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Aria Giovanni on Adam Carolla-final

Porn Valley- Penthouse Pet Aria Giovanni has been making the media rounds this week. She was on KSEX Monday night and Thursday morning she was on the Adam Corolla Show. Giovanni was touting the fact that she’s on the cover of Penthouse’s July, 2006 issue and will be signing autographs tonight at the Hollywood & Highland Virgin Megastore.

Along with Giovanni on the Carolla show was Pet of the Year Jaime Lynn and Cassia Riley. Carolla asked Giovanni what she measured.

“D- Double-D,” she answered. Carolla said those were his marks in high school. And the fact that she’s “natural,” Giovanni was asked how that happens on a thin girl.

“I’m not that thin,” said Giovanni who attributed it to her nationality. “My dad was Italian-Yugoslavian.”

“Your dad has huge breasts?” Carolla asked, imagining that all the vultures at the station were probably swooping over Giovanni, hitting on her. Giovanni said one guy tried a ruse that he could read her mind. Asked if she was attracted to anyone on the staff, Carolla made note that Giovanni gave a long pause. Carolla was also inclined to think that one of his staff guys probably had more areola than all three women combined.

“Aria looked down when I said that,” said Carolla who was trying to get the women to take their tops off. Knowing that women look at a man’s ball sac, Carolla went into this elaborate description about how he’ll sit on a park bench after a jog and do a tease in his shorts.

“I know you’re looking down there- I’ll shoot a little sac- that’s my way of saying hello,” he stated. “I don’t take the trunks off down around my ankles but I know they’re looking.”

The women were asked why they wear keys around their necks and it was explained that the Pet of the Year wears more bling. Lynn is Pet of the Year and was asked what she got. Lynn said a Porsche Boxster and $150,000. Carolla said that’s more money than a Playmate of the Year gets.

Lynn also made a comment that she was married to Cassia Riley.

“You say that because you guys lez out every once in awhile?” Carolla asked.

“Totally,” said Lynn. But the women agreed they’d also be flexible and accommodate a man, although not share one. Carolla mused about the flexibility women have sexually.

“There’s no version of that with a guy,” said Carolla, noting that you won’t see that happen on an all-male camping trip. Lynn said she and Riley went out and bought toys on their honeymoon in New York. Lynn started showing her breasts and Carolla couldn’t believe that hers are real as well.

“That’s my wife!” said Riley who claimed that hers were also natural.

“We’re all natural,” she said.

Giovanni wouldn’t show her breasts claiming that she was married.

“But what about your obligation to your fans?” Carolla asked her.

“You can go to my website, – I’m fully nude there,” Giovanni answered. Carolla told her if she gave him a “bare boobed winger” he’d shout out her url three times consecutively. She still wouldn’t do it.

“I will show you a left nut if you show me a right boob,” Carolla bargained with her.

“You first,” said Giovanni.

“I will not show sac unless I see boob,” Carolla insisted, stating there was a principle at stake that if they renege, other female guests such as Ann Coulter, would renege.

“Where does it end?”

Giovanni made a cash sign with her hand, and Carolla told Giovanni to make haste that he had bigger fish to fry in the person of Riley and Lynn.


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