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Conversations with Laila Mason – final

Porn Valley- Porn newcomer Laila Mason, who started her career in Arizona a month ago, got some nice press recently from, the first porn company she ever worked with.

Mason found an ad for them in the back of a newspaper to do some modeling.

“I started working for them and did three shoots,” she says. “Then David, the guy I was shooting for, tried to find me more work with other people. And he introduced me to Chef Jeff. I did one shoot for him. Then we drove out to LA so he could introduce me to Mark Spiegler.”

Mason, who’s now repped by Spiegler,, got some work right away when Spiegler booked her with Triangle Films.

“The next week I then flew out here and signed with Spiegler,” she says. “And I’ve been living with him. I’ve been here for a week now.”

Mason was born in Scotland and was “internationally adopted” when she was 7 1/2 and has been living in Arizona ever since.

As a kid Mason was theatrically oriented and appeared in a lot of musicals and dance recitals.

According to Mason, it was a youth-version of Broadway and Hollywood.

“We did imitations of all the Broadway and Hollywood plays,” she explains. “I was in Annie, Fiddler on the Roof…I do have some vocal training, but, naturally, I am not a good singer. So, typically, when I had lead roles they would alter the songs so it would be funny and more like a comedy.”

Mason did that for 10 or 11 years until the woman, who headed the organization, went on to work for Disney.

“Then I concentrated on college,” she says. “I really needed the money and I got this job to be a professional dance instructor in Arizona. But because that wouldn’t start for a few more weeks, I took the job with ExploitedCollegeGirls and everything just happened so quick with that.”

Mason says never in a million years would she think she’d be in porn.

“No way- but now that I’m in it, I love it,” she says. “I would never have guessed. I watched pornos in my personal life with an ex boyfriend but was always very bashful.” As a couple, Mason said she and her boyfriend pretty much shared the same tastes in their porn watching.

“I’m a real horndog, I like sex, so when we watched porn we liked to get down and dirty with it,” she says. But I wasn’t really watching it thinking I’m going to have a job in this some day. I didn’t think of it like that.”

The first time she had sex was when she was 16.

“It was with my best friend,” she states. “He was older than me and I was his 18th birthday present. Like the whole week prior, he’d been talking about how he was going out with his friends to a strip club to get laid. And so he stopped by my house before he went out that night to pick up a present I bought for him. I also bought him a card and put a condom inside as a joke, go get laid. He thought it meant that I wanted to have sex with him, so next thing I know he’s got the condom on. I’m, like, fuck it. I might as well lose it to my best friend than anybody else.”

As unforeseen as those circumstances were, Mason thought it was a pretty good experience.

And then her first time in front of a camera really wasn’t her first time.

“I had done some stuff before for personal use,” she laughs. “My first scene for ExploitedCollegeGirls was just put up on Thursday. And you can tell by all my facial expressions I was really nervous and uncomfortable. But since I’ve been with Spiegler I’ve worked with some really great people. It’s been fun. It’s been a blast.”

Then for Triangle Films, Mason worked with Justine Jolie.

“It was absolutely awesome,” she recalls. “Justine and I got along fabulously. We had a great time. It was excellent.”

“She’s pretty crazy- did the scene go in that direction?”

“It didn’t get wild,” Mason replies. “It was more like I was playing the girl next door. It was pretty mild but we had a blast. It was 45 minutes of straight sex.”

In her repertoire, Mason covers g/g, b/g, b/b/g, interracial but she does not do anal.

“I’ve only tried that once and it was alright, but I’m just not ready for that,” she notes. “I’d rather wait on that.” Mason also talks about a scene she did for Redlight that had her with Jon Strong and Sascha.

“It was great- I was really nervous because it was two boys; they tossed me around quite a bit but it was fun. I enjoyed myself and I think it’s going to be a really great scene.”

Mason has no complaints so far but is asked what happens if Broadway comes calling.

“I’m not sure,” she chuckles. “If they do, I’ll decide then and let everyone know. But I think I’ll stick with this for awhile.”

Asked if her adopted family had any inkling what she was up to, Mason says they don’t speak.

“I kind of lost contact with them,” she replies. “My mom and dad broke up a long time ago when I was 11, and my dad stopped talking to us then. And then my mom and I drifted our own ways. We never really got along that well We really don’t talk that much any more. So they don’t know.”

Mason, who hasn’t talked to her mother for a year and a half, pretty much went on her own when she was 14 1/2.

“We had some communication then- I wasn’t like a runaway or nothing,” she says. “But we never really got along. We couldn’t live together.”


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