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At Metro “The Shadow” Knew Everything

Porn Valley- I just had a lengthy chat with Mr. Metrosexual, Metro’s man on the inside. We talked about recent developments and some of the fallout that resulted from my last chat with him over the weekend.

Gene: Luke Ford seems to think that you’re Mike Adams.

Mr. Metro: That’s pretty funny considering that Joey Wilson was trying to get rid of Mike. Joey said Mike’s stuff was “flat”. Joey was actually leading the charge against him. But they couldn’t pull someone out of the hat to fill the spot. Someone said how about Quasar. But he’s working for Zero now.

Gene: What’s the deal on Kenny. I heard he had the Big C.

Mr. Metro: Bladder cancer from what I hear.

Gene: So what’s the general feeling over there.

Mr. Metro: Paranoia. Tony [Santoro] being outted as AVN’s source didn’t help any.

Gene: That leak came out of AVN, but it isn’t the first time a source got outted.

Mr. Metro: You almost get the feeling that everybody at Metro is going to have to find another gig at some point. I feel bad for a lot of people there. There are people there who are honestly trying to do a good job. They’re good people. But at Metro you can walk into the gun sights and they’ll pull the trigger for no other reason than to pull the trigger. That’s part of being at Metro. I know some people who are shopping around for other gigs.

Gene: Are you looking.

Mr. Metro: Of course I am. There’s an avalanche of shit about to come down. It’s not over yet. You’re cutting through the tension with a knife and it’s only going to get worse I think. People are very quiet and very uncomfortable with what’s going on. On another note, I think I might have lent the wrong impression the other day. The cowtowing to Gauge was talking out of both sides of the mouth. They were yes’ing her and no’ing her, but it was placation. They wanted the least noise possible.

Gene: We didn’t get into this too much the last time we talked. But you told me about another employee who was fired for spying.

Mr. Metro: That would be XXXX. He got caught by Brian. The Brian-guy is definitely pro-Neil [Persky]. Brian’s the computer guy. He’s this long haired toothless guy that seems to know quite a bit about computers. He’s not a Metro employee. He’s a contractor. He’s the guy who’s in charge of all the computers and runs the virus protection. He was the guy who caught XXXX who was spy-waring everyone’s computers. XXXX was in charge of the DVD production department. He got fired. He was snooping. He had peoples’ keys in his desk. We all called XXXX 007 because he was a snooper.

Some people called him The Shadow. We found this guy in the art department skulking around after hours on several occasions. This guy would go in, close the door and start snooping through CD’s and chromes. I don’t know what he was going after. He’d always say I’ll put it back. But Kenny had this rule. Nobody touched those chromes except the art department. Finally, Brian caught him at the computers with spy ware. This got some people pissed. Joey’s position was I don’t give a shit. I don’t have anything to hide from the guy. I just got to have people doing their jobs. He wasn’t nearly incensed by the incident as some of us were. He was more interested in getting stuff out the door and keeping the flow going. But a lot of people there felt violated. We went so far as to change passwords. And two days later XXXX was gone. Apparently Brian set some kind of software trap for him.

There was some argument about not changing the passwords but sending XXXX some e-mails that he would have to react to. Somehow trap the guy and make him hang himself. Brian was, like, he can cause damage. There were records, social security numbers. That’s identity theft. These are peoples’ private records. So Neil nailed XXXX when Brian went to him with it. On this one Mr. Metro and Neil agree.

There was another woman who wasn’t there long enough. She got done in by this XXXX guy. XXXX was the kind of guy that you could be in the room with him and four other people, ask a pointed question to one of the four other people and he’ll pop up with an answer. A Mr. Know-it-all. From what I heard this guy was an actor in New York before he ever got into the adult business. I don’t know what qualifications he had to run a DVD authoring department. To his credit he was always hounding us to get stuff done.


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