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Ariel Summers, Jade Jolie and Laila Mason Visit PTU; “fuck you!” Jolie’s step brother tells Wankus

Porn Valley- The Wankus backfield pulled a double reverse razzle-dazzle. Ashlyn Brooke, the New Sensations contract girl, who had been filling in as co-host on Wankus’ Wednesday night show on PrimeTimeUncensored, is now conducting woman-in-the-street interviews. And it’s Nautica Thorn who’s now the new co-host.

From what Brooke was saying, her mother’s been unemployed for 22 years and seeing a guy who’s living off a $2M inheritance.

And from the way Wankus was talking, Brooke’s new assignment puts any street up for grabs. And there was a lot of that, too, on the couch as guests Laila Mason and Jade Jolie performed ancient and revealing lesbian lip-lock rites for the camera. Mason, who just got into the business, explained that she and Jolie were roommates at casa Spiegler, And filling out the couch, which was beginning to look like the lobby at the YMCA, was Ariel Summers.

Thorn began by throwing out some tantalizing tidbit about being involved in a legal fracas then pulled a gossipus interruptus by stating she didn’t know if she could say anything more about it at the moment.

Wankus also decided he was going to out some “flakes” but none of his anecdotes threatened to crash the server. One of them included Mary Carey and Xanax which was hardly surprising. Carey had been announced as a possible guest for the show but that didn’t pan out.

Wankus also mentioned how Faith Dubois from Gold Star Modeling was supposed to have met him on Saturday, but long after she was due, got back to say she had been in a car accident and could they make it the next day. Then after one exchange of messages on Sunday, Wankus said he never heard from Dubois again. And then for reasons he didn’t really elaborate upon, Wankus also put Kinzie Kenner on the no-show list.

Then Adultcon’s Renaud West, who occupies a totally different list of Wankus’, supposedly sent out a press release, recently, stating that Wankus was a loser. Citing West’s repetitive wardrobe malfeasances, Wankus suggested this was the pot calling the kettle black. Thorne broke in to say that, whatever, Adultcon has been very, very good to her. To which Wankus cited an instance of Ramona Love getting hit in the face with a bottle by a fan at Adultcon.

Summers announced that she had just moved to “a nice area” of Chatsworth from Philadelphia, although she considers herself a Jersey girl.

“What makes it a nice area?” Wankus asked her. “There’s no toilets on the front lawn?”

Summers mentioned that she was also with Gold Star Modeling and would be appearing on their site, shortly, Summers also promoted a movie she shot for Jewel De’Nyle, titled, No Boys No Toys. Summers, who confines her on-screen activity to girl-girl scenes, says she hasn’t had a problem getting work.

Summers, who confessed to having a thing for football players, claimed she was a little freak in high school. She talked about how she lied about her age and wound up with a boyfriend aged 24. She said they went together for four years but he wound up breaking her heart. According to Summers, her family discovered she was in porn when she appreared in a Hustler layout and someone close to the family ratted her out.

“They’re religious,” she stated. And Summers was also told that she’d be disowned if her folks found out she was a lesbian. Noting that she grew up in an extreme Christian environment, Summers said she had to always be in church, although she found time to lose her virginity at the age of 14. The guy she was seeing at the time, kept telling her he had blue balls and played on her sympathies that way.

“And he was a football player,” she laughed, noting that they did it in the back of his jeep.

“It hurt.” At the same time, Summers admitted she loves cum and is a veritable Hoover vacuum cleaner.

According to Summers, her parents pretty much hate her now and continually urge her to get right with the Lord. Among her bad memories, she includes an instance where she walked in on her mother having sex with her father.

“Oh my God- my mother actually has sex.”

After hearing that story, Thorn said she always thought her father was a virgin. But living in Hawaii was her personal training camp for being a slut.

Summers also talked about the time she was on the Howard Stern show and appeared in an it’s just so wrong contest. Summers had to make out with a MILF who then got naked for her son.

“I sucked on her tits and French kissed her,” related Summers. Summers also mentioned the fact that her husband produces bondage titles and knew the guy who killed Natel King.

Another Philly girl, Jade Jolie, mentioned that she’s done about 20 scenes so far in the business. After seeing her tat work, Wankus described her as a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Joanna Angel with a little Melanie Griffith thrown in. Jolie said Angel put her in her first movie.

“I was a butt slut for her.” Jolie also declared that she was going to take over the world but didn’t mention exactly how she was going to go about doing that.

“And I’ve been sucking dick since I was 13,” she added.

“Still talking to your uncle?” Wankus wanted to know.

Jolie described her older sister as a prude and said her parents are also “hardcore Christians.” According to Jolie, the oldest guy she’s dated was 45. And she described her first sexual experience as being with a girl.

“We did it in church.” Jolie said she appears in mostly anal scenes, whereas Summers said she’s never tried it on camera or in her personal life. Jade said her mother knows she’s in porn and is okay with it. Her father, however, doesn’t know, and Wankus wanted to take care of that right on the air by calling him in Ohio.

At first Wankus thought he was talking to Jolie’s father. It turned out to be her step brother. He asked to talk to the father.

“He’s fuckin’ sleeping,” the step brother informed Wankus somewhat indelicately. Asked if he might wake the father up for this announcement, the step brother told Wankus, “Fuck you!”

When Wankus suggested anger management, the step brother repeated himself.

“Fuck you!” He hung up.

“You should talk to my mother,” laughed Summers. “She’s a minster!”


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