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Avy Lee Roth Interviewed- final

Porn Valley- Avy Lee Roth, still swears to the fact that she’s David Lee Roth’s daughter. Roth was a guest of Harry Weiss and Daphne Rosen on KSEX Thursday night. During the Two Live Jew broadcast, Roth said that she was a guest, in fact, on Roth’s recently cancelled radio show.

Weiss didn’t seem to be clued into the fact that Avy Lee’s always claimed lineage from the former Van Halen front man. But he liked her accent.

“What is with that accent- where are you from?” he asked her. Spain, Roth told him.

“Roth is an interesting name for a Spanish person- are there a lot of Roths in Spain?” Weiss asked her.

“No, that’s because of my dad,” said Avy Lee. “Because he’s a gringo. Roth is a Jewish last name..” Rosen asked Weiss if he knew the story.

“Am I going to be buying this story?” asked Weiss.

“You can Google it,” Roth told him. “My dad is David Lee Roth, of course, as everybody knows.”

“Are you sure?” Weiss asked. Roth asked if Weiss wanted to call him. Weiss was up for it.

“Sure, he lost his radio show. He ain’t doing much of anything.” Roth said she was on the February 10th show.

“They called me at 6 in the morning while I was in Italy,” she said. “The interview was in New York and they called me really early. It was like 10 am New York. They woke me up.”

Weiss said it was a good thing she got on the show because he lost it already.

“That’s sad,” said Roth. “He’s so talented he can do different things. I’m a porn star but I’m a singer, too. I’m a makeup artist. I like to do a lot of things. When you have some charisma you want to do a bunch of things. You’re hyperactive. That’s how David is. He wants to sing. He wants to interview people. He’s so creative.” Weiss was of the opinion that Roth wouldn’t have to do any drugs because ir’s passed along in the genes.

“It’s in the blood, baby.” It was Weiss’ observation that Roth had maybe three inches of skin without tattoos.

“I only have three tattoos,” Roth protested, explaining their origin. Among them Roth features a naked lady tat on her leg which she acquired in Spain. Roth said her boyfriend at the time was high when he did it. Weiss figured that Roth, at some time, would have a Van Halen album cover tattooed on her. Roth came into the business in 2003. Weiss figured she probably has 5,000 scenes under the belt but Roth was quick to mention that she doesn’t do anal.

“You don’t do anal, you don’t get that much,” said Roth. “And I took a long break for six months but I’ve shot 215 scenes.” Roth mentioned that she got nominated for an AVN award for a scene she did with Katrina Kraven for Godsend. Roth said she likes girls.

Roth also mentioned the fact that she has an all-girl rock band called Tamerlane after the Edgar Allan Poe poem.He’s one of your writer guys,” Roth explained, noting that the band was eventually going to play the Sunset Strip



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