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Are The Vette Nation Army Girls Making Cheddar? Rob Black Doesn’t Think So

I tell ya, when you hear Mike South or AVN talk about Vicky Vette, you would think that Vicky Vette and the Vicky Vette Nation girls were making millions of dollars. Because the top story on recently was:

“Vicky Vette Signs Up Mitsuko Doll for VNALive”

“Vicky Vette has just signed up Asian-American Mitsuko Doll to start doing live events through Vette’s member cam platform. Members of Mitsuko Doll’s official site,, will get all of her live appearances plus every other event on free. Doll’s first live appearance is this Sunday, January 19 at 9:00 pm ET/6:00 pm PT.”

“ was launched by Vette in October of 2012 as a way for solo girls to add live content to their membership sites. There are now more than 50 girls around the world using the platform, including VNA Girls Julia Ann, Sara Jay, Nikki Benz, a number of girls from the Dreamnet network and solo girls around the world, including Louise Jenson and Katie K in England, as well as Canadian babes Amy Anderssen and Bella French.”

”Mitsuko Doll recently re-launched her solo girl website and runs it herself. She has been featured in Men’s Health Magazine and is a popular star on Vette just celebrated her 10 Year Anniversary in adult and was named one of the Top 30 Women Power Players by AVN.”

WHOOOO!!! Vicky Vette is a top woman power player! OK. 50 plus girls. Pretty impressive.

“She runs as well as all the official sites at She is nominated for Best Pornstar Website by AVN.”

You know what I’d love to know? And you’ll never hear this because they’re all full of shit. I mean, the way Vicky and VNALive talk you would think that everybody there is just rolling in cash. Mike South thinks she should be the host of the XBIZ Awards instead of Jenna Jameson.

So here’s my question.

Would any of the 50 girls listed on Vette Nation care to put their money where their mouth is? I know they get a check every month from the Vicky Vette Nation. I would like to see checks. Not one check from a year ago. Not one check out of twelve checks that just happens to have a good number. I would like to see checks from a four to five month check cycle so I can see how awesome the Vicky Vette Nation is.

Last I checked Francesca Le was part of the Vicky Vette Nation. She’s not producing content solely for Vette Nation. Her and Mark Wood are busting their asses at Evil Angel trying to turn a buck. Sara Jay’s part of the Nation, yet she’s setting up Twitter contests offering to blow basketball players and fans 50 to 60 at a time.

I would think if you’re pulling down tens of thousands on the Vicky Vette Nation that you would be living in the lap of luxury.

But of course, Rob Black’s just a big meanie. But whenever I make comments or claims about peoples businesses or someone’s actual worth, nobody will ever dispute it. Nobody will ever sit there and go, “OK smartypants Rob Black. I’m gonna prove you wrong. There ya go smart ass.” and give me the proof. I do that all the time, but no one ever does that with me.

So when I say, “Hey assholes. You’re part of a website and you make no money. You bust your ass and you do a whole bunch of free content and probably the most you get from that website, if you’re lucky, is maybe 500 dollars a month. If you’re lucky.

And nobody says, “I’m gonna shove his claims right up his ass.” Nobody does that. Because I’m right. Because you’re all bullshitters and you all have this inflated self worth. Very simple.

Remember, I know girls and I’ve seen checks of girls who were part of all of these networks that are supposed to be big shots. Because if Vicky Vette has only been around for a certain amount of time and other networks who have been in the game since the beginning and have established stars and their girls are only pulling in a few hundred a month, how are Vette Nation girls knocking down thousands a month?

It’s bullshit, that’s why. It doesn’t happen. It’s a fucking bullshit scam.

Find me one girl who is part of one of these bullshit networks who are making real money. None of them are. The only person who is making any kind of money is Vicky Vette. So instead of being bullshitted and scammed by somebody like Manwin, you’re being bullshitted and scammed by some old MILF.

Remember, she takes a piece. So it’s like the old Jerry Estrada distribution gimmick. Nobody makes money except for Jerry Estrada. Or Pure Play Media. Why you ask? Because they make money and collect their percentage no matter what. They don’t forgo their percentages if you don’t make money.

Example. You have a movie that you spent 10K making. You give it to Juicy or Exquisite to distribute. They take their 30% off the top. Just to put it out. You’re responsible for everything else. Because you own the movie. They’re just the distributor. That’s why they take 30 to 35 percent. So if you have a movie that cost 10 thousand from bumper to bumper, meaning artwork to replication, and you put that movie out at 10 dollars a unit and you only sell 1000 pieces, that’s 10 thousand dollars. Jerry Estrada takes three thousand and gives you seven, You’re now in the hole three thousand bucks, because it cost you 10K to make. Jerry Estrada is plus three thousand because it cost him nothing.

So if you talk to both parties, the producer will say, “Ugh, business sucks. I’m not making any money.” If you talk to Jerry he will say, “Business is great. I’m sending my kids to private school.”

See how that works dummies?

So when you have a Vicky Vette Nation and you girls bust your asses, and you’re doing all this free content because you gotta have content because that’s how you build your audience and that’s how you build your numbers, Vicky Vette gets a piece. She gets a piece off the top of everybody’s website.

If you’re shooting say once a week and you’re spending 500 a scene for location, makeup artists, talent, whatever, you’re spending 2000 dollars a month. Vicky Vette hands you a check for 500 dollars. She takes hers off the top. You’re in the hole for 1500 dollars. But Vicky Vette and the Vicky Vette Nation of 50 girls is doing pretty good. For doing nothing.

