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Ashley Licks Interviewed- 10/30/05

Porn Valley- Ashley Licks, was a guest on The Wanker Show Friday night. Licks is in town from the east coast and is being repped by L.A. Direct Models. This is her second time out in L.A. Licks, who’s from the Bronx. just moved to Fort Lee New Jersey.

Wankus who lived in the Bronx observed that it’s not the Bronx any more.

“It’s pretty fucked up,” he said. “Soon as you pass the orange and yellow awnings you know you’re in a bad spot.” laughing, Licks had to agree with that assessment. Noting that Fort Lee was near Alpine, Wankus said the president of Revlon lives there. And when he was a kid repairing furniture Wankus was sent to the house.

“You’ve seen it in movies- Kingpin- they go to this guy’s house. That’s the president of Revlon’s house. He’s got a bowling alley in the basement; he’s got a three-tier pool with waterfalls going in the next one. It’s one of those houses where you walk in and feel dirty, like I shouldn’t touch anything.”

Wankus said some day he promised himself to retire in Alpine, New Jersey. As for Fort Lee, Wankus noted that it was more of a retirement community. Licks suspected that she was probably the only porn star living there.

“Possible,” said Wankus including the fact that there’s probably a couple of GILF’s living there. Asked if she did much shooting there, Licks said the east coast was trying to re-establish a name in the business but it didn’t sound like she was. When Licks mentioned that she was with L.A. Direct, Wankus said he had booked an L.A. Direct girl for his Wednesday night show except Ben English cancelled the appearance because he wasn’t informed of it.

“But we re-scheduled her for next week- it’s all good.” Wankus said he called the office to schedule another girl and asked to speak to English. He was told that English was on another line can he call back. Wankus relayed the following exchange:

“Yeah, but just give him a message- I want to have Savanna on my show- oh I can’t give him the message? I’ll just tell him you called. Can’t you just tell him I called and want to have Savanna. He doesn’t do things that way. He just wants to know who called and he’ll call you back. Okay. Everybody has their system- I can’t mock his.”

Asked if she was getting a lot of work, Licks said she just started with the agency and has only shot one scene this trip out.

Licks was asked about her yes and nos.

“Derek likes to have his girls do as much as possible,” observed Wankus. As of right now, Licks said she doesn’t do anal. Wankus said that was okay, to save your ass for last, if possible.

“Maybe in another life,” Licks laughed.

“I love boy-girl; I love girls,” Licks sighed, noting that she was also down for orgies. Wankus asked about the last time she was in L.A. At that time, Licks did some scenes for West Coast Productions including one scene with two guys. Licks said the West Coast guys have pretty big cocks. The scene was shot in a beautiful home.

“It was really wild.” Wankus asked Licks how she made the decision to come into porn. Licks had been an exotic dancer for three years and danced at a club called Rendezvous, describing it as a big, urban upscale club which attracted rappers.

Wankus said a lot of men’s clubs won’t allow hip-hop to be played to keep that element away. Licks said the club would attract all nationalities but on Tuesday night it was the brothas. After that, Licks got approached to shoot some “artistic” nudes. She liked the idea of being on camera. Licks said she’s always watched porn, as well.

“But as a black actress I thought I could really stand out here in some way.” Wankus said there weren’t too many popular black superstars.

“As far as females, there’s not a lot of big black stars right now,” said Wankus who brought Flexx, who’s on the 5pm Friday slot, back on the show to talk about it. Wankus said Flexx would like to see some women from the black community enjoying similar status to a Jenna Jameson. Licks said that was her goal as well. Wankus observed that Flexx has a company called Nubian X and tried for years to inspire girls to push themselves in the business.

“But after years of pushing girls you told me you got frustrated and sick of it,” Wankus said, addressing Flexx. “They would blow it.” Flexx agreed, stating that a lot of girls weren’t dedicated and focused enough.

“It would take more than just laying on your back for every scene,” observed Flexx. “You’ve got to be willing to sit there and throw your name out. To be frank, a lot of the girls- a lot of the black girls- they’re, like, hey, the check. They’re just trying to get that check. That’s it.”

Wankus also suspected that the scenes you choose have something to do with it.

“Tyler [Faith] was talking to a girl- I’m not going to mention the name- at karaoke the other day,” Wankus continued. “What happened she was talking to Tyler about all the scenes she did- I do d.p., I do this; I did an orgy, I had 18 dicks in my ass- she said to Tyler, it’s really hard to become a big star like you. Tyler’s going, look at the scenes you’re shooting. Do you want to be a lead star or do you just want to get paid? You want to be the lead star or in the top 20 or top 10, you can’t be doing all kinds of gangbangs and d.p.’s.”

Wankus described Jenna as passion and class and asked when was the last time you saw her in an orgy. Co-ho Katie Morgan added that porn has a standard.

“There’s a path to destruction and a path to success,” Flexx added, remembering one girl who had potential to be a superstar. He evidently warned her against doing those kinds of scenes. Wankus said you basically have to design a star from the ground up.

“I told this girl don’t do shit,” Flexx added. “She hadn’t done porn or anything yet. When you come out to L.A., call me. By the time she got here she had already done four or five scenes with West Coast Productions.” Flexx told the girl she was fucked and he let her go. Wankus warned Licks that if she falls into the hardcore niche it wasn’t likely that she’d be the subject of an E! special unless she fucked some celebrity.

Asked if her family knew what she was up to, Licks hesitated just enough.

“Somewhat,” she said, mentioning that she got a call from a cousin, that her brother was looking for her having seen one of her videos. Wankus suspected that was a shocker to see your sister getting fucked.

“Obviously the whole family now knows what you do,” Wankus laughed. Licks said her family knows that she does dancing and is in the magazines. “But they don’t know about porn.” Wankus suggested at this point she might as well tell them she’s sucking cock.

“Don’t worry- I’m being safe. “Just get it out.” Licks didn’t see anything wrong with it. Wankus said as far as his own mother’s concerned, he’s a porn star even though he technically isn’t. He told Licks because the mainstream won’t make distinctions, she might as well cop to it. Licks said she was pro-porn and can give you all kinds of reasons why to be in the industry.

“Jesus loves porn stars, too,” she laughed. Morgan thought that would be a great slogan for a T-shirt.

Licks said she’ll probably be in town for another week but doesn’t generally stay too long to keep from burning out.

“This is my second time out, and I haven’t shot a lot- that’s by choice.” Licks said the first time she was out, everyone was trying to talk her into anals and d.p.’s

“No way,” she said


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