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Ashlynn Brooke to Appear on CBS’ “The Unit”

Porn Valley- Sometimes it’s nice to hear a porn performer just engage in level headed, casual conversation. And that was the case when Jew Hefner had New Sensations contract girl Ashlynn Brooke on KSEX this past week. [No one curls up on a couch barefooted better than Brooke.]

The chat ranged from Brooke’s interest in the paranormal to oceanography and somewhere in between to include her present relationship. Brooke’s currently seeing Tommy Gunn but the only specific reference throughout the show was to “Tommy.”

Brooke talked about how she had gone to Florida recently to visit a friend but that there were “housing issues” apparently caused by the friend’s girlfriend.

“I was going to chill,” explained Brooke, and the game plan was to stay at the friend’s condo. Except the girlfriend pitched some kind of birch and Brooke would up staying at different hotels.

“It was a gypsy trip,” she laughed. “It was my mistake- I never should have depended on anyone.”

Brooke, who just turned 22 in August, had lived in Miami for about eight months when she first got into the business. After falling in love with porn and getting her toes wet, she moved to California. Asked how Miami compares to Porn Valley, Brooke said it was still small potatoes but that a lot of Internet shooting goes on there.

There, Brooke did a lot of fetish work, particularly foot and pantyhose vids. Asked if she ever got cramps doing “foot jobs,” Brooke said no, even though she was more flexible when she was in gymnastics. Which she did for 14 years.

Brooke had also been a cheerleader since the fourth grade, but by the time she reached junior high and high school she remembered practice sessions that would go from 5 to 7 in the morning; then after school for another couple of hours.

“But I loved it,” she says. “I was on three different squads at a time.” Brooke first had sex at the age of 14 then engaged in it regularly by the time she was 16.

Throughout her life, Brooke’s always tended to have long relationships.

“I’m the relationship-type,” she says. But at the same time, she said she was never bound by a relationship’s constraints.

“Please don’t tell me I can’t do anything,” she continues. “I’m not into bound and tied relationships.”

Brooke said when the partnerships start getting stressful that’s when she’ll quit. Brooke was asked if the partnership in her present relationship [that would mean Gunn] goes, how would she take it. For one thing, Brooke said she isn’t a text-happy stalker.

“I’ll hurt but I have to be mature,” she answered. “I would like to keep his friendship. But our chemistry- you can’t touch it with anything.”
Brooke’s been in the relationship four months.

“It’s pretty new but it’s gotten serious,” she adds. And now that it’s ventured into the swinging lifestyle, Brooke likes it even better. Brooke says she and Gunn watch each other’s sex scenes. From some of the things she was saying, Hefner asked if she was an egotist.

“I bet you have a picture of yourself in your wallet,” he laughs. Brooke said she didn’t but the fact that the she and Gunn watch each other’s scenes keeps the relationship fresh. She and Gunn met in Exotica Miami.

Hefner remembered the time Gunn sponsored him in a Vegas poker tournament.
“He put the money up.”

Hefner then talked to Brooke about the up coming AEE show in January. Hefner, who also works for New Sensations, said the company instead of shelling out $100,000 for a booth [“it’s a waste of money”] now takes a suite instead , as do a lot of other companies.

“It makes more sense,” said Hefner. To which Brooke said she likes the idea of having more freedom to walk the show and network. Last January was her first show and she recalled meeting several companies including New Sensations. In fact that was the first company she talked to about a possible contract.

“Scott [Taylor] was easy to talk to,” she says. The way Brooke tells the story, Taylor saw her very first cover and said, “find her.” Brooke talks about how she was doing a scene for someone in a hotel which turned out to be a “private.”

“Then I got the call- I was thrilled to meet Scott,” she went on to say.

“He was very well spoken and not full of crap. He didn’t bullshit me. We were on the same page. I like the company and the way they do business.”

Brooke also recalled having shot a scene prior to signing with New Sensations in which she worked with Eric Everhard. She also recalled showing up with a bruised butt from a sleepwalking incident. [Brooke’s a somnambule.] Brooke explained that it was for Vince Voyeur’s Who’s That Girl 3.

According to Brooke, another one of her best selling movies is Fresh Out of High School.

Hefner said Brooke gets a lot of comparisons to Bree Olson and is often confused with her.

“She’s not a bad person to be compared to,” Brooke concedes and says it’s probably more so in photographs. However, Brooke said their respective body types are different and that, side by side, you could see there was a marked dissimilarity.

“It can be frustrating when you’re seeking individuality, though,” Brooke, however, notes. She also gets Britney Spears comparisons.

“But let’s get real,” adds Brooke who has not worked with Olson much, less likely, Spears.

Although she tends to shoot gonzo scenes for the most part, Brooke says Ashlynn Goes to College is her first foray into a scripted project. Hefner wanted to know if Gunn, who shoots a lot of those, helped her with it.

