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Avy Scott Interviewed-final

Porn Valley- Avy Scott was a guest of Stormy Daniels on KSEX Wednesday night. Scott and Daniels attended a recent sexpo south of the border recently, and Scott was on to talk about that and the fact that her ass shrunk due to a weight loss. Daniels described Scott as an enigma in the business.

“I’ve heard people wonder if she exists because they never see her- she disappears, then she comes and she goes,” said Daniels.

Before Scott got on the mike, co-host Mike Moz reported that Daniels’ tongue had been injured in a vagina-licking incident and that she might be verbally incapacitated for the show. Daniels told Moz to go fuck himself. Daniels then reported that Moz lost her dog and that she was in a bad mood.

Moz also addressed a head-butting incident he had with Brian Gross. The last time Daniels’ show aired, Moz called out Gross for the fact that FAME seemed to be re-writing its contest rules to suit situations. Moz said he got a phone call while he was in Mexico from Gross who apparently read the story on

“Brian Gross was very upset that I called him fuck-face,” said Moz. “I called him out. I call everybody fuck-face. I talked some shit about him but Brian and I are friends. I don’t want there to be any misconceptions out there. He’s one of my peers because he’s a p.r. guy, too. So lighten up, fuck face.” Moz said his comments were addressed to the fact that FAME was changing the rules.

“I thought it was legit- I was busting his chops and he got all upset.” According to Moz, Gross told him that he was getting a hard time from more than a few people about this.

“I can say it like this,” said Moz. “Adam & Eve is the sponsor of the FAME awards and Genesis Magazine, and there’s a lot of other big companies that are. But they’re not like a person. Brian, you’re the face person of the show, so you’re going to eat all the shit because that’s your job. I do the same thing. There’s a lot of times I get to eat shoot on things that aren’t necessarily my responsibility. But they know me as a face person.”

Like Stormy’s dog?” Daniels interjected.”We’re not going to talk about that,” Moz replied.

Daniels reported that she would be at the Oxnard Spearmint Rhino starting Thursday night through Saturday. And she’d be at Erotica LA the following weekend.

“I’ll be at the giant Wicked booth with all the obnoxious music,” she said. Moz asked if Wankus was singing.

“Not that obnoxious,” she replied. “We still want people to come to the booth, not run screaming from it.” For her part, Scott is signing for Peter North.

In other personal news, Daniels said she also moved into a new house and last week appeared in Lexington, Kentucky. Daniels was also being very terse and clipped with Moz noting that she’s been mad at him for a year and that it’s come to a boil.

Scott, who’s 24, has been in the business since November, 2001.

“Mr. Roy Garcia found me,” Scott said. Daniels asked if that meant a lost and found container at the mall.

“Yeah, actually,” said Scott who is from Tampa, Florida and is a cracker.

“A lot of people don’t know that cracker is a definition for a Florida native,” said Scott who shot live masturbation cams before doing movies. Moz said Scott could rub one out at the same time typing with her toes so she wouldn’t lose her rhythm. Scott clarified it was her two big toes that were involved in the process. Moz pointed out that Scott has natural, voluptuous breasts which she also agreed have diminished in size since she lost weight. Moz was of the opinion that Scott was in the best shape of her career. Daniels didn’t think Scott ascribed to the meth diet as many of the girls in the business have.

“I was thinking about it but the whole acne-thing threw me off,.” Scott said. “Your teeth get bad and you get acne.” Recapping aspects of Scott’s career, Moz noted that she moved from Tampa and lived in LA for awhile. Then she moved back to Florida and settled in Miami.

“After the HIV outbreak I got a little weird,” Scott agreed. “I went home for a little bit. Then I moved to Miami for nine months.” Before the outbreak she just started doing anal and did her second anal scene with Mandingo when the crisis broke.

“I had booked about two months of anal scenes,” said Scott. Daniels pointed out that Scott is one of the few who have stuck to her guns and has remained condom-only. Scott joked that she could use a bar of soap and catch someone’s diseases.

“I put the condom on and took the pay cut,” she said. “Now I do post production for Peter North’s company. I start directing a MILF line for them probably in a month.” Scott is now living in Studio City, noting while she’s not exclusive with North she’s picking and choosing her projects.

“I want to start producing and selling my movies through their company,” she explained. “Once I start doing that I’m going to stop performing just for anybody.” Scott’s still doing anal but acknowledges not everyone will pay her rate for a condom scene.

“I’m not that special,” she laughed. “Not when girls are willing to do it for a lower rate. I totally understand. It’s business. I’d rather keep my ass for my website anyway.” Asked if she watched her movies, Scott said she just started doing that.

