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Aria Giovanni Interviewed- 6/13/06

Porn Valley- Aria Giovanni was a guest on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Monday night. Wankus thought he had met Giovanni previously like at a convention. She said she does a lot of shows.

Giovanni’s featured in the current Penthouse July issue currently on the news stands. Wankus had just gotten off the phone with a friend named Jay who’s been calling in frequently, so Wankus asked Aria if she had done any time or had been arrested.

“You had a sip of champagne and a cop pulls you over,” he said as an example. She said no.

“I learned how to drive straight,” she laughed. On the nationality question, Giovanni said her father’s Italian-Yugoslavian. Her mother’s French-German-Irish- West Indian.

“My grandparents on my dad’s side were from Italy and Yugoslavia,” she explained, noting that she grew up in LA County. Giovanni said she wanted to be a veterinarian.

“I wanted to do livestock,” she said. Asked if she grew up on a farm, Giovanni said for awhile.

“I did live on a farm for a short period of time in Missouri,” she said. “But I think because I don’t have the same kind of attachment to cows and horses than a cat and a dog, it would be a lot harder of a job.” Wankus could picture her riding naked on a horse, her hair flowing. Giovanni said she did a video riding a horse bareback and has done photo shoots, bareback.

“The saddle missing- that’s what she means by that,” Wankus laughed.

Giovanni was a full time student and was going to school in San Diego. While she did that, she worked as a waitress 4 1/2 nights a week and tutored.

“Basically my schedule was packed and I still didn’t have money to pay for school,” she noted. “So I started answering ads in newspapers for modeling. I started shooting for amateur sites in San Diego. I knew I was going in to take nude photos. I knew what I was getting myself into.” Wankus wondered if her first experience involved the typical sleaze. Giovanni said, no, that it was a young guy.

“She showed me -these are basically the types of photos I take,” she said. “It started out just nude. The he shot me for the first time right then and there. I felt fine about it. I thought a long time ahead of time- am I okay with this? And so I felt fine about it.” Asked about hardcore, Giovanni said she’s never shot anything with guys; and anything with girls has been softcore.

“But in the first six months of amateur I shot harder than what I shoot now,” she added. “I shoot a loft softer now. So I’ve spent the last six years shooting the style I shoot now.” Wankus noted that Giovanni has blossomed into a big, popular star.

“Everyone knows who you are and they love you,” he observed. “You’ve done a lot of mainstream stuff.”

“I’ve dabbled here and there,” she replied. “I like shooting different genres and putting myself in different places.” Giovanni agreed that she’s been making a pretty good living doing what she’s been doing. She’s done a lot of things for Penthouse and the July cover is her most recent.

“I’m also currently in the Girls of Penthouse,” she said, noting that it’s also currently on the newsstands. It was noted that Giovanni caries some bush.

“I’m not into being slick, fully shaven,” she said. “It goes with what I shot. A lot of what I shoot is all-natural and you look like a real girl.”

Giovanni’s parents think what she does is great.

“My mom’s really supportive- she said if she had my body at her age, she’d do the same,” laughed Giovanni. “I don’t know what she meant because she had a great body. And she likes the fact that I run my own business and am able to travel. She says I’m doing all the things she wish she would have had the opportunity to do.” Wankus wondered if any of her other family members got weird about it.

“At least not to my face,” she replied. “My brother and my sister often travel with me for shows and stuff.” And her grandmother has asked her for autographs for bingo confederates.

Wankus said he’s lost some friends over his decision to be in porn but Giovanni said she doesn’t stay in contact with anyone that she did when she was a kid.

“Every one of my friends now is someone I met in the industry or since I’ve been in the industry,” she observed. “Most of the people that are my friends are in the industry. Very few I can say are not.” In high school, Giovanni recalled being quiet and unpopular and no one would ever talk to her.

“I wore mens clothes and khakis,” she remembered. “My chest was so big, I couldn’t fit into anything. I didn’t know how to wear clothes.” Giovanni never hung out with a crowd and had one friend.

“And I knew her before I started high school,” she said. “Then again, I started high school in my junior high.” Co-host Rebecca Love assumed that meant home school.

“I went to rehab when I was 12,” Giovanni explained. “It was for drugs and alcohol. It was peer pressure. I went there for 26 months and my second year there I was able to start high school and so I did two years of high school in one year. So when I got out to go to a regular high school, I started in my junior year.”

Giovanni said it wasn’t so much she had a drug problem as the fact she was 12 and was drinking too much at that age.