And all those poor slobs who are shooting scene after scene after scene ain’t making dick.

Now, if anyone is willing to come out and dispute this, I am more than willing to open my ears. But you won’t. Because you would all have to show that it’s all a sham.

Vicky Vette is just another old, pretty lady with a nice face and a smile who steals your money better than all the other studios do.

At the end of the day, nobody makes any money except for the scumbags who are enslaving them.

The proof is in the pudding. Because of all these girls who bust their asses for these sites, they’re all broke. They’re all still being hookers. I can’t imagine that there are any girls out there who enjoy selling their pussies to any creepy disgusting scumbag who will answer their ads on Craigslist, Eros, or Backpage.

If you are a girl whose goal in life was to be that, you’re a degenerate slob scumbag. I can’t imagine any 12 year old girl who says that when she grows up she wants to park her ass in a New York City hotel and wait for men to answer their Twitter ads and come up and fuck them for 5 to 800 dollars. There ain’t no 12 year old girl who’s playing with dolls in her little Barbie hair who grows up and wants to do that.

But these girls get caught up in that bullshit lifestyle. It’s all about the benjamins baby. Making that cheddar.

Hell, there are girls who work at Ralphs jockeying a cash register who make 17.50 or more an hour because they are in a union. They get healthcare and pensions and vacation time. They make more than girls do who sell their pussies on a fucking website. Or sucking dick in fucking hotel rooms.

Again, if anyone can dispute me on this, I’m all ears. I would love to have conversations like this. But you won’t because I’m right. You fucking know I’m right.

Find me one, just one of the 50 girls of the Vicky Vette Nation who are making more than 4000 dollars a month, every month. I defy you. It ain’t happening.

If you are not making at least, at LEAST a thousand a week, what is the point of doing what you’re doing? A thousand a week is 52 thousand a year. Look and see what jobs you can get and make that. All without risking your health, your safety and your mental well being. 50K a year is a lot of money for a single person. Families are fed and housed with that. And it’s considered lower middle class.

So I imagine that the Vette Nation girls are pulling in 7 to 8000 a month, right?

Bullshit. Fucking bullshit.

Prove me wrong. I dare you. I triple dog dare you. Somebody from the Vicky Vette Nation of 50 plus girls post up your earnings in a 5 to 6 month span. Go ahead. Prove me wrong.


Go fuck yourselves.

Now, on another note. When someone fucks up and plays games I will hold their feet to the fire. But when someone does the right thing, I will commend them. I have no problem with that whatsoever.

Last week, I reported that a company known as Pornstar Platinum had gone on Twitter and said that Katie Summers was no longer in the business and was a cam girl only, but you could find her at

Katie Summers informed me of this and also told me that she had not been paid from this company in months. She also told me that she had never received the content that she had shot. Now, it would be different if Katie was a girl who was difficult to get ahold of or she was a girl who had fallen off the radar or moved to Alaska or back to Texas and had left no information of her whereabouts.

Katie Summers is on Twitter 24/7, she is very active on social media. It is also very well known that she is my girlfriend. So it was obvious that somebody at Pornstar Platinum was being cute and playing fucking games.

We did some research and found out that the people behind this site were Sandy and Anthony and the crew at OC Modeling.

I then went on the air and informed them that if they wanted to play fucking games that I would fuck them where they breathed. Being that she is my girlfriend and was being taken advantage of, I was very passionate in my defense of her in this situation. I told them that if they wanted to be cute for whatever reason, because she is my girlfriend or for whatever reason, that they would have a huge problem with me personally if they did not resolve the issue.

I believe I used the phrase that John Gotti used on the wiretaps, “I will sever your motherfucking heads.” As you all know, I am a person who is very dramatic and passionate defending those I care about. Not saying that their motherfucking heads would be severed in the literal sense, but using the John Gotti quote to emphasis my displeasure with them. If you get a chance, listen to the tapes, they’re great. “I’m John Gotti. And I will sever your motherfucking head!” Can you imagine getting that phone call?

Anyway, long story short, someone at Pornstar Platinum contacted Katie a couple of days later and told her that they had checks for her and she could also pick up her content if she brought them a hard drive. Katie informed me that they said that they didn’t have a proper address on her and they were sorry for the confusion.

She gave them her mailing address and lo and behold, an envelope arrived soon after with not only the owed checks, but NATS reports and all of the documentation of her earnings.

So Pornstar Platinum, I commend you. You did the right thing. Like I said, I have no problem when somebody is fair and does what they are supposed to do.

But, if anyone wants to try to be cute and playing fucking bullshit games, I will fuck them where they breathe. Or in the words of John Gotti, “I will sever your fucking head.”

Katie and I be coming by this week to drop off the hard drive and I look forward to seeing the fine people at Pornstar Platinum, Sandy and Anthony. You guys stepped up and I have no problem whatsoever telling the world that Pornstar Platinum is a fine and reputable company.

So in closing, every girl who bust their asses giving networks like Vette Nation or any other company out there free content and you don’t make real money, smarten up.

Every girl out there who is giving their content to companies like Exquisite or any other company that doesn’t make you enough money to not be in the hole on every movie, get a clue. If you aren’t making enough money out the door to cover your costs and make a profit, you’re doing something wrong and you’re getting fucked.

I’m happy to give you all a little history lesson and help you out. When I’m looking at bullshit I gotta call it bullshit. I hate to weed through bullshit. I really do. But your hopes and dreams are all pinned on what these people tell you.

It’s disturbing and it’s disheartening, I know.

But it’s the truth.

And the truth is what you get on The Rob Black Show.



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