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Arrow Throws Industry Wing-Ding

Universal City – In a week where Lisa Ann got a tit job, it was billed as a Deep Throat,, fashion show and party. And Arrow Productions’s Robert Interlandi was, well, dressed to the height of Deep Throat Fashion. Interlandi was wearing a one-of-a-kind shirt with a huge Deep Throat X emblazoned with film frames across the front of it. One of a kind in the sense that Arrow elected to sue the company that was making them because they didn’t have a license to do so.

But every thing Tuesday night was sanctioned and square as Arrow rolled out the red carpet for the industry at the Sheraton Universal Roof Garden. As part of the Adult Novelty Show which is ending Wednesday, the occasion, emceed by Bill Margold, was to announce Arrow’s licensing deal with Charades Costume Company. In addition to a pretty substantial Halloween costume catalogue of its own, Charades will be introducing novelty wear from four of Arrow’s classic movies which besides Deep Throat includes “Devil In Miss Jones”, “Candy Stripers” and “Debbie Does Dallas”.

Interlandi’s father, Paul, the guy who restored Deep Throat to its current DVD state, made sure that everyone attending the party got a four-pack of those movies.

As one of the models for the evening, Sunny Lane, with her ice skater’s legs, was decked out in red fuck-me-pumps and a curve accentuating white nurse’s outfit. With an ass that Blue Cross would welcome to cover, Sunny was drawing lots of attention, and it was pretty obvious why that was. Dr. X was snapping pictures of Lane snuggling with actor Jeff Conaway. Conaway who was something of a habitue at Porn Star Karaoke on Tuesday nights might have been unaware that Sardo’s was celebrating it’s third anniversary of PSK at the same moment. I’m told that Leather Face from Texas Chainsaw Massacre was also in the crowd but that Kane Hodder- Jason from Friday the 13th- didn’t make it.

“Stiffed us” is the phrase I believe someone used.

Mr. Marcus scrunches his face as he walks into the Roof garden area. Marcus has seen the postings on the ‘Net about his allegedly fathering Calli Cox’s love child.

“How libelous is that?” Marcus is saying with a shrug of his shoulders.

Robert Interlandi was less irritated by Dragonfly’s blatant attempts to cash in on Deep Throat, however.

“What they did was, they scanned our box and put it on a T-shirt,” he said. “They also did Debbie Does Dallas, Tell ‘Em Johnny Wadd Was Here and a few others. And so we gave them a cease and desist order. It stopped it. Ray Pistol said I’ll give you a licensing deal, just pay me. They said no. Okay, so we’ll sue you. And they had to stop.”

Calling Arrow the Disney of the porn industry, Interlandi remembered seeing something about George Lucas on the A&E Channel.

“He said he made more money off of licensing Star Wars than the actual movie, so that got me thinking,” said Interlandi.

Because Arrow couldn’t sell any movies at the AVN show, for Interlandi it became a matter of searching out other ways to promote the Arrow name. And the brouhaha with Dragonfly plus the comments Lucas made about licensing indicated that T-shirts and costumes seemed to be the most logical way to go. And there’s the fact that Halloween costumes are becoming very popular adult novelty items.

“What Star Wars has, I want,” said Interlandi. “If they have costumes, I want costumes. If they’re doing playing cards, I want playing cards. My theory is we can license everything.”

Interlandi talks about a deal he did with Bang On which has 150 stores in malls in Canada and the northwest.

“They press the covers of our boxes on T-shirts, as well as our old movie posters,” Interlandi explains. “I liked the name of the company and thought this would be a good fit. They have 60 of our titles they’re going to put on T-shirts. The deal is signed and they’re already working on it.”

As far as the Charades costume deal goes, Interlandi predicts that the Arrow name will be everywhere. The Linda Lovelace outfit which Sunny Lane was modeling comes in something like 15 different styles, says Interlandi.

“And then there’s the male version based on what Harry reams wore in the movie. The Debbie Does Dallas cheerleader outfit comes with a cowboy hat and pom-poms; there’s a candy striper nurse outfit and a Devil in Miss Jones devil’s costume.

“So far people can’t believe how good of an idea this is,” says Interlandi. “They can’t believe how original it is and they all want to stock it in their stores. Oh, we got to get this for Halloween. We have the perfect iconic characters for it. People when they see the Debbie Does Dallas cheerleader outfit, they’re going to know what it is. I saw that movie- it was funny. Girls dressing up like sluts for Halloween is the perfect fit.”


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