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Audrey Rose to be commended; Katie Summers to Be Honored; Jessica Drake to Be Sent to the Glue Factory

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“Peter Acworth is known in the business as The English loser who goes to immense cocaine parties,” said Rob Black the other day. Black noted that Audrey Rose wrote in a blog several months ago that was basically a swimming pool of gonorrhea, though she didn’t put it exactly in those words. The thought was there, however.

“If is not a festering bubble of disease I don’t know what,” said Black.

“If Rod Daily tests positive it all goes to If Rod is negative Cameron Bay is an irresponsible whore who’s mainlining heroin. If he’s positive, Cameron Bay was involved with a boy, a crossover flip over who has tested negative on all tests; and should that come out positive he got it around the time Cameron got it which traces to the Kink era.

“That Johnny Cochran glove seems to be fitting mighty tight. Peter Acworth says it’s slanderous [“uninformed bloggers” writing about him], but I’m looking at Audrey Rose who has come out to tell her story about and sexually transmitted diseases.

“I bet she’s not an animal that will be shooting with you. If a performer tells a studio ‘I shoot condoms’ and they deny you, they are breaking the law. If any studio books you and you tell them you are condom, and they refuse to hire you, they are breaking the law.

“Jessica Drake will not tell you that because Manwin and Wicked Pictures will get really pissed off. But next time Francesca Le and Evil Angel call you, you tell Francesca ‘but I am all condom’ and when she says I can’t shoot you, you tell her she’s violating the law.

“Then you call Rob Black and the UAWA, and we’ll make sure that a violator will be prosecuted. A member of the UAWA will never ever be afraid to tell that they’ve been wronged on set. Your union official isn’t going out to dinner with the studio that just fucked you over.

“Audrey Rose I commend you for speaking up and having a voice and following in Katie Summers’ footsteps.” [Actually, time-wise, Rose wrote her blog before Summers filed her lawsuit.]

“Katie Summers was the first girl on the firing line and continues to be on the firing line and is doing what veterans are scared to do every day,” Black noted.

“But Katie Summers did it. Think about the balls she has. She’s that girl in Jerry Maguire who said ‘I will leave with you because I believe in something.’

Black said Hustler’s [Sharman] been telling Summers too bad you’re condom.

“Katie Summers took the bullet for the business and decided to be the girl shunned, shit on and pissed on. Then people will realize she’s a hero to stand up and say John Stagliano did something really wrong to me.

“Jessica Drake doesn’t have you back. She’s part of the problem and will never be part of the solution until she says it’s time to go all-condom. Jessica Drake,, until you say that, you people are nothing more than hypocrites and corporate shills.

“When Katie Summers announced she was all condom, never once did you contact her to say ‘I’m for you and I’m going to book you.’

“Jessica Drake, you are nothing more than a mouth piece, and if it wasn’t for Wicked Pictures, you’d be on the ATMLA website doing ATM’s to pay your bills. The former Mrs. Evan Stone was groomed to be this model porn performer, and in the crisis of our lives she sits back and does nothing.

“It was ten years of grooming- a million dollar investment- and you have someone sitting on the sidelines while Katie Summers makes more sense, more wisdom and has more people joining her then someone who was groomed their entire life. I don’t know who runs the PR machine at Wicked, but you guys are funny.

“Jessica Drake you guys at Wicked are visionaries and geniuses. You guys are like the boxer who was groomed to be the world champion and didn’t fight. After ten years of grooming you, you’ve been shelved on the sidelines and a 24-year girl who has balls bigger than you stood up and said no is no.

“It all ends she said. I’m suing John Stagliano. What he did was wrong. You all need to wear condoms and this is what we have to do And if we all do this we can get back to work and be safe.

“Wicked is gutless. They are scared children led by Jessica Drake, Brad Armstrong and Steve Orenstein.”


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