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At Exxxotica Miami: Joslyn James talks about her life after Tiger Woods and getting sober

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Miami Beach- from – You probably recognize Joslyn James as the porn star who was scandalously linked to Tiger Woods a few years back. This week, she’s at Exxxotica Miami Beach, the popular sex trade show at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Yesterday, she talked with about her life after Tiger Woods and how that experience changed her life.

Q: A few years ago, when it became known you were one of Tiger’s mistresses, you got a tremendous amount of notoriety. In retrospect, was this good or bad?

Honestly, not all publicity is good. I got attacked personally. Granted, I did something bad, but I didn’t kill anybody. But I’m glad it happened in a way, because it helped me to get sober and become a more compassionate, understanding person. So I’m glad those things happened, but not the way that they happened.

Q: Congratulations on getting sober. How long has it been?

It will be three years on Dec. 16. My problem wasn’t alcohol; it was drugs. Alcohol had never been a problem for me. If you drink too much, you have a sensor button; you get sick. But with drugs, I never knew how much I was taking. It’s funny but since I got clean, I can tell not only when people are on something but what they’re on. I swear I’m like a hound dog.

Q: What’s happening with your career.

It’s going well. I’m doing both adult and mainstream entertainment. The movies I’m doing are adult films, but the TV shows are mainstream. I’ve appeared on “Sons of Anarchy” and “Dexter.” I’m also focused on doing a couple of reality shows; there’s one focused on me, and there’s one that’s focused on a bunch of different porn stars that are crossing over in the mainstream world.

Q: How did you cross over?

I’ve been doing mainstream stuff since I was a kid, so it was just getting back to what I was doing originally.

Q: What brings you to Exxxotica Miami Beach?

I try to do every adult convention I can schedule because I’m a strong believer in meeting the fans. I also do feature dancing in strip clubs, where I dance in champagne rooms. Dancing is my first love, and it’s something I really enjoy doing. I took ballet, jazz and tap when I was a kid, and I can dance to any type of music.

Q: How does Exxxotica Miami Beach compare to the other Exxxotica conventions around the country?

The setup is the same, but every city has its own flair. I love South Beach. I used to live on 13th and Collins. There’s something about the people, the energy, the food –I love everything about it. South Beach is one of my favorite places to be.

Q: How long have you been coming to Exxxotica?

I started doing it in 2010, or maybe it was 2009; I have to check my diary. I had meningitis in November and it affected my memory, so I’m glad I write everything down. But I got sick right after my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, and she passed away March 15. You know, her cancer spread everywhere, but not to her breasts, which is odd, because there is a lot of breast cancer in my family. That’s why, when I got implants, I had all the breast tissue taken out.

Q: You know, I’m also the Miami Health Examiner and this is beginning to sound like an interview for that, not an interview with a porn star! So tell me, what’s your social life like?

I’m dating, and it’s all going well. People have a misconception, so I want them to know I don’t only date black men. I date all races, and I date men and women. The only thing I want people to do is to be funny. I’m looking for what I call the three F’s — funny, food and f….

Q: (Cutting in, and laughing) Okay, it’s not sounding like a health interview anymore! What else do you want people to know?

I just wish people would take better care of their bodies. Don’t smoke cigarettes, and just love your body.

You can meet Joslyn James at Exxxotica. She’ll be at the Chalk booth there today, Friday, until 7 p.m., Saturday, 5-8 p.m. She’s also hosting the Exxxotica official closing party on Sunday at Chalk Ping Pong & Billiards on Washington Avenue in South Beach on Sunday at 9 p.m.


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