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Barbie Cummings: I Am in Los Angeles Now

Barbie Cummings posts this June 12: I am in the studio today, got to ride in one of those nice town cars to get here!

I ended up staying at the Roosevelt last night, in Hollywood. It was splendid.

I got in from Vegas around 1:30pm yesterday at the Burbank airport. I met two very nice men, Jason and Keith. Jason was funny and bought me a dozen red roses from one of those 24 hour flower machines. I laughed. I told him where I was staying, who I was and we exchanged numbers.

I got to my room, took a nice nap. In the middle of my nap I was waken from a knock at the door. It was a bellman, he was holding the biggest most beautiful vase of long stem roses I had ever seen.

It was so great, apparently Jason had the roses sent to my room. The arrangement stood about three feet tall and them smelled wonderful.

I met up with the man I had plans to visit. He was very unique. We went for sushi and drinks last night. I will tell you the sushi didn’t compare to Nobu, I think it will be hard to beat that.

We went to an improv show too, it was wonderful. We then went to a Greek restaurant that turns into the club scene at night.

Well, this man I met was a stranger to me, until yesterday. We met off of the internet, he put me up in the hotel and flew me there. He was a very dominant man.

In the little club, he grabbed me by my neck and threw me up against the wall. He made me say “please” over and over again. He liked this. So did I.

I could see the other people kind of staring at us, as if they didn’t know what to do. It made my pussy wet.

We talked too though, he was very intelligent. He was one of those men that knew “everything” and had been “everywhere”.

He did this mind evaluation thing on me, “the cube?” He asked me to imagine a desert, with a cube in it, or a box rather. The box had to have six sides and I had to see all details of the box. Then, I had to imagine