“I like weird movies- something you feel bad for jerking off to,” she laughed. “And I like funny movies, too.” Moz wondered if Scott has ever been in a David Stanley movie.

“He’s very depressing,” he said. “But very popular from what I understand.” Scot didn’t know her signing hours for Erotica LA but said she would be there every day. Scott said she’s worked twice in the past with North.

“He doesn’t perform anymore but he’s great to think about,” she added. Moz brought up the fact that Scott was supposed to have fucked up Mandingo in their scene together. Scott said she misses the brown meat.

“Just because I’m condom-only I need a brown penis I can ride, my fans are dying for it,” she said. “I’m begging a director- Lexington, Justin Slayer, somebody, put a condom on your penis and have sex with me.”

Stormy felt that gonzo guys don’t like to work with condoms. Moz said T Reel would be no problem and Scott thought he was very nice. Currently Scott’s booking through no one. While she’s freelance, Scott said people can get a hold of her word of mouth. Scott said she could also be reached through her MySpace page /Avy Scott.

“You could e-mail me at [email protected],” she added, “or [email protected]. Moz asked if she ever went on Scott said she tried to avoid the Internet.

“It sucks you in,” she said. “I end up reading something about myself and go what the fuck!”Scott also has a site, which is run by Amy Sweet’s husband.

“They do a wonderful job,” said Scott. Because Scott had an Internet presence for a couple of years before doing porn, Moz said she had decent sales right off the bat because people already knew who she was. Daniels thought it interesting that Scott won’t dance.

“She’s get completely naked- she’s not afraid of Mandingo in her ass but she’s afraid to get on stage and swing around a pole,” Daniels laughed. “Which is smaller than Mandingo’s dick.”

Scott attributed that to a lack of grace. Scott remembered a time she couldn’t walk in heels and had to do exercises to strengthen her ankles. Moz said he could watch scenes of Scott without heels but she protested you have to do scenes in heels and “slut gear.”

“Heels and lashes- I’m dependent upon those two things,” she said. “That’s all I need to do a scene. And gloss.”

Asked about her site, Scott said she’s a fan of porn and keeps her site at $12.95.

“Because I know it’s lacking content,” she admitted. “If you’re looking for a lot of content- I’m sort of screwing myself here- but I love my fans. You can go to my website but you get a refund automatically if there’s not enough shit there. Go ahead, leave.”

Scott said her live cam will be up in about 30 days. Tentatively, she said.

Daniels wondered if Scott was going to have a webcam in her bathroom and use the footage Daniels took of her peeing. Daniels made it sound like it was shot in Mexico and alluded to a limo ride and the fact that Moz will cry on roller coasters. Moz explained about Mexican roads and the popularity of Scott and Daniels down there.

“They have hundreds of thousands of fans in Mexico, and they get requested to do every TV show and every radio show when we’re down there,” he said. “They requested the two to do a TV show and they hired a Rolls Royce super stretch limo with a jacuzzi in the back to pick them up. The traffic in Mexico City is very similar to the traffic in LA and New York. It might be a little thicker and the roads are not that big. It’s fucking crazy and we were in this incredible obnoxious white limo. The guy had to be doing 800 mph. It was scary and we were passing everybody by.”

Moz sensed they were going to get killed with animals and little kids out in the street. Moz talked about kids who were begging for money and Scott said she’s a sucker for a con job. Moz talked about a kid with one-arm who was trying to beg money from Scott.

“I told him to fuck off,” said Moz alluding to a removable arm. “Because the kid had a new schtick every day.” Scott said she won’t give poor people in the states money.

“Do a little jig for me,” she suggested. “In Miami they work for it. They have art pieces. You have a service? I’ll pay you for it. Don’t ask me for money. Do something. Dance. Paint your dog’s toenails. Burn incense. I don’t care.” Scott remembered one guy with a banjo who’s dog’s toes were painted.

“That’s creativity,” she said. Moz remembered another guy in Mexico who smashed bottles and began ramming his face into the broken glass with shard hanging out his skin.

“He comes up to the window asking for a fucking peso- we’re all just like that was worth it, dude. That was some interesting shit.”

Moz brought up the KSEX games from two years ago and Scott said she was gypped in the outcome of the wrestling event. Scott said Wankus made her look like she lost an event when she didn’t.

“It was the final match of the bitch fights,” said Scott. “Wankus thought I was done because he had one angle. I wasn’t down and he called it. I wasn’t pinned. He later apologized. He did admit that he was wrong but I wanted to announce it to everybody else. My ego wants to shine through.” Scott also noted that her ass was turned down for an ass shoot.

