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Asia Carrera’s Husband Dies in Car Crash

Asia Carrera posts on ADT- …and the fairy tale comes to an end. The police just left my house. Don was driving home from a business meeting in Las Vegas, and he got into an accident and rolled the Jeep. He’s dead. He’s never coming back to me.

My husband, my soulmate, my other half, the one I was meant to grow old with. I’m almost 8 months pregnant with a son he will never get to see, and I have a one year old daughter who will never be able to remember anything about her father… and he was such a GOOD father to her, she was such a daddy’s girl you wouldn’t have believed it! Now she’ll just have to take my word for it when I tell her how much daddy loved her, because she’s too young to remember him for too much longer. Oh god, how that breaks my heart.

How am I going to go on without him? How am I going to get a job at almost 8 months pregnant, with a one year old baby??? I couldn’t go back to porn even if I wanted to, I’m much too huge. My ex-hubby, Bud Lee, is driving out here in the morning with another good friend of mine, and they are going to help me get through this. Somehow.

If anyone wants to make a charitable donation to a pregnant widow who doesn’t know how she’s going to raise these two babies on her own, there’s a spot on my sales page where you can donate up to $100. If anyone wants to send more than that (I’d be forever grateful!), you can use my Paypal Account, to address [email protected] (that’s asiaC@, not just asia@). I trust that no one out there is heartless enough to misuse that email address at a time like this. Oh god how I wish I could wake up from this nightmare. My life went from being a dream come true to hell on earth in just an instant. Please keep me in your thoughts and send me strength! I’ve got to get through this for my two little babies, otherwise I swear I’d have nothing to live for anymore. But I have no choice, I will do the best I can for Catty and Devin, somehow, some way, I must…

>Asia adds: I asked Bud & friend to stop at the Clark County Coroner’s office on the way here from LA as they pass through Vegas, to pick up Don’s belongings and anything from the truck… they were told that the truck was strewn over 300 yards, wheels here, axle there… he rolled across so many lanes the truck was just disintegrated… there was an RN (registered nurse) in the car behind him, she tried to help Don, but there was nothing she could do. I can only hope it means he died quickly and maybe painlessly? It just breaks my heart to see Catty’s smiling face now, knowing she has no daddy… I show her pictures of Daddy and say “who’s that, Catty?” and she shouts “Dadn! Dadn!”… I’m going to have to do that with her every day so she never forgets her daddy. Oh please give me the strength to get through this, somehow… we had no life insurance, I have no car now, no job, no income, I’m pregnant, I have a one-year old baby… this is not how my life was supposed to go. What wouldn’t I give to go two days back in time and just hold Don again and never ever let him go…”

>niterunner posts on ADT: Hmmmmm… I did a google search on Asia’s porn name, her real name, her husbands name, Las Vegas police reports, and local Las Vegas news, nothing came up. I know not all activity that happens in the porn world makes mainstream news. But it did, when Anna Malle died, and even though Asia is more of a recluse, she is more well known then Anna Malle was. I think this would of made some kind of press. The only press it seems to be making right now is on her website.

I am not saying that this did not happen, but something sounds fishy.

Time will tell. It could be that they broke up, and she just doesn’t have good coping skills.Still too early to rush to judgement, though.

>keebler elf writes on ADT: Wow. You people are harsh. Her post seems to be dated today, June 11th. So in a matter of hours you expect the death of a guy in Vegas to be splashed all across the newswire? On a Sunday at that? C’mon.

If you were sitting all by yourself, just found out your significant other was killed, and spent literally years of spilling your guts out on blogs, is it really that hard to believe that you’d turn to your journal for some measure of solace?

I don’t question anybody’s actions in the hours (or even days) immediately following a tragedy. A single pregnant mother with an infant and no immediate means of supporting herself asks for financial assistance? In retrospect she might think it was in bad taste, but hours after a crisis I don’t think it’s the strangest thing to happen.

Until we learn more, cut the lady some slack.

>niterunner adds: People are just forming an opinion. No, one really said Asia was lying, they are just saying the story sounds fishy & it does. No one is even being harsh, they are questioning things tha are questionable.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week things happen, media is 24/7.

I don’t care how internet savvy you are, it is odd, that the day your husband dies, you are asking people to paypal you and send you donations and you can send up to $100.

As another poster said, why ask for money when she makes money selling merchandise on her website.

I think she has other people to talk to, besides internet users. How about Don’s family? How about her brother, she is close with? How about her friends in the industry? How about a grief counselor?

She just seemed so matter a fact about her husband’s death…. the fairy tale ends?. Odd. And everything seemed all about her, in her statement. Not much about Don

>ordell writes: Asia always used to boast of her investing prowess. Was she lying there? I would think she’d have enough to last at least for a little while, plus residual income from Don…

But yes, this is awful. I always thought Asia would be the industry’s best happy ending. Too many girls become tragedies. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

>tritone writes: As soon as the note started talking about donations, I became suspicous. Don’t put it above Asia to not be the type of pornstar who will take advantage of her fans.

If you were planning to donate, you should not do so until you get independent confirmation of her husband’s death.

Its possible as well that someone has hijacked her site and opened up a paypal account in an attempt to make a quick buck off of a bogus story.

If I am wrong about this, my apologies and condolences. But this kind of thing has happened before. Remember Hyapatia Lee’s “fake” death? Do not become the gullible fan that these pornstars laugh at all the way to the bank.

>niterunner adds: It does look legit(but that’s also what makes people vulnerable, true or not true) and its not that I don’t believe her, but you can’t blame people for being suspicious. You have to be very careful.

I still have done a bunch of searches and still have come up with nothing on his death. Except for her own statement. Although, Asia is not mainstream, she is well known enough for some press coverage.

I know in some ways this may be unfair to Asia, but you have to be careful of people in general, not just adult stars. There are a lot of shady people in the world.

Once its confirmed with “proof” then I may donate something like $15 in an exchange for an autograph photo.

> You know I could be totally wrong, but the more I think about this I think its a scam. If I am wrong, I made a mistake. But some things don’t add up. Asia Owned property in Hawaii, she left Hawaii, because of all the expensives. They probably owe money on that property. Hawaii is very expensive.

Don’s credibility has been challenged on being a nutrionist(sp), I am sure he didn’t make a lot of money.

I have read Asia’s postings for awhile on her website, and she did talk A LOT about how she invested in stocks(to the point of bragging), but who really knows?? If she has invested so much why would she be *SO* worried, so much about money?

Adult Stars don’t make a lot and Asia has a second child on the way. The update on her site makes the reader feel so vulnerable(too caculated). Its also interesting that Asia usually updates her bulletin every couple weeks, this time it was around 5 weeks. But in the meantime, she posts happy family pictures. The “boom” her fairy tale is over, its all to caculated. Sorry I really don’t buy it.

I know this doesn’t mean anything, but I once sent her $20 for an autograph and she told me she never got it. It was a mistake sending cash, but it was very concealed. But once again, I was dumb for sending cash. I emailed and told her, she got it, and her response was “You think I am that poor” I am starting to think so.

If I am wrong, I am wrong. But Anna Malle’s story made coverage, and this hasn’t yet, and should of by now.

And why is Don’s site still up, I guess people who are no longer alive, have no problem taking credit cards.

Once again, I don’t wish this on Asia if its true, but I has SERIOUS doubts.he adds


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