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AVN’s Latest Power Grab?

AVN’s making statements that their newly acquired editorial staff member Jared Rutter will continue as chairman of the XRCO.

Not so fast say Bill Margold and Jim Holliday who may just have a little involvement with XRCO’s current state, future and policies.

“No he’s not,” said Margold of the Rutter announcement. “I will not allow him, and neither will Holliday, to be chairman of the XRCO. AVN goes its merry way and XRCO goes its merry way,” Margold suggested.

In the best of all possible worlds, Margold says he and Holliday would love to tag up in a wrestling match against Rutter, AVN staffer Mark Kernes [for saying that Margold goes out of his way to hurt the performers, according to Margold]; and Tim Connelly. “Take ’em all on and absolutely beat the shit out of ’em which I would love to do. But even at 60 years old I would be perceived as a bully.”

Margold indicated that Holliday was going to be in the desert this week shooting a feature but upon his return, promised that he and Holliday will wrest control of the XRCO. “We’ll just take it back.” Mentioning names like Kent Smith, Jim Dawson and Lon Friend, Margold said the history of XRCO begins and ends with both himself and Holliday.

“The reality is that Rutter was only made chairman because I figured if Holliday or I were chairman, it wouldn’t be taken seriously,” said Margold. “I had no intention of killing the baby in the crib.” Margold said the XRCO was designed with two words in mind, truth and honor, suggesting that AVN has sparse claim to either concept. XRCO, in Margold’s opinion, has always been a pure and well-meaning little organization.

“It has soul – something that AVN never had and never will have,” Margold says, also suggesting that Rutter’s chairman of nothing. “It’s very hard for me to believe that he wants to be over there in a soulless operation,” Margold continued.

“AVN could care less about the history or the humanity of the XRCO or the industry in general. All they care about is the advertising. I guess they’re punishing me because I no longer have a PAW ad in AVN.” Margold’s also of the belief that his opposition to AIM, and AVN’s alliance with the organization also has something to do with the latest power play. “That’s a whole other nightmare I eventually have to deal with.”

For his part, Margold said he’d love to see the XRCO limit its number of awards. “Maybe I incorporate FOXE into it, maybe I don’t.” Asked how AVN could make a statement assuming XRCO to be theirs, Margold said it could do whatever it wanted. “You’re talking about the bible in a godless business,” Margold commented sarcastically.

Asked if this was a legal issue to settle, Margold said he wasn’t sure. “I don’t think there’s any real paper work. If there is, I have more than they have. Because I have proof we created it.”

Contacted late Tuesday night, Holiday was asked what gave AVN the right to anoint Rutter. “Nothing does,” said Holliday. “He didn’t even say a word to us. He just crawled over to the other camp.” Holliday explains that Rutter was one of four original corporate offices, two of whom are now dead, leaving Rutter and Margold, but that Rutter’s chairmanship has been revoked. “He’s a sad little man with a sad little badge and a sad little license plate [customized with XRCO initials] that no longer means shit. I got to admit it’s disappointing after all I’ve done for that fucker.”

Like Margold, Holliday said that Rutter was “chairman of jack shit.” But Holliday was a bit more explicit in his evaluations of Rutter. “He’s a mealy-mouthed, little gray-haired, twitty, squirrelly old man who was chairman. The XRCO wasn’t his. Everybody in the business knows that.”

Holliday pointed out that, as chairman, Rutter was “a harmless milquetoast” in comparison to the tough-guy union dockworker that a chairman should be. Holliday also said if it’s a contest AVN wants, it’s a contest it’ll get. “I’ll guess we’ll have to see who can draw the most people to an XRCO show,” he mused. “Bring it on, squirrels- announce your date, so we’ll go at the exact, same time.” Holliday’s of the opinion that, barring intimidation and threats, he and Margold will have the bulk of the talent on their side with some obvious exceptions bought by advertising dollars.

“As for the others, these girls think that Timmy’s going to write evil shit about them?” Holliday asks. “The magazine couldn’t exit trashing the girls. Because companies who advertise the girls will want nothing but wonderful things said about them. Is XRCO going to become AVN Jr.? Is that what they’re going to do?

“And when I think of the bulk of the male talent,” Holliday continued, “we’d get them all. It could be most interesting.”


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