“My ass is no longer big enough,” she sighed. “I don’t know what to think. I’ve got mixed signals.” Scott explained that she got turned down for an ass website.

“Not big enough any more.” Scott also thinks in a normal physical altercation, Stormy would probably beat the hell out of her.

“She has a mean streak,” said Scott. Moz remembered a time he and Scott were out of town but that he never boned her.

“But the Mexican press- she’s enormously popular in the country,” Moz continued. “Every day they were like how is it working with Avy Scott. How is it when you come to Mexico- do you stay with her?” Moz is asked how he resists keeping his hands off Scott.

“Avy is a cool bitch and she’s a chick you can hang out with,” Moz told the press. “Kind of like a dude- you can cuss, smoke and get into a fight and do all kinds of crazy shit. But in the morning when Avy wakes up, she burps. She’ll just sit there and go yesterday I didn’t take a shower- they’re stinky. Smell my armpits. So when the press asks me how you keep your hands off of Avy Scott, I say it’s a lot easier than you would think.” Scott said she’s a lot grosser than Moz’s story would care to admit.

Scott went on to describe how you don’t take long baths in Mexican water.

“It’s not pretty,” she laughed. Particularly since Scott is susceptible to catching anything with right legs. Daniels recalled how Scott would bathe in Mexico with bottled water.

“I’d splash it on my pussy, washing the other water off,” added Scott.

“I heard of women getting yeast infections,” said Moz. “But every morning Avy would fucking bring muffins to the fans. I’m where are you getting these from? We don’t have an oven in the room. Don’t ask, man. Okay, dude.”

Someone in the chatroom wrote that Scott could smell like three day-old rotten ass while burping the Star Bangled banner and would still be hot.

“That’s so sweet,” Scott cooed.

Asked if she did custom work for her website, Scott said she was very interactive with her fans and would do things within reason. Asked if she could squirt, Scott said more by accident.

“If you want me to do like most of the other girls do and just pee and call it squirt, I can do that,” she said. “No problem.” But Scott wouldn’t come right out and say most of the squirters pee.

“If it’s urine and smells like urine, it must be urine,” Daniels interjected.

“If it smells like piss, it’s piss,” Scott agreed. “But I’m not a master squirter and I don’t know if I’m educated enough to make that opinion. But everybody knows I have opinions anyway and am going to say it. Alicia Klass- that’s a squirter. If you want to know what real squirting is, go watch Alicia Klass’s stuff. That’s my take on it. She is beautiful though, with a pink butthole. Not many girls have pink buttholes and pussy lips- just pink all around. Savanna Stern- she’s a new girl. Fucking hot, nice big ass. A tiny little butthole and very, very, very pink.”

Scott said being Italian and not having had much anal sex, her asshole looks like you’re driven a Mack truck through it.

“Like Belladonna, for instance, she’s stuffed big stuff up her butt,” said Scott. “But it looks like a tiny little butthole.” Scott and Belladonna have worked together.

Daniels said she was going to go home and squat over a mirror. Presumably to check out the color of her ass. Daniels said she wants a pink little “beep.” Moz pointed out that Tabitha Stevens had her asshole dyed.

“She had it bleached, she didn’t have it colored,” Daniels corrected.

“I’m sure if you bleach it, it will be pink,” said Scott, making observations about Moz’s asshole.

“It’s never seen the light- it’s like the Grand Canyon.”

Scott also mentioned that she will be on the cover of September’s Leg World as well as an upcoming Club International layout with Amy Reid. It was Scott’s opinion that Reid looks better with less makeup. Moz brought up the subject of staying power and an AVN article proclaiming that Naomi was the current “it” girl.

“I’ve seen that bitch on every fucking boxcover and she’s got a great ass,” he said. “But I wonder six months from now, eight months from now she’ll still be around. A porn girl does a scene and she’s immediately a porn star.” Daniels recalled an instance last week when she was dancing in Lexington, Kentucky.

“To be a star, somebody has to know who you are,” Daniels continued. Scott was inclined to say that girls who do everything in the business have earned the designation. Daniels talked about the girl she ran into at a club.

“One of the house dancers- she’s very cute- she comes up to me and leans at my table,” Daniels went on to say. “She goes I’m a porn star, too, you know. I was, I kind of know everybody in the business, what’s your name? And she’s telling me her name and I can’t remember what it was. I’m like how many movies have you done. She’s like, THREE.. She’s like, ‘I’m not on any of the boxes even though I did d.p.s in all three of them. But my favorite is Cum Shitters 14.’ I’m, like, doing three d.p.s in a movie called Cum Shitters does not make you a porn star.”


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