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Ariana Jollee in Meat Pushin’ 2

Porn valley- The next couple of weeks are busy ones for Evolution Erotica,; and

This week the company moves to a new headquarters in Chatsworth which it will be sharing along with sister company Extreme Associates, and Naughty Modeling,

In addition, Evolution puts Meat Pushin’ in the Seat Cushion 2 in stores this week, featuring Ariana Jollee; and next week look for Black Up That White Ass 2 which also features Jollee in only her second interracial scene. Awhile back, Jollee was a guest on KSEX, where she was interviewed by Quasarman on The Distorted Reality Show.

Quasarman, at the time, called it a ratings coup. “This girl is a complete and total piece of ass and she can put large objects in her colon without too much effort whatsoever.” In his 14 years of shooting porn, Quasarman said Jollee was his current and personal favorite, Jollee having also shot a number of movies for Zero Tolerance Entertainment,

Noting that she was anally talented, Quasarman asked Jollee when she first enjoyed having random objects in her colon. Jollee said no one ever asked her that specific question before.

“They Ask you when you first started liking sex. Specifically objects?” Quasarman specified her own hand inside her rectum.

Jollee at first challenged him to come up with an answer. “If you were going to pick someone I’m going to fist my ass for, who would it be?” Jollee then answered her own question by saying it was for Skeeter Kerkove. “I love him to death,” she said when asked how it was on a set with Skeeter.

Jollee was asked when she broke on through to the other side, fist up your ass speaking, what was the first thing that crossed her mind.

“Is it dear God I had my hand up my own ass?” Quasarman wanted to know. Jollee said when a girl does something like that for the first time, it’s like passing a driver’s test.

“I had a fuckin’ stupid smile on my face that didn’t come off. I felt like a 16 year-old kid. It was the same stupid smile – like taking two or more objects up my ass.” Jollee said she started glowing. Gauge said while she’s known for anal, she never did the fisting. Jollee said Gauge could do it, guaranteed. Gauge replied by saying that she’d sooner put a fist up someone else’s ass than her own.

“You might want to take the rings off first,” Quasarman suggested, noting that watches and missing tax returns might suffer similar fate. “I can understand how that might work.”

Quasarman then asked Jollee what prompted a beautiful, smart girl from New York to take foreign objects anally. Jollee said she’d do it anyway, so why not make money for it.

“I like sex a little too much for my own good,” she responded. “Everything else I’ve ever done, I got pretty bored with it pretty quickly. This is the longest I’ve stayed in one place doing the same thing.”

Jollee said it was great because she was gettin fucked every day, and Quasarman said he was, too, but not in a good way. Quasarman described Jollee as a far cry from women who watched the clock and professed little enjoyment for sex. Jollee said she particularly enjoys watching someone like that.

“I sometimes like watching girls who I know hate it,” she said. “I get off on that – especially when they make that funny face when the guy comes. They say that they do [like it] and they want the money and they do it anyway but you can tell how much they hate it.” Jollee suspected that there weren’t too many people into it.

“You find this one girl and you know she hates it- you know she REALLY hates it- like how many more minutes? I don’t want to mention names but I would like to watch them cum dodging- and a guy just fucking annihilate her. That’s hot. It’s almost like being…raped…in a way.”

Jollee said she often wondered why she is the way she is. It was Quasarman’s opinion at the time of the interview that there was no one on the adult scene that rivaled Jollee.

All those things being said, Quasarman imagined that Jollee’s first time in front of a camera must have been a big turn on. Jollee said she had engaged in similarity activity without a camera. “Numerous times.” Jollee said she had some really kinky boyfriends who liked to watch her get fucked by other men. “And so all kinds of crazy shit.”

Quasarman asked her about her relationship with Joey Ray. “Nice guy- sharp as a rubber ball,” he said describing Ray.

“Is it me or is it true. Is he intellectually satisfying to you? Is he romantic?” Jollee said she loved Ray very, very much, that he was kinky and very twisted. “He has to be really fucking twisted to be with me.”

As for himself, Quasarman said he was more personally inclined to turn the lights off and put a comforter on the bed. Jollee suspected that he was more twisted than he thought. “Give me five minutes.” When Gauge started ragging on him, Quasarman, referring to her as an “inbred garden gnome,” said he would not have his masculinity impugned by a dwarf. Gauge said she was vertically challenged.

Someone in the chat room then asked if Ray would allow Jollee to make a milkshake in his ass. Jollee said Ray didn’t like it in the ass, and that his ass smelled like a swamp. Gauge, agreed, noting that most guys’ asses tend to be tight, moist and “a little bit swampy, humid.”

At the time of the interview which was a couple of months ago, Jollee had just acquired a driver’s permit and Quasarman asked her about taking the road test.

“I felt like I was supposed to feel at 16,” she said. Scarier yet was the fact that Taylor Rain taught her to drive, according to Jollee. “Isn’t that disturbing?” And Jollee said she didn’t have to offer sexual favors to the instructor, that they both shared the same real names. “I didn’t have to parallel park. I looked cute and innocent- it worked.”

Qusarman said it’s only shocking when you see a picture of her hand in her own ass.


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