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Asia Carrera Controversy Continues

Asia Carrera posts on her website: “Trying to pull myself together and take care of business today, put Don’s bank accounts on hold (his ATM and credit cards are impounded with the destroyed vehicle and I don’t know who can get to them), talked to some of his business partners about trying to keep his business continuing without him somehow, and I made a down payment on a nice little used car with a new car seat for Catty so we can get around town and try to take care of things the best we can.

I’m using the money in the paypal account to buy this car, so I thank each and every one of you who donated money from the bottom of my heart. Please, if you can spare it, I have no pride, I’m scared and I’m asking for your help – please donate a lot or a little to me, Catty, and my unborn son Devin, due August 11th, to my Paypal Account, use address [email protected] (that’s asiaC, not just asia). I’m so scared that I won’t be able to handle this newborn baby all by myself, along with Catty… I’m socially phobic, living alone in a state where I know nobody, afraid to leave the house by myself, without Don… every day is going to be such a huge struggle for the rest of my life. God this whole thing just breaks my heart, what happened to the perfect family I had a week ago? I was so in love, I woke up each day grateful to have such a good life, and in an instant… it’s all gone. Don, I miss you, I need you, I don’t know how I’m going to do this alone… *cry cry cry*

The Asia Carrera thread continues on ADT.

> Baggio posts: As far as the story I beleive it. As far as sending donations, sorry I’ll pass.

I’ve been saying for years that these girls don’t make any “real” money to survive on. Now this proves my point. And this porn star is suppossed to one the most popular and succesful ones. Plus with a husband who had a job too.

Again, Sorry but I’ll pass.

> niterunner writes: I don’t buy the story. She has given no reason, that has confirmed this story. just because it makes doesn’t make it true. It says the police confirmed, what police? I haven’t seen a police report, it seems like Asia’s words. Most of the article on seems like Asia speaking. Not a source really confirming his death. It didn’t take long for the media to report on Anna Malle. And what about the lady in the porn who made a snuff film who was killed, she wasn’t well known and the media picked up on it.

When someone dies in such a tragic way, like Asia’s husband did (car flips over), it usually makes the news. Famous or not. I have checked the local tv news stations in Vegas, and there are no reports on this incident.

Maybe in the coming days, Asia can confirm this incident with a news article, press, obituary, police report etc. So far it is just word of mouth, and I don’t believe it.

> niterunner adds: As soon as this happened, Asia went on her own website and asked for donations. Asia herself, has said she has been financially successful in the industry. I find it odd, that you think of paypal right after the incident.

By now, there would of been some kind of proof this incident happened, maybe Asia should release it. So people won’t question her. And then let the donations pour in. If it did, I would buy a few autographs from her site.

> my adult groups writes: If it is true, she has my condolences, however, this bulletin and the prior one she wrote just do not sound ‘right’. Something seems off. The most current bulletin reads like a paperback fiction excerpt from women’s magazine. Its as if it were written specifically to evoke sympathy. I always perceived Asia as being ‘smart’. Could that itself have been a facade?

Isn’t it odd that they only had one car? Most couples have two cars, his and hers.

> the unknown pervert writes: There is nothing wrong with wanting confirmation of this. Ask anyone with a background in journalism one source does not make a story you need confirmation from 2 or more different sources otherwise all you have is rumor and heresay. This may come as a shock to some people but you can’t believe everything you read on the internet or any other media source (for further explanation talk to some relatives of the West Virginia coal miners). The only one being an ass in this thread is Shotgun Styles (save it for an thread on interracial sex not one on possible fatal car crashes SS).

>irinotecan writes: As many have pointed out, it is odd that she flaunted herself as a stock whiz and very successfull porn star, only to be suddenly crying poverty now. A couple of thoughts:

I believe this is genuine, and not a scam: Asia has run that website for close to 10 years, and I highly doubt that if this was a hacker, that the message would still be up.

I believe that Asia’s current state of mind should be taken into consideration with her request for donations: She just lost a husband, has been unemployed for 3 years, is 8 months pregnant, has a 1-year old, and is probably unemployable for the near future, beyond what small revenue she can make through her website. Combine that with the fact that she had no life insurance policy, and she lost her only automobile in the crash, and I can see where a state of panic might initially set in that would cause her to grieve and beg in the same breath.

As to what happened to all her supposed money she made from lucrative porn contracts and stock investments:

First, I believe it’s been pointed out that she and her husband at some point moved to Hawaii, and then moved back, citing expenses. That double move might have eaten up a fair amount of her savings, though not enough to drive her to the poorhouse.

