the websites and you know which picture goes up- that’s the one with me in the pool. She thought she was in the swimming pool with me, so she wanted to feel my dick. I told her I normally charge for that.”

>During some chit-chat with her husband Kent at the beginning of her KSEX show Wednesday night, Selena Silver announced that she and Kent had individual dreams to sail around the world before they met and that they’re going to be doing that very soon.

>From the what goes around comes around department, with word getting out that Kylie Ireland’s boyfriend is knocking on doors looking for directing gigs, one in-house director for a top end company who’s been the target of Bryn Pryor-authored bombast in the past [i.e., bad reviews] said “over my dead body- the minute that guy gets an okay, write me off- you can’t review mainstream porn when you’ve got some psycho bent up your ass.”

>I hear it’s only a matter of time but that another clinic is going to be competing with AIM and offering tests that are substantially cheaper than those prices being charged now.

>One insider terms the influx of performers and directors from Orange County as “The Orange County Ratpack.” The same insider questions, “Why is it some directors are allowed to spend like sailors when their numbers just don’t justify that spending?”

>The mystique of Chuck Martino continues to compel. I had a conversation yesterday with someone who was under the impression that Martino had to have wealthy parents. “He lived in a condo that was above his means. He always had two fancy leased cars.”

>I’m told that director Jim Malibu once fired a crew for being ten minutes late to prove a point.

>Pssst tells me: Here’s something that you ought to get up on your website. There’s a cat nicknamed “Coyote Bait.””There’s a studio out of town run by the same guy Russell Michael who has the loft in downtown L.A. At this studio out of town, no one lives there except a cat- a cat with emphysema. The cat can’t meow because emphysema has affected its lungs. It was probably around smokers when it was a kitten. The cat has one eye hanging out of its head. It looks like it’s ready to die. Skinny as all hell and has been living in the wilds for a year. Russell does feed the fucker every time he goes up there but the cat lives under a trailer. He has survived the coyotes and snakes for a year.”


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