“He was in it with me,” she notes. “And I did a scene with him. It was in a limo and he was the limo driver.”

Hefner then played the trailer from the movie Addicted 3: Addicted Forever. Brooke has a scene with Mark Davis. Hefner thought that Davis looked like wrestler John Cena. And Brooke also has a scene with Sammi Rhodes. Miles Long’s the director, and Brooke describes him as a perfectionist. According to Brooke, save for a couple of setbacks, it was a pretty fluid shoot.

“It was shot at the Frank Lloyd Wright house,” she says, noting that Long was blowing breakers but Brooke suspected it was more because of the house’s history. Brooke’s under the impression that Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia was murdered there.

“I do believe in the paranormal,” states Brooke.

“I think it’s [the paranormal] bullshit,” says Hefner.

Brooke claims that from the age of 2 she had Sixth Sense experiences and had an imaginary friend named Emily who may not have been imaginary. Brooke said that was also about the time she began sleepwalking and would talk gibberish in her sleep. Brooke also has vivid dreams and premonitions, but her ex-husband scoffed at them. Particularly when she began picking up energies in their house in Oklahoma.

Except Brooke didn’t say what they were but that her husband warned her about opening the floodgates.

On lighter fare, Brooke said she was a Sooners fan and followed both the Green Bay Packers and Cowboys in the NFL.

Hefner asked about her experiences on the road with fans, and Brooke described it as a humbling experience. Especially how they know facts about her down to the minor detail, she said. Although she hasn’t been geographically close to Oklahoma for signings [she’s been to New Mexico, El Paso, Las Vegas and Ohio], Brooke was able to meet an old friend out in Denver recently for the Adult Film Stars Ball.

“He had a blast,” she said.

Asked how her contract was working out for her, Brooke calls it a complete blessing.

“Shooting a lot is not necessarily a good thing,” she says, notin that she works a couple of times a week. “I’ve been traveling a lot. All my movies are great.”

Brooke was of the feeling that having a contract is geared more towards stability. Although she’d like to direct, Brooke admits she wouldn’t patience behind a camera.

“If I picked up a camera, people would get shit,” she laughs.

While she’s not going to Berlin this year because she didn’t get a passport in time, Brooke says she’s got enough to keep her busy here and called her recent trip to Ohio a breath of fresh air.

“It was like home, but northern.”

Hefner wanted to know what it was like dealing with fame.

“It’s been a very good experience,” Brooke answers, noting that people have told her she brings a fresh new look and attitude to the business. Brooke also made a point that, contrary to some Hollywood gossip sites, she had not been dating Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Brooke said they met at Porn Star Karaoke and that he asked her to attend dinner with some other friends.

“He was well mannered,” she says. “It was good- it was solid fun. He never hit on me.”

Hefner brought up the photograph of them together which appeared on TMZ. Brooke now suspects it was a set up and someone was probabloy tipped off.

“It looked like you were holding hands,” said Hefner. According to Brooke, such was not the case, that they went to Joseph’s in Hollywood on a Monday night.

“How many times do you see press hanging out there on a Monday night?” she asks. “But being in the public eye was cool.”

And Brooke just shot for The Unit on CBS where she’s a dancer in a club. She expects that episode to show up in a couple of weeks. While Brooke didn’t want to knock the mainstream, she thinks there’s way too many cooks on a shoot whereas the adult industry shoots economically and with streamlined crews.

“It was crazy, insane.”

Except Brooke doesn’t think she’d ever want to make a crossover, although she had people on The Unit set coming up to her saying they recognized her.

“But the people in the mainstream don’t like us,” Brooke reflects. “I don’t think we’re legitimate actors or have legitimate jobs. I’d like to see some of these other people do what we do.”

As Hefner serenaded her with a little pre-recorded Elvis, Brooke talked about some of her present projects including a reality series where she picks up people at random and has sex with them.

“It’s people I know,” she admits. “We have fun anyway.”

Brooke, who says she’s been “bi” as long as she can remember, also travels to Tampa this week to attend the Tampa Show where she’s nominated for Best New Starlet.

She also notes that her site will be up soon. Hefner wondered if she was going to offer anything unusual.

“Let’s get it launched and see what happens,” she answers.

Among her favorite TV shows, Brooke enjoys CSI Nevada and Miami. And among her interests is oceanography.

“It’s science fiction for real,” she adds. Brooke also took a course to learn skydiving but never continued with it. And Brooke says she’s also prone to having panic attacks.

“It’s been the most terrible, horrifying feeling,” she adds. “But I’ve been able to make it without medication. It’s not fun.” Brooke says she’s also had attacks while on set.

“It was more so earlier when I thought I could handle everything and that I was a superwoman,” she observes. “But now it’s a lot different.”

Hefner wondered if she’d ever consider doing a MILF movie.

“MILF movies are not going to happen,” she states flatly.


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