Second, she may have lost a lot in the markets: her FAQ says she was heavy into Mutual Funds, and I know that the whole Mutual Fund sector took a huge hit when the dot com bubble burst in 2000 and ’01.

Third: I would not be at all surprised if her husband convinced her to invest a significant portion of her savings into his business. A business that was based in large part on the brand of his name, and now may very well not survive.

So, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that she might be genuinely panicked about her financial situation, and her begging for money may be a manifestation of her grief and confusion.

> Ordell writes: Right. Lemmon is a well-known nutritionist and was successful long before meeting Asia. Asia has never once even come CLOSE to behaving in such a manner. And now he’s gonna wreck his rep and she’s gonna throw it all away for what? Some Paypal donations? Healthy cynicism is a good thing, but yours is sickening.

>N3TD writes:Honestly this sounds like a scam for free money..I’m not trying to be harsh or anything but these are facts:

1. No Life Insurance Policy? This is totally absurd. For someone so damn smart. (remember she’s a member of Mensa) No way someone that smart can’t have life insurance to cover them in case something happens to either one of them.

2. She claims to be unemployed? How is this possible? She runs her own website which generates tons of cash. So collecting money from your own website that you run makes you unemployed? That’s total bs.

3. There seems to be no sorrow on her behalf to her deceased husband. Where’s the emotion and sorrow?

4. I almost forgot this..and this is the most important part..Let’s just say he had no life insurance policy. (EVEN THIS GUY IS A VERY ESTABLISHED PERSON IN THE BUSINESS WORLD) He does have car no matter what she will be getting a significant amount of money.

I gotta be really dumb to give a dime to a suspicious cry for help. Post the Death Certificate since you practically posted everything else already. No proof = no money ..NO EXCUSES.

>niterunner adds: Asia and James Frey would make a good pair. Both are good at writing fiction. And both are liars.Still no proof he died on her bulletin, just Asia wanting money.

>skronker writes: I love how passionately some folks want to jump in and annihilate this woman, as if she was some undesirable second cousin who might drop by and raid the pantry for a few cans of commodity meat. No one personally came by ADT begging for your money. Although the tone of the web plea has an odd ring to it, and I can’t find any obits in the Las Vegas or Utah papers (at least online), it’s all more or less hearsay. Maybe it’s wiser to suspend judgment for a little while and see what happens. Even if you’re right, you still come off like an asshole, and it has zero impact on your life anyway so who cares?

>niterunner comments: No, need to suspend judgement. If this happened there would be some kind of info proving he is no longer alive. It doesn’t take weeks to show that someone died.

>niterunner continues: Asia also has an advandage to “fake” the story. If she was a mainstream star, this could be easily verified. Since, its not we may never know for sure people may just go on her word and will continue to donate. Its a convenient scam. Even though Anna Malle’s death was reported some could say, Asia is the star, so why would her husbands death be reported. It is a bad decison that AVN reports this, because it looks verified. I hope they make some sort of retraction. You are right it doesn’t affect me, but it is not ethical to steal either. If Asia wants donations from her fans, the least she can do is show some kind of proof he is no longer living. She is yet to do that. Y’all act like a bunch of housewives sitting at the beauty parlor gossiping while getting your beehives shellac’d.

> Chris Charming fan posts on ADT: I’ve had the good luck to speak to Chris Charming via Match.Com last week, he approached me on the site. Apparently he is looking for a companion and so we went back and forth via email and then he said to me that he’s a big porn star!! So I checked out some of his work and came across and wanted to share some information my handsome Chris had shared with me. He said that his secret want is to do strap on movies but he is afraid that his guy friends in the adult industry would laugh at him!So please everyone, Chris Charming is a great handsome man and don’t laugh at him becuase he wants to do strap on movies because he has millions in the bank and is doing this not for the money but because he have been wanting to do this for a long time now!

> Quasarman responds: There are two blatant untruths in this persons post – 1. Chris Charming is not a great handsome man. 2. He certainly does not have millions in the bank. Whether or not he wants a strap-on jammed up his ass, I have no idea (but I doubt it)

> Christian writes: i have done it all in this business…..its been a long, strange journey for me to get where i am at now. thanks 3SB! i knew i had made it when zero tolerance allowed me to do a single scene for them about 4 months ago. good times!

and i am actually quite surprised that more females in the business dont have me on their no list. i have only encountered about 5 that i know of, and i want to thank all of the directors and female performers for giving me a chance in this business. i am not going anywhere for a long time.

as for the strap on thing, i have done probably 20 scenes in the last year. lockwood has done 2. but i understand that he is a much more established performer. i like kurt a lot. but it makes me laugh when tristan taormino and devinn lane proclaim him as the first a-list male performer to do strapon stuff. its an insult to tom byron.

