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Austyn Moore Talks About Leaving Adam & Eve

Porn Valley- I spoke to Austyn Moore Thursday night about her leaving Adam & Eve. Moore had made an earlier announcement in the day that drew some speculation. According to Moore, she signed her contract a year ago.

“It was time and I decided to go out on my own,” she said. During that period, Moore shot eight movies for the company.

“Three are out, and there’s a couple more coming out next month,” she says. According to Moore, her decision was based on the fact that she would be better off on her own for now.

“But I’m not saying I would never sign another contract,” Moore added, leaving some obvious doors open. “But just for right now it was the best thing for me to do at this point. There’s no hard feelings. I’m just looking at for myself.” Moore’s plans for the time being are to kick back for a few days, take it all in and go from there.

Of her eight movies, Moore’s favorite was Pirates.

“I had one scene, but it’s my favorite movie- it’s awesome.” According to Moore who worked with Evan Stone in that scene, the movie had so much detail and took a lot of time and effort. Unlike many members of the cast, Moore didn’t go on location in Florida.

“We were a couple of weeks here shooting,” she said. I asked Moore if she had a moment to spare and she laughed about having to get off the phone to watch Survivor although we still had some time. I told her the same would have held true if this were a Monday night because nothing interferes with my watching of 24.

“And if this were a Sunday I wouldn’t even be answering my phone because NASCAR would be on,” she laughs.

I have this on going conversation with some cronies over at Jerry’s Deli in Woodland Hills about NASCAR and why would anyone in their right mind watch cars racing around in circles.

“It’s more than driving around in circles,” explains Moore. “There’s strategies, the pits- the whole thing. It’s a sport.”

“I see it as cars driving around in circles,” I tell her.

“Most people would think that if they don’t understand the sport,” Moore replies. Then again, Moore grew up in the south where old Burt Reynolds movies still dictate fashion statements.

“I don’t think NASCAR’s a huge thing in LA,” Moore’s willing to concede. “My mom said when I moved here- I don’t think there’s going to be too many NASCAR fans in LA. I’m, like, I really don’t think so but that’s okay.”

Asked what she was going to do in her chill time, Moore said she’d relax, maybe go jogging.

“A lot of people don’t think that’s relaxing but I do,” she says. “Then I’ll go out to dinner and have a few Coors Lights and absorb everything.” For the most part, Moore just likes hanging out with friends.

I wondered if she was going to hook up with an agency and Moore states, not at this point.

“I just want to see how things play out,” she says. “Definitely having an agency helps you get work but we’ll see. I don’t know. I don’t have a lot of answers at this point.” But Moore makes it clear that her decision to go the free agent route wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision.

“Every decision I make in life I actually think long and hard to be sure I’m making the right decision for myself,” she says. “It wasn’t this morning I woke up and I’m like, ‘Oooooh, today, I think I’m going to leave Adam & Ave.’ I’m definitely not like that. I’m not that type.”

Moore’s open to suggestions and ideas but as far as she’s concerned, time will tell. Where her dancing schedule is concerned, Moore appears next weekend at the Spearmint Rhino in the City of Industry with Tyler Faith.

“I’m lucky- I love Tyler,” she says. “That’s the only dancing gig I have booked right now.” For Moore the big thrill besides feature dancing is being able to go to awards shows and signings where she can also meet fans.

“That’s what matters,” she says. “They buy your movies. Without your fans and their support, who are you? That’s the good part- being able to go out, giving fans hugs, taking pictures with them and talking. It’s cool. I enjoy that. That’s probably the best part of the job besides the sex.”

Asked what she was like growing up, Moore says she was your typical tomboy.

“I always liked the outside and playing besides me being Miss Cheerleader,” she answers. “I liked the normal kid stuff.”

But even before she got into the business, Moore enjoyed other normal activities like having naked parties.

“Come over, play cards and let’s get naked,” she laughs. “People were like, if you were coming to my house, expect to get naked at some point. You’re clothes are coming off but you never know what’s going to happen after that.”


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