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Ashley Blue Talks about JM Contract

Porn Valley- Ashley Blue- – was on the Sports Swami show Friday- on, until that is, the show got hiccuped off the air and some automated voice came on telling you you’re no longer receiving the broadcast due to a temporary network issue.

But here’s the portion of the show that aired in which Swami kept asking Blue rambling questions and Blue asking him, in return what the question was.

Swami opened the discussion with Blue winning the Performer of the Year award and the fact that Blue just signed a contract with JM Productions.

“I’m going to be directing my own movie next month,” said Blue. Swami then wanted to know why Blue signed with JM and not someone like Wicked Pictures or Anabolique [sic].

“Wicked never would have offered me a contract,” Blue said frankly. “It doesn’t matter because it isn’t really my style of movies. And lot of the smaller companies don’t have contract girls. And if they do, they get paid shit. JM, they’re really great. I’ve been doing the Gilvert movies for them for about a year. They’re buying me a car and giving me a salary. It’s really good. I don’t think anybody else would have done that.”

Swami saw Blue winning her award as one of a dark horse. Blue said she was completely shocked, didn’t expect it and was tongue-tied. “I was scared to go up there,” she said. “I was taken aback.” Swami wanted to know what it takes to become an anal queen. “That looks painful from my point of view,” he said. “If you have something shoved up there that doesn’t belong there- the scenes are long.” Swami wanted to know a typical day when Blue has to do anal.

Blue said it’s not painful. “[Not] If you’re really sexually aroused and turned on by it and know how to do it,” Blue responded. “The blood vessels around your anus start get filled up and things start to feel good. It’s not like something like two virgins could just go ahead and make each other happy that way. It’s something you have to learn how to do. It’s like learning how to have an orgasm. It’s like learning how to use your G-spot.”

Swami pointed to the contradictory aspects of Blue winning Performer of the Year yet not winning Best New Starlet. “I think I was really, really close to winning that award,” she said. “But it probably was politics. I don’t know how to explain that one. But that was the one I thought I was going to win. But I’m not disappointed.”

Swami also noted that Blue has a new love in her life- Johnni Darko- and that she dropped Trent “Torso.” Blue was asked why Darko was the love of her life. “He’s like the best man in my life- that I’ve ever met,” Blue answered. Blue said she could give a million reasons why she loved Darko, but Swami asked for five. Blue said she couldn’t put it into words. “It’s not that simple.” Nevertheless, Blue said she and Darko were a perfect match.

Blue was asked how she found time to maintain both a professional life and a relationship. “A lot of people get burned out with website duties, with directing duties, performing duties then try to go home and become the girlfriend/lover/soulmate. That’s like five jobs in one.”

Blue said her web master handles all the content aspects. “That’s something we do together.” Blue said with her contract, she’ll only be doing three scenes a month. “And that leaves me a lot of time to be normal,” she laughed. Blue said her website has been redesigned. “It’s like ten million times better than what it was.” Blue said in the beginning she didn’t know anything about websites and the first person she hired in the beginning “really sucked.”

“He did a horrible job designing it,” she went on to say. “It was completely elementary.” Blue said it was something a six grader could do. He didn’t do the things I asked. He didn’t put the content up that I asked. I felt it was really bad. Then I got this really great person to do it and design it. It’s been a great improvement.”

Blue was asked what factor Bridgette Kerkove- played in getting her jobs in the industry. Blue said Kerkove was a great friend but didn’t think they owed each other anything. “I’m friends with her not because of politics but because she’s a great person.”

Swami kept insisting on calling Trent Tesoro, Trent Torso and asked Blue about all the Internet publicity surrounding it- and how her life is being allegedly exposed to anti-porn people. Blue said it was all fine with her, that it doesn’t change anything. “I’m not afraid of what I’ve done and who I am or who I really am. It doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t care.”


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