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Axel Braun: Jason Sinclair Stole Money and Got Kicked to the Curb- story in progress

Porn Valley- Gwen Diamond was supposed to have been on KSEX Monday night, but in a scheduling fooflaw, Diamond thought it was the following Monday. Meanwhile, Brooke Scott had been lined up to replace her but Scott was stuck on a set.

This left director Axel Braun and male performer Mikey Butders as guests. And with Jason Sechrest, as host, it was a male version of The View. The conversation got around to favorite male topics as jacking off, with Sechrest gushing over Butders like a school girl in heat for the first time.

Sechrest took particular note that Butders possesses, perhaps, the largest set of balls in the business and got on that topic thread whenever the occasion warranted. Braun, always controversially acute, was talking about some guy who was taking it up the ass and was stumped for a name. When I offered Jason Sinclair’s [pictured], Braun said that wasn’t who he was thinking of but noted that Sinclair does take black cock up the wazoo.

Braun then addressed the fact that he and Sinclair, who worked on his sets, had a falling out.

Braun claims that Sinclair stole money [allegedly] from him. According to Braun it was $9,000 but didn’t explain the circumstances.

“Another reason why we split up is because he said I was cheating on his sister and he couldn’t take it,” Braun continued, noting that Sinclair had some interview on Luke is Back in which he made unflattering comments about Braun.

“I don’t give a fuck if he likes black cock up his ass, but he has balls to talk shit,” Braun commented. “He stole money and got kicked to the curb.”

According to Braun, Sinclair, who’s a KSEX co-host on Fuck Soup, left a phone message with him late in September saying he wanted to talk and clear things up.

“Then two days later he’s talking shit about me on Luke is Back,” says Braun.

story in progress


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