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Ban the Sweets from the Industry, Steve Banan Requests

I am going to try making this short and sweet and not rambling on, as I believe some might think I do. I have been very busy trying to get several productions off the ground. One in particular “Porn Star Camera” could mean a break for many porn stars into legitimate network broadcasting.

That in its self could lead to many residual modeling jobs, television and even the big screen, no joke. This has always been Ron Jeremy’s dream and mine, to be able to make that cross over happen for many of the talent in our industry. With Ronny turning 50 this year and myself turning 51, we discussed this in 1984 on the set of Happy. With “Porn Star Camera” this dream of ours may just become a reality for many of you this year. With this in mind over eight months ago, I decided like they do when they want a horse to win the race, to put the blinders on. I could not see to left or right, just go for it straight ahead. So far for the grace of god, mine and Ronny’s determination to get this project off the ground, it looks like it is going to happen.

When Steve Seidman came to me with the idea of opening S & S Pro Talent Management, I thought that it was one fantastic idea. Two guys together with over fifty years experience combined in this industry, what a management company we could form and most of all look out for the talent, as well. Something that is long needed in our industry. I made it clear to Steve Seidman, that I would be there when ever he needed me, but due in part to my on going projects, he would have to be the one to bear a great deal of the responsibilities that came with this company. Personally given all the situations arising in last three months, I believe he has done one hell of a job.

Now about the Sweets, Steve Seidman and I offered Ryan and Summer Sweet a two-bedroom apartment that our company maintains in Santa Clarita California. To my knowledge, they declined. With Nicole Moore’s support and assistance, we were able to give Summer Sweet her first girl – girl professional scene for Hallio Productions. I personally spent over six hours of my time negotiating a contract for her to star in two reality based websites that I have been contracted to shoot. This we did without even a signed management contract. Something we assure you, we will never do again.

When I tried to explain the Webmasters contract in detail to Ms. Sweet she was not happy with many of the titles of the websites and kept insisting that she did not do multiple men, gang bangs, interracial, fetishes or anal. Her concern seemed to be set on what we were going do for Ryan and her as a duel team. I explained to her, this contract had nothing to do with Ryan and all to do with her. The conversation came to a complete and solid end, when Ms. Sweet insisted that I go back to the Webmaster and make those changes or she would not sign a one year exclusive contract with S & S Pro Talent Management.

After reading all the material that has been readily available on the web the last two weeks. I do not appreciate what the Sweets have been saying about my principal partner Steve Seidman. It is most definitely untrue and unfounded. I do not know or recognize the Sports Swami, but I appreciate the fact that he had apologized to the industry for being mis-lead by the Sweets. I truly hope, in the future he will get the facts straight before jumping for the byline.

My industry, I ask you to ban the Sweets from any projects, castings or contracts. The Sweets are most definitely flakes period. We do not need them in our industry. Ms. Sweet is limited to what she could do in any given scene and Ryan cannot keep wood, unless he is in a scene with Summer. I come to you today to put an end to this bullshit and let us get on with the business that we do best. That is making the best possible adult videos, content, and electronic media that is readily available for consumer purchase.

Thank You…Steve Banan



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