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Avy Lee Roth Getting Married

Porn Valley- Tony Batman, filling in for Wankus on KSEX Monday night, had Avy Lee Roth and Gianna Lynn from LA Direct Models on as guests. Roth and Lynn were promoting their appearance at Rouge, Tuesday night which was being billed as The bangin’ babes. Roth who’s been in the adult business three years, also made an announcement that she was getting married.

“You guys know that I’m dating Diesel from the show Ink in Vegas,” announced Roth. “We are getting married in Cabo San Lucas in three months. And I’m really, really excited. I’m going to be in the show and everything.” Batman asked how long they’ve been together and Roth said long enough.

“Time disappears when you’re in love,” she cooed. Co-host Rebecca Love was all for playing some Air Supply music to mark the occasion.

Asked if her porn years flew by or were they a struggle, Roth said the flew although she took 8 months off to think over things.

“I think I’m stronger than ever now,” she said. Batman noted that the last time Roth was on the show, she was involved with a band.

“The band is on standby until I see what’s going on with my life,” said Roth. Love suggested that if Roth had a demo, she might try dancing to her own music at Rouge.

“I think punk rock- there’s no way to dance to it,” answered Roth. But the fact that she’s with LA Direct, Roth said she wants to make a lot of porn money for the time being.

“The band needs your heart and your time if you want to make good music; since I don’t have the time, fuck it. Right now it’s porn and we’ll see in 2007 what’s going on.” Batman wondered if Roth was going to feature dance and she said in Spain she used to do peep shows.

“That’s how I started in porn,” she noted. “One of the peep show girls, she was in the porn industry. She was European. I asked her if it was really hard to get into the business. She said you’ve got to go to LA and find the right guys. After a year I went to LA. I checked the magazines and the weeklies. I went from there to modeling and from there to Derek. And here I am after three years.” But for feature dancing, Roth said she was down with it.

Roth said she’ been shooting a lot and has dropped a lot of weight and imagined that fans also liked her attitude. Batman said when he first heard Roth’s name it was associated with the fact that she was a bitch. Roth admitted that she used to be. But Roth is all for giving porn fans different “characters.”

Asked about a website, Roth said she’s working on it and would be back on KSEX to talk about it. Other than that, she couldn’t say any more about it. Roth also promoted a movie she did for Alec Metro and Hustler called Pinup Pussy.

“A woman in the Fifties in having fantasies,” she explained, noting that her scene is with Nick Manning.

“I love working with him- we have such a great time.” Roth said the sex was amazing in the movie, and. according to Roth, Manning is her favorite male performer. Batman wondered if there was someone Roth won’t work with.

“Or who crossed you?” Love added. Roth didn’t want to go there or drop any names.

“Someone stole one of my ideas,” she eventually explained “I’m really pissed about it. But Lords of Doggie Style was my idea. I was working on that movie for a whole year and a half. A male talent stole my idea and he’s out there.” Roth said a director from Hustler told her about it.

“It was about the Seventies- I’m all about the Seventies,” Roth said. “I skate, I surf, I know what I’m talking about.” However Roth said she’s still going to do the project but under a different name.

“But I came out with that name,” she insisted. “And I’m being nice about not dropping his name.” Otherwise, Roth said she was content to wait to get her budget rather than do “a piece of shit.” Roth said she didn’t see the other project but imagined it was a piece of shit.


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