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Laila Mason, Symphony Bishop Visit KSEX- final

Porn Valley- With Sunny Lane off to the Bunny Ranch, presumably propagating like a rabbit, Lane’s co-host Jack Lawrence,, held down the hutch at KSEX,, Wednesday night.

By the end of the show, Lawrence, winner of a Best Oral Sex award was on his knees holding burial services for his face which was now in newcomer Laila Mason’s [pictured] crotch, with Lawrence showing her how he does tongue tricks.

Mason,, who’s repped by Spiegler Girls, is a strawberry blond, slender and extremely pretty. She’s explaining that it would be great if she got some action, considering she hadn’t been laid that day. Mason’s most prolific day to date in porn is when she worked for Brandon Iron on a recent Sunday and did nine different guys when the other girl cancelled.

Lawrence described how earlier in the day he had done a four hour scene, so it was anyone’s guess how much stamina he was packing. So far Lawrence has accumulated 54 such command performance scenes for his website. And Mason estimates that she’s been in 10 to 15 of her own since she started in the business. So far, there’s no one on her no list, other than anal. Mason doesn’t do it.

A professional dancer before she got into porn, Mason, 20, announces that she wears an 8 1/2 shoe. In case, one supposes, a potenial sugar daddy decides to send her a gift pair of Manolo Blahniks. In a spirit of free exchange, Mason also announces that her boyfriend’s Chef Jeff, a former KSEX peejay.

“Our sex life is amazing but I miss him,” she adds. “He’s doing my website for me.”

According to Mason, Jeff was the one to introduce her to Spiegler. Hearing that, Lawrence says he’s got a lot of respect for Jeff.

“I was bummed out from my divorce but Jeff took me on a pussy hunt.”

Also on tap was the brand spanking new Symphony Bishop who’s just joined up with Erotic Star Models, www.eroticstarmodels. Her 34 D’s straining mightily against her blouse, Bishop, wearing blue denim shorts which were also busting at the seams of her ebony ass, has a rural Georgia dirt road sexuality about her. If not a glistening smile that points magnetic north. Bishop’s so new, she hasn’t even been before the camera yet and some of that nervousness showed.

But don’t think Lawrence wasn’t trying,. Bishop explains that she’s just doing g-g scenes for now, that she’s shy but working her way up. Except it wasn’t Lawrence’s pant leg that she’s working. Bishop, likewise, admits she’s never eaten pussy, and so she’s really breaking in the hard way. With some of these obstacles tossed into the conversation, Lawrence described it as fucking a guy who doesn’t show up to the house.

Au contraire, says Bishop. She likes having sex.

“And I’ve had double stuff in the privacy of my home.”

In any event, Bishop, 25, explained that she attended several Erotica LA events before making up her mind about the industry. Lawrence thinks that Bishop is a “sweet, sweet girl,” and Bishop talks about how she enjoys walking around her apartment all day naked. Bishop,likewise, makes an interesting comment to the fact that she doesn’r swallow. But it’s the reason why she doesn’t that makes it sound funny.

“I might throw up,” she says, noting that she’s allergic to Cream of Wheat and jizz reminds her of that.

Also guesting on the show was Sean Hart of Dirty Rich Pictures. Hart, who’s 25, apparently shot a movie in which Lawrence pulls the first fainting spell from behind a Halloween mask. Lawrence was humping Penny Lane.

“I fell over like a tree,” said Lawrence as the clip played. “I was denying I passed out.”

Lawrence described the condition as hypoxia- one that’s evidently brought on by wearing a George Bush mask during the shooting of a sex scene. [About six years Tom Zupko shot one in which actors wearing Bush and Reagan masks sodomize the Statue of Liberty.]

For perpetrating his own Bush atrocity, Hart imagined that if he gets sniped one day, everyone will know why.

“But if you actually think that’s George Bush, you’re a retard and you can go drown yourself,” Hart laughs.

Watching Lawrence keel over during the scene, Hart comments, “I’ve seen this 38,000 times and I laugh out loud every time.”

Hart was in town to cut a distribution deal for the movie.


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