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Ariel Summers Begins KSEX Show Next Week; Trina Michaels To Go on Church Mission Trip

Porn Valley- Ariel Summers and her husband stopped into KSEX Thursday night. Summers, who hails from Center City Philadelphia, and just moved out here, is going to have a KSEX Show which begins this Tuesday from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Summers whose show is going to be called My Young Kinky Wife [co-hosted with her husband, obviously] takes over the spot vacated by Kitty Langdon and Me So Horny. I hear some of the reasons why Langdon’s no longer doing the show, but I’m sworn to zip-lipped secrecy. Aaaaaaaaaah, and it’s such a great story, too. But I promised.

Meanwhile, Trina Michaels [pictured left] pays a visit to Tony Batman’s show and does a boobie salute with Batman’s co-host Regan Anthony [tight]. Anthony was reporting on the rough day that she had. According to Anthony, she got injured on a Hustler shoot last Sunday. She worked with Lee Stone, and while she had worked with Stone in the past with no complications, something happened this time.

“He was really eager to do this scene, and there was this hard pounding,” she said. Anthony went home tired. Then she was booked Thursday to work for SexZ Pictures and Eli Cross in Woodland Hills.

“It was an all-anal movie,” said Anthony. “I get there and I’m feeling really dry.”

After she had done “an amazing blowjob,” Anthony said it was time to get fucked but her pussy just wouldn’t accommodate penis no matter how much she tried. Anthony then suggested just going straight to anal, but her asshole clenched up as well.

“I couldn’t get a thing in to save my life,” she relates in her story. “I was crying. I just tapped out. I’m, something’s not going right.”

According to Anthony, the scene was cancelled and will be rescheduled. Then last Thursday night she came into KSEX with her eyes red as though Moe from the Three Stooges had jambed both thumbs in them. Anthony had caught a cum shot in each of her peepers.

Batman also reported that one of the porn girls who shot for the Maxim photographer who was at KSEX last week was going to get a tryout but didn’t mention who it was.

Michaels was talking about some of her latest projects including the fact that she’s in the highly publicized Upload, playing Derrick Pierce’s fiancee.

From what she saw of it, Anthony said the feature was intense and action-packed. Batman then urged both women to display their titties Girls Gone Wild style.

“If we were broadcast in Saudi Arabia right now, I’d be the shit,” he laughed as the women jiggled. Anthony, who’s been getting MILF roles as of late, wondered exactly what constitutes one, since the original definition has long gone by the boards. According to Anthony, 24 year-old women are now prime candidates.

“It’s kind of crazy, but I’ve been getting e-mails from fans why I’ve been getting these roles,” she said.

“At least the checks are good,” Batman replied.

Michaels talked about some of her dance gigs around the country including the fact that T’s Lounge in West Palm beach is one of her favorite places to appear. Michaels described how she d.p.’d two sisters on stage. And Batman says T’s is the place where you walk off with crumpled one dollar bills in garbage bags. Michaels knew exactly what he meant and said she was at the bank recently and was asked where all the ones came from that she was depositing.

“It’s a great place to feature,” Batman agreed.

Michaels also reported that she’s now with the Lighthouse talent agency, having left L.A. Direct after being there three years.

“They were great over there, but it was time to move on,” says Michaels who also mentioned that Chef Jeff was taking over as her webmaster for her site,

Batman brought up the fact that the Tampa Show was coming up. [October 4th to the 8th.]

And at the mention of the party buses, Michaels seemed to recall that a lot of fucking goes on one of those. Batman also recalled shows past which got some of the girls on Bubba The Love Sponge when he was still on celestial radio. Batman recalled one incident where Bubba called his house looking for Anthony who was married to him at the time. According to Batman, Bubba was looking for “the crazy whore,” and Batman duly informed him “the crazy whore” would not be accompanying him on any limo rides.

“I was bashed on his show- then he became our friend,” recalls Batman. On another occasion, Anthony did a live sex act with another girl and that incident prompted trouble with the FCC getting Bubba fired.

On her itinerary, Michaels said she was going to New Orleans on a mission trip with her mother’s church to help Katrina families.

“It’s good to give your time to less fortunate people,” Michaels said.


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