“I guess I was going in the wrong direction,” she said. “If there wasn’t anything to intervene, it would have just progressed.”

Giovanni thinks it’s the best thing that could have happened to her.

“It really helped me a lot,” she said. “And one of the guys I went to rehab with is in the industry.” Giovanni said she sees him at all the shows but doesn’t believe he drinks. Giovanni still socially drinks.

“I drink wine- I love wine,” she said. “But I don’t do any drugs. I’m not interested in that.” Giovanni was asked if she was sexual when she was young or a late bloomer.

“I don’t remember,” she says and wouldn’t talk about her first time.

“Everyone tells,” said Wankus.

“My mom’s listening,” laughed Giovanni. “I don’t talk about that.” As far as future plans, Giovanni says she has her own corporation and website, which she’s been running for the last five years.

“I spend a lot of time and energy on my site,” she said. “And I plan on launching another site- an amateur site- where I take the photos of the girls. Basically I started out in the industry doing the same thing and [I’ll be] running a site that way using a brand name to promote it. I’m supposed to start on that pretty soon. I just sold my house and am figuring out where I’m going to live. And once I do that I’ll be working on the project.”

Asked if here was anyone special in her life, Giovanni said that was a hard question right now. Wankus was trying to read into that vague answer.

“No I’m not available,” Giovanni finally said. Wankus took that to mean that she was currently “sewn” in her vaginal area.

“Please do not even try to ask me,” he concluded.

Giovanni said people will come up to her and she won’t be mean or anything like that. And the way she said it sounded like she wasn’t exactly encouraging hand shakes.

“But I’m really personable with close friends,” she said. “When I’m out with friends, I’m very personable. But I’ve been told many times that people do become intimidated because I’m quiet.”

Wankus again made the comment that Penthouse was back in full swing after a drop in the change off.

“Something changes over, it’s all a matter of getting to know the product,” Giovanni conceded. “It’s all a matter of getting to know the products and what the people have been used to and the direction they want to go. You want to keep the magazine coming out every month but you’re still getting people hired and putting new things into place.”

Wankus said he was also told by one girl that Penthouse cut a lot of the raunch out and tried to classy it up.

“The layouts are a lot softer than what they used to be,” explained Giovanni. “Which is good because personally for I time I thought they were going way beyond.” Even beyond Hustler, she felt. “Some of the things I couldn’t believe.” Giovanni also mentioned that because she is on the cover of Penthouse she was going to sign at the Hollywood & Highland Virgin Megastore on Thursday night, 6:30 to 8:30.

“It’s a new complex that they have there,” she said. “It should be really good, though. I’m excited.” Giovanni does a lot of conventions and enjoys meeting the fans.

“I travel all around the country to meet my fans and do shows,” she said. Wankus asked her how she got past the sweaty palms and foreheads.

“We’re all people,” said Giovanni, laughing about how that comment reminded her of how she was going to have a nice fat dinner and a bottle of wine.

“And I just keep a smile on my face.”

Wankus talked about those certain fans who show up to conventions sweaty and smelly. Rebecca Love recalled some fans who lived in their cars and just went to the shows.

“I’ve seen everything,” said Giovanni. She was asked about the most fucked up thing that’s happened to her with a fan.

“I’ll give you a gross one which happens more often than I’d like to admit,” Giovanni answered. “They’ll be someone that doesn’t shower and I’m not talking about deodorant. They’re across the table and I can smell them. It doesn’t just smell like B.O. It smells like rotting flesh. It’s really bad like they really have not scrubbed themselves in a long time. Then they want to take a photo with you. And they put their arm around you. Of course they’re sweating. Then you sit back down and they leave. And all of a sudden this is the worst b.o. you’ve ever smelled. And it’s right next to your nose. it’s dirty. Like you haven’t showered in a week.”

Giovanni said she’ll get recognized at grocery stores and movie theaters.

“It doesn’t bother me,” she said. “The only time it makes me nervous is when I’m close to my home. I’m a very private person. I like people to respect my privacy so if I’m close to my home, I get nervous because some people will follow you. I’ve had people follow me in my car. You’re just aware of making sure no one follows you and that you’re always in a public place.”

Giovanni was in New York last week for a signing at a Virgin Megastore and bought a copy of Penthouse because she didn’t want to sound stupid for a radio interview.

“The guy is, is that you? Yeah, that’s me. That’s you? Yeah, that’s me. A girl comes up to me and asks were you nervous when you shot that? I said, nah, it’s the cover.”



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