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Assassin Killing the Competition?- final

Porn Valley- Bill Fox is telling me that he probably shoots as often during the course of a week as any studio. Fox is partners with Tommy Gunn in Assassin Pictures,, and for them it’s not really about shooting movies any more. It’s about web content. The company runs about 30 different websites for girls in the industry and is continuing to grow with at least another 10 sites ready for launching.

Jada Fire is scheduled to shoot a scene with Jack Lawrence, and Lawrence, who’s website attracts mostly a gay male clientele, is very interested in what Fox has to say. Fox says he’s all about making money and sounds like he knows what’s he’s talking about. And Lawrence is telling me he needs to get his site generating even more just-in-case income.

“I could break a leg and be down for a couple of months,” says Lawrence, who, like Gunn, turns 40. Lawrence, who’s lost three homes in his lifetime, knows the insecurities. From the sounds of it, Lawrence has ended his p.r. association with Jason Sechrest but doesn’t say much more on the subject. Meanwhile, Daisy Marie tells Fox she had the best sex she ever had the night before. It didn’t sound like it was with a guy.

Fox describes how he and Gunn had shot some movies early on.

“But the problem is it’s so hard nowadays to recoup your money back from DVD sales,” Fox says. “It’s just not there. Trying to collect sucks.” Fox, whose background is the printing industry, got into the adult business when he did a site for Olivia O’Lovely.

“Everything was good- I was doing a site here, a site there; it grew into ten sites,” Fox continues. “I told Tommy we need to quit concentrating on the movies and concentrate on the web-stuff. We have all the tools and the means to do it, anyway.” According to Fox, he’s gotten a lot of business through LA Direct since he does their site.

“Plus there’s word of mouth from the girls,” says Fox who says the biggest sales pitch is a happy performer who’s receiving checks from their site.

“That’s huge right now, getting paid from a website,” Fox laughs. “The thing we offer that a lot of the other companies don’t offer is that we take a 40% split from the girls. But for that 40% we shoot all the video; we shoot all the stills We have the location. We do all the editing. We do all the updates. We host the sites. We generate the traffic for the site. For our 40% we do a lot compared to some other companies out there who do 50-50 and then they just say gives us the content making it the girl’s job to get tapes and CD’s.

“I’m also the keeper of records for all the girls so the girls don’t have to worry about giving their home addresses and stuff like that. That’s the other benefit that we give- we promote all the girls’ sites on all our websites and we don’t share content with other girls’ sites. It’s not fair to somebody who updates their site every week to give content to a girl who doesn’t shoot for her site. Though a lot of other companies might do it, I don’t like doing that. And the problem with that is you tend to promote the girls’ site that has the most content.

“If the girls are not making any money, then I’m not making any money,” Fox continues. “And that’s the biggest thing. I work for us to make all the money that we can. We generate web traffic and it’s a full time job. I do a website today and 30 days from now it’s up and making money. We just finished Sunny Lane’s site. It’s up and making money. Nautica Thorn’s site is doing really well. Eva Angelina’s site is just going out of control right now.”

Fox is also starting to do sites for a lot of the male performers as well and has just taken on Justin Syder, Kevin Kline and Mark Davis as clients. And Assassin owns a lot of in-house sites as well including, and

“Those sites that we own, when you join one, you’ll get the other ones,” Fox explains. “I try to teach the girls not to do content trades with people who don’t give them the content right away- you might shoot content then try to collect it for months or never see it. That way they know when they come here and shoot with me, it’s going to get on their website right away; that the content’s not going to be exploited anywhere else.”

“That’s the biggest thing,” says Fox. “Worrying about where your content ends up.”

As in the instance of Jack Lawrence, Fox says while he doesn’t do Lawrence’s site, he’s helped him in the past because of a long standing friendship. And often times people whom he’s worked with in the past come back to rekindle a business relationship. As in the case of Olivia O’Lovely.

“Somebody else designed her site but we’re doing all the traffic and promotions for it,” says Fox.

With an eye towards diversifying, Fox has also struck up a partnership with Mean Bitches.

“We’re starting up Mean Dungeon which is out fetish line,” Fox reports. “We’ve got a lot of new things in the works, new plans and trying to get into this web-stuff full force.”

“We’re getting to the point where we’re finally seeing the light,” Fox states. “We’re waiting for Mika Tan- right after the first of the year. A lot of people have been waiting for Mika to get a pay site going. There’s so many girls sites out there, and this is a big world with tons of people out there. There’s always new people that come across these sites. There are tons of fans who want to see this stuff. It’s easy money. You make money while you sleep. You wake up and there’s money. That’s the easiest thing. We can’t make it any easier.”

Movies and the web trade aren’t the only business Assassin Pictures goes by. Because Fox came from that world, the company prints business cards, flyers for parties, stickers and promo for feature dancing as well as banners done in wide format for AEE.

“This year has been a little slower for us,” Fox notes, reflecting the times of the industry. “A lot of people have pulled out of the show this year. A lot of people aren’t going and that business dropped a little.”

All the same, Fox points out that it’s pretty hard to get adult printing done just anywhere and numbers among his clients, Wicked Pictures, Vivid and Club Jenna.

“At one time or another we’ve done stuff for all the major companies- you can’t just go to Kinkos,” Fox laughs. “We’re like a one-stop shop. We’ll make T-shirts for the girls. We can make hats and all that stuff. This is what we do and we want to be the company in the industry where you can come to Assassin Pictures and get pretty much whatever you need done.”


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