> Ike Sanders of Playa’s Entertainment writes on ok this site was designed for directors and producers alike to share their production experiences with one another in regards to you the talent.

Once we work with you we post how our shoot went. If its good then we post good things if its bad then we post the bad. Now plain and simple Im tired you MF getting mad at me due to your fuckin behavior on a set that I book you for. I hope you all are reading and takin notes on this. This is fuckin business. When people are spending their money booking you for a shoot or whatever its business and its to be taken serious. You are being compensated for your fuckin cooperation not to be an asshole or a total bitch aight. Its not a game so stop fuckin takin it like its just something to do cause you fuckin wit our money and if you fuck wit my money thats a foot in ya ass for real. I aint the one.

There is nothin wrong wit a lil fun or sexual humor on the set but keep those fuckin attitudes, racial comments, and childish acts at cha fuckin crib. At first I wondered why I was being told so much shit about the directors and producers and how they are full of shit and dont wanna do this and that for the models etc. I fuckin see why, I now see its not them its fuckin yall, not all of ya cause I have shot some great girls who are serious about this shit and take the shit serious. I mean damn, how you gonna fuckin get pissed at me for posting how you acted on my fuckin shoot. Get cha ass in gear and you will be ok. Then wanna talk shit when you see your ass blasted on PSP. I use this MF site and Imma keep using this bitch so read on and talk all the shit you want cause Im writing the fuckin checks.

You wanna make the money then act like you got some fuckin sense and you will be ok. Damn feel like Im talking to children here. Ya too grown for this shit. Getting mad at me for your actions, ya got fuckin nerve. You think we like posting about bad shoots, hell nah, we want all our shoots to go good, we want to speak pleasantly about who we book cause it makes us wanna book you again and help you get more assignments with other producers and directors. Do you see how it work assholes? If we post good about you here, others will contact you about working with them. So act like you got some fuckin sense on a shoot and you shall get a referral. Simple isnt it. Now if you act an ass, and show ya shit, then we gonna post it and guess what, no referral and possible shorter career. Yo bad.

And some of ya wonder why you havent been booked in a while. mmmm I wonder, think about it for a bit. Good attitudes, full cooperation, pleasant shoot will lead to you gettin booked for more assignments with the same director and producer as well as referrals to work with others cause others will see and become interested.

I have shot with many and many of them, I would book again, again, and again, and refer them again, again, and again. Why, cause they are good performers, serious about work, keep attitudes at home, come ready to work, do what they come to do then everyone goes home. Good shoots. But if I post something on here about cha and its bad just know ya fucked up wit me and the world gonna hear it, dont forget who I am, I fought the state of Missouri in court, so believe me i will bang it out wit yo ass too.

This industry needs some shakin up to it and if I gotta be the one to get it started then so be it. All this bullshit about MF showing up hella late being normal cause its porn, bullshit, I will walk off the set on that ass and book someone else the next day, then post on PSP about cha ass, how ya love dat.

All Im saying ladies, gents, get cha ass in gear about this business. Its work, take it serious, MF in the game should be happy to make anywhere from a few hundred to a fuckin stack or more for a few hours of work.

Dont forget we have a world of starvin people and those who arent capable of doin what cha do would love to make only a fraction of what cha make for a few hours cause they makin something like $5.00 per hour or some shit. You should feel blessed and get cha ass in gear and act like you love the money you make doin this shit cause you gonna hate it if the game were ever to leave. Ever thought about what you would do if the porn game didnt exist? mmm too busy thinkin about today and not tomorrow huh. Figures. Well with all this being said I hope everyone begins to have better shoots and everyone get along. I mean damn we already have the fuckin government down our backs we dont need to be against eachother too. Work together people and take ya jobs serious. I really hope this helped.

Oh and if I posted something bad about you on this site and you seen it or someone else pointed it out to you, hey come holla at me about it and ask me why, dont talk shit and piss me off even more cause its just gonna make shit worse. I can get ignit (ignorant) wit that ass too. So if you call or email just be calm and ask “What did I do” and I will be more than happy to assist you.

To the other producers and directors hope ya shoots go well. To the models, get cha ass in gear and everything will be fine.

Love all yall, a family that sticks together stays together.Fight the government, not eachother.


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