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> Zupko posts on ADT: I haven’t been on any of the sites in awhile as I’ve spent most of my time the past two months shooting and in editing. First off, I wanted to thank everyone out there for the success of the Big Wet Asses series and thank AVN for the award it received for Best Anal-Themed Series at this year’s show. That series was my child and subsequent volumes could not be in better hands than those of William H.. a truly honorable, good, and multi-talented man. I love William much and am very, very proud of him. That child has a great new father (perhaps maybe even better than the old one!)

Currently I am working on a new gonzo series for VCA called Triumph of The Tushy. I think it features some of the hottest anal sex I’ve directed in awhile, but that is for you to decide. It stars Flower Tucci, Georgia Peach, Katja Kassin, Luscious Lopez, and Tyla Wynn. It also features Anthony Rosano of Bang Brothers fame in a role that I like to think will make you jack off and laugh to. He truly captured the essence of this new character , William Ball-ASS, who is almost unforgettable. I can’t wait for it to come out and for you to see it! A trailer will be on the Hustler site in the next week. Slain Wayne did a masterful job on the editing. It was the first flick I’ve ever directed that made me want to jack off to, as crazy as that may sound. Slain is honestly the best in the business.

Hopefully all is well, and as I’ve said so many times to redundancy (but with the deepest sincerity) always remember that the love you have for porn is what keeps it going. God knows it’s what keeps me going.

> Willie D posts on In general, mental midgets like Peter Warren represent the dregs in journalism/blogging. They work for tiny scratch, dress like flood victims, drive the worst jalopys they can find, but damn…don’t infringe on their intellectual superiority over you. God forbid they not be able to look down their noses at something. It’s like that Shakespeare professor I had. Never mind his inability to find the Old Spice aisle at Wal-Mart, or to clean the one tweed coat woven during the Hoover Administraton, but damn your brain to hell if you could not recite Shylock’s speech in The Merchant of Venice “Sir, many a time and oft in the Rialto you have rated me about my monies and my usances, etc.”

This guy is just that kind of total loser. But let’s just extend the hatred to the crappy covers between which he writes. What a piece of shit AVN is. Most of their “articles” are reworded press releases from the production companies, and some scribblings on a blog by their morally effete pseudo-atheist editor Mike Ramone. Throw in hundreds of ads, and “Fresh Off the Bus” that has featured whores out of the business before the edition went ot print, and some bad efforts to make porn sound mainstream. I can’t find a single person with a good word about their “Awards” except those who won (and believe me, there were no winners), their office politics sounds like a Hustler-style cluster fuck. I know what assholes journalists can be. I was a photo editor for a paper in college, and it never mattered that I had exams the next day, anything less than a 3.a.m. day with boric acid all over me was considered a weak effort, even though the paper’s circulation was within 10 blocks of the printing plant.

AVN, I have an idea for you…go out and find some people who can write and think…and print what they write. Yes, your circulation and subscription revenue depends on porn people, who can be as reliable as Andrew Fastow with their wallets, but it’s that way all over the publishing world.

Oh, whatever the fuck, you AVN people live in a shell inside a shell. Guess I better run off and edit my MySpace profile, and make sure I set one up at XPeeps, too:

> jamesn adds: hi, i’m like tina brown and shit, too bad i read a book a year. good call willie,, peter warren’s the worst journalist ever. he drinks cytherea’s less-than-potable squirt because he’s a sellout fat bitch who couldn’t write for his communtiy newsdealer.

> Mr. Bunrider posts on Hey everyone,

I personally dont think girls need agents. What exactly does the agent do? Sit in an office waiting for the phone to ring? There should be one central website that has a listing of everyone in the business and people should be able to write reviews on everyone else. Girls (and guys) can simply goto the website, download the list of numbers and secure their own work. All these so called agents are simply wanna-be pimps and hustlers. If World Modeling can get a talent agency license, then Ben Fisher can too. I wont even mention that I show a video of a guy sucking Ben off but hey if thats his thing so be it. You can look up LEGIT talent agencies here:

If a so called agent says that he provides his service in that girls need hotel and to be driven to their shoots I will tell them that I know some pimps on Crenshaw Blvd. that do the exact same thing. Until a few days ago when Naughty Modeling starting spamming the hell out of me with new girls and guys with no fees, the only websites to actively promote their talent was and A true agency starts each day thinking about how they can promote their talent rooster.

Another annoying fact is you have wanna-be agents like Lee Bang who have like 3 girls in their “agency” but yet the only work they can get their model is low paying boygirl shoots with them (as in boygirl shoots with Lee Bang). Derek King of “Royal King Entertainment” likes to do this as well, he loves to tell girls they have shoots lined up with “private video of spain” and that they will only shoot if Derek is the mail talent. Back to Lee Bang and his newest meal ticket name Sophie Dee from the UK. They will be getting married soon so she can get her green work and legally work in the US. I guess the term conflict of interest is new to him.

There are only so many valid production companies available. Its not as if there are certain companies that only hire girls thru specific agencies. I simply dont understand why girls feel that jumping from agency to agency is benefical. If people know you are available, they will ask around. Its a small business.

Producers need to stop being bullshit rates and dealing with bullshit girls. Everytime a girl tell me ” I charge industry standard rates” I tell her okay thats fine “when you look like Jenna Jameson and every other porn chick looks like Jenna Jameson, the term industry standard rates, doesnt mean a damn thing”

> Josh Hunter posts on PSP: the other day, nicki and i were shooting, and i got a call from one of our local talent agents–it doesn’t matter which one. this person claimed that 2 of the free-agent girls that i hired were his. please understand that i am not the kind of guy to knowingly go behind an agent’s back, but i can not be expected to check every website for each and every girl i hire. i don’t believe i would have hired them if i had known. i agreed to pay for one of the girls, but i do notice that neither of the girls was fired from this agency! now that sends a clear message to the rest of the girls that it’s ok. i also found that one of the girls is on another agency site–so do i have to pay that agency too? if a girl comes to me and tells me that she’s free agent, i don’t want to get another call from you guys. if i find out she’s lying, i’ll be the first to call you about it, but it is your responsibility to keep your girls honest. feel free to hit up “your” girl for money, but i will never pay under these circumstances again. TO ANYONE!


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