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Autumn Skye: Scammed Into Thinking She Was Signing for XBiz; Chicago Pimp Threatened to Kill Her

Porn Valley- How was your trip to AEE?

I met Autumn Skye over at Star World Modeling Tuesday afternoon, and she told me a little about hers.

Skye, brought in by Craig Valentine, just joined the agency, .

She started in the business in November and also had some experiences to relate about her past agent, Brian Berkenfield, who runs Giirlz Inc out of Florida.

Skye, who’s out of New Orleans, explained how she placed an ad with Sexy Jobs and hooked up with Berkenfield.

“Someone named Karen called me,” Skye relates. “I didn’t know anything about Brian in the beginning. When I got there, everything was fine for the first week.

“Me, I grew up in a place where I had my own house and bed- I was set to go. But I don’t sleep on air mattresses that deflate by the morning. They had us sleeping on them in a room that was the size of a jail cell. It was bad. Worse comes to worse, and I wind up sleeping on the floor. Which is kind of awkward because I’m giving Brian 20% of whatever I was making, which was quite a bit of money.

“I was working on the computer one day and the electricity guy shows up,” she continues. “The bill’s not paid, so to be on Brian’s good side, and be nice so he would be nice to me, I called him and asked what I should do. He said just pay it and I’ll pay you right back. It was a $670 bill. I paid it in cash and Brian never paid me back.”

Glutton for punishment that she was, Skye says she also lent Berkenfield an iPhone.

“He took that from me and gave it to a male talent to use and never paid me back. And he also has my brand new HP computer that he’s not giving back.”

According to Skye, Berkenfield later booked her with some guy in Chicago named Eric.

“He’s a guy who has his own company and his own website,” she says. “I was told it would be a real easy shoot. The guy picks me up. He looks like a decent guy. I thought it was alright. I get to the apartment, it’s a little bitty efficiency.

“At this point I’m scared. There’s nothing there relating to a scene. It was very scary. All his windows were covered up and it was very eerie. He only had one little light on. I was texting Brian and what not. No answer. No answer. I was scared at that point. Then I find out this Eric had an escort agency. It says in my ad I don’t mess with that stuff.

“He was mad that I didn’t do escorting. He said either you’re going to fuck me, do escorting or be killed. He said he believes that there should be only so many people on this planet and he’s not afraid to kill anybody. And if cops show up, he’ll kill them, too. He completely lost his mind.”

“He said he’s worked with some girls in the industry but I don’t think he has,” Skye continues.

“He showed me picture of girls in bondage shoots. He calls himself something like Eric Chicago. I didn’t want to fuck him because he probably has AIDs or something, and I didn’t know what he was going to do to me. So I rubbed his back and told him go take a shower- I want everything to be clean. Then I booked my ass out of there. Luckily I came out of that situation alive. I went outside and called a cab. Then I called my mom for a plane ticket and she got me out of there.”

Skye’s luck wasn’t much better when she decided to come out to LA. She hooked up with an agent who calls himself Mark Lasts and has an agency called ACasting.

“He was another one who tried to screw me over,” Skye says. “I have no problem giving 20%. But if you fuck me over, I’m not giving you any money. So this Mark Lasts tells me he doesn’t take a percentage. I thought that was really neat- he wasn’t going to take my money. At least he had a futon I could sleep on. Nothing spectacular but better than an air mattress.”

According to Skye, Lasts is located in North Hills.

“I get there, and my first scene happens to be with this guy Mark- so that’s a little weird. But it was a good shoot. It was a $1200 shoot for a website that never went up. Then he said we’re going to go to AVN. I get there and he said I was going to work at this booth. He said it was XBIZ. He claimed it was for XBIZ but it turned out to be for Lasex [not to be confused with the eye surgery].

“He said it was $200. I said that was kind of low for two days of working. Then he said at 5 o’clock you got to go with this guy- his name is Dick Lichstenstein. He’s in his Seventies. He said it was his own company and it was a shoot. I’m thinking that’s cool I can make some money while I’m there.

“I get with this guy- he’s real old. We get to his room at the Venetian, and he’s discussing what I’ll be doing. He’s like we’re going to go to dinner then we’re going to try. What do you mean we’re going to try? He goes, well, I’ve never had sex with a young girl before or not a lot.. I want to do this. He also told me he was married. His wife at home had no idea. She thought he was going to the Electronics show.

“Already I’m not okay with that. And I do not do escorting. It’s illegal in every means. I told him I’m not doing this. I was under the impression it was going to be a shoot and I cancelled out on another one to do this stupid escorting-thing. I told Mark I should get at least a kill fee for this crap. I cancelled a $2100 shoot for this. I didn’t get any kill fee.

“Then this guy Mark said he was going to call the cops on me for escorting.

“I’m like, really? You’re the one who lined this up and I refused.”

According to Skye, she winds up arguing with Lasts right in front of the booth she was signing at.

“Then when it came time to pay me for working at this Lasex booth, the guy hands me $100. I go two days for $100? He goes Mark said I only have to give you $100. So being stupid I took the $100 and left.”

Skye said when she first got into town she was on her way to The Venetian, she met Skooby from Fresh Talent.

“He claims that he’s the biggest of the big,” says Skye. “I told him I wasn’t going with an agent after being screwed over and didn’t want to have one.”

Later Skye started getting calls from Skooby that he was going to call the cops on her, too.

“He said I had his binder or folder with his credit card and his money,” she says. “I didn’t have it and I didn’t even get my stuff from check-in yet. Then the bellhop drops my stuff off. I ignored it because I didn’t do anything. Then I get a text from Skooby going I’m sorry, I sorry- there was a mistake. This was after a good two hours of yelling at me for something I didn’t do.”


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