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Bailey Brooks Debuts on KSEX

Porn Valley- Jason Sechrest thinks he’s having a heart attack.

“I may be rushed to the hospital any moment,” Sechrest announces as he goes live on KSEX,, Monday afternoon. Sechrest, who may actually be hyperventilating, explains that she’s had too much in the way of Skittles and Mountain Dew.

“And my headphones feel like the buns Princess Leah on Star Wars had to wear.”

Also when the camera’s on, Sechrest says he has this need to confess, and thus puts forth a tacky stream of consciousness that sounds like musings from the town gossip. Sechrest next addresses KSEX’s video feed.

“We have out own stream,” he announces. “That means [vice president] Joe Brandi’s hitting the toilet.” [Brandi the other week tried getting in the KSEX mens room while Sechrest was humping some guy.]

“Now we have full control of our feed,” Sechrest continues. “Except we have only one listener- Bob in the chat room.”

Sechrest, who’s got seven entertainment gigs lined up eack week can’t believe he got through the last seven days without illegal substances. Although he pulled a Rip Van Sechrest by crashing over the weekend.

Sechrest then ran down a number of headlines from Adultfyi which he found particularly amusing including Tony Batman’s account of 40 porn stars in Denver.

“There were over 40 stars in my apartment this past weekend,” Sechrest laughed. “You’re going to have to step it up for the Denver show.”

Taking note that Belladonna’s brother Jason Sinclair now had his own Monday night show on KSEX, Sechrest said Sinclair was known for dating Lisa Ann and taking black cock up his ass. Then addressing the latest about Jenna Jameson having her implants removed, Sechrest thought it was probably a good idea to have your tits match the rest of your body.

“Maybe she’s thinner because Tito [Ortiz] has flattened her,” Sechrest speculated. “That would give anyone the appearance of being on crystal meth.”

Also finding it extremely difficult to get a handle on his guest – Bailey Brooks’ name- Sechrest kept referring to her as Riley. When corrected he exclaimed, “Ah, Bailey, as in cream.”

Brooks, a coppery toned redhead with angular features and very shapely legs, is with Foxxx Modeling. She announces that her breasts are all natual.

“She’s fresh,” intoned Sechrest. “The vagina is fresh, and she hasn’t had a baby by Steve Hirsch then got cancer. No, that was Ginger Lynn.”

On another subject, Sechrest said it was quite fashionable now in the gay world to go “bug chasing.”

“But I have no desire to get an STD,” he said. “But it would break my heart if I had an STD and no one wanted to see me because of that.” Sechrest said there was a young muscle stud who wanted to date him except for the minor issue of having HIV.

Heidi Mayne, who’s been on his show before, then called Sechrest on air, mentioning the fact that she was in Florida and shooting for the Bang Bros., something titled Ass Parade.

“You better get paid,” Sechrest advised her. “You better be getting cash.”

“They are paying me cash,” Mayne told him.

As Brooks came in the studio, Sechrest asked if she liked gay men.

“I like all men,” Brooks says, noting that she’s all about equal opportunity. She’s done six scenes so far including four this past week.

“Then you’re making the car payments,” Sechrest commented. Brooks then talked a little about an orgy scene which she shot on a yacht the day before.

When she mentioned that she’s also worked with Lee Stone, Sechrest wanted to know if that hurt. Brooks said no, that Stone’s curved cock managed to hit the right spot on her. Brooks said she doesn’t have a no list. Neither does she do anal, but Brooks said she’s working on that in her private life with a maled friend from Canada.

Born and raised in Houston, Brooks, 25, has been living in Atlanta. She travels to Los Angeles three weeks out of the month. It’s Sechrest’s contention that Atlanta is the hottest airport for men.

“I can’t walk through there without a hard on,” Sechrest laughs. “Cheezus Christ, is there a military base near there? I never saw such a hot congregation of men.” Brooks said there’s two women for every man in Atlanta.

Very much into women, Brooks said she likes Jesse Jane a lot.

“They would love you at Digital Playground,” Sechrest comments.

Brooks explains how she grew up on Metallica and always knew she wanted to do porn. Her first sex experience was at the age of nine with another girl. Brooks then got married at 18- to the same guy she lost her virginity to- but divorced her husband about a year and a half ago. She has a four year old daughter named, coincidentally enough, Riley. To which Sechrest said he knew he was getting the Riley vibe from somewhere.

According to Brooks, her daughter is currently staying with her parents in North Carolina. Her parents, she says, are probably under the impression that she models so that’s how she can explain her lengthy absences. Brooks notes that she has full custody of her daughter and that there has to be a chaperone when her husband visits.

“Because of the abusive aspect of the relationship,” Brooks explains.

Asked what broke the marriage up, Brooks said she discovered her husband cheaing although she, as a swinger, brought home an ample supply of girls.

“I don’t miss him,” she comments. “We’re good friends but towards the end we fought a lot.”

Sechrest suggested that he and Brooks take a future road trip to North Carolina where they can stop off at a Wendy’s and listen to Tori Amos.

Before she got into porn, Brooks worked as a secretary in North Carolina. After which she began stripping in Atlanta.

“The owner of the club said you should do porn,” Brooks states. Brooks also appeared at Erotica L.A. this past summer where she signed for Pleasure Productions along with Tera Wray.

Brooks also explains that Bailey was the last name of her best male friend. And judging by the answers she provided, Sechrest determined that he was probably gay.

“He might be gay now that you mention it,” thought Brooks. “He can dress so good.”

Sechrest also warned Brooks about listenting to people in the business who will advise her to get scrawny.

“Don’t let them tell you to throw up your food,” he says. “Don’t go the route Tera Patrick went.”

Asked if she had an particular fantasies, Brooks, a horror film buff, explained her vampire fetish.

“I think you should do B- horror movies,” Sechrest agreed. “You look like a B-movie girl.”

According to Brooks, her favorite horror film is Queen of the Damned. In a lengthy discussion on the genre, Sechrest said his favorite was the original Psycho. Sechrest then ran down a list of sexual activities, soliciting Brooks’ opinions on them.

Though she hasn’t done it on camera, Brooks said she enjoys anal sex.

“I just feel something different,” she comments. Regarding rape, Brooks said she had a crazy idea about that.

“I kind of think it’s hot.” She also enjoyes choking and feigned violence, thinks spanking is hot and would love to give pegging a try.

Brooks said the thing she hates about spitting stems from when a guy spit in her mouth and she gagged.

She also feels that she’s too tight for fisting. Regarding pissing, Brooks said she’d like to be the one doing it and mentioned a scene she did with Rico Strong where she squirted four times.

“My eyes were rolling back.”

For his part, Sechrest said he’d freak out if water started coming out of his ass.

Brooks also enjoys sex in public, noting that she’s an exhibitionist. And licking a man’s ass is also something she doesn’t find very appetizing.

Brooks explains that she’s been living at the Foxxx Modeling house and described an impromptu early morning pajama party she had the other day with Kayme Kai, Bree Olson and Roxy Summers.

Brooks also mentioned that she used to be a high school cheerleader and enjoyed giving blowjobs and handjobs.

“I was a tease,” she says.

“Taking note that she was completely shaved,” Sechrest on the subject of hairy balls, told a story about how he used to get guys on the baseball team to expose themselves to him.

“There’s a desperation about being a teenage boy,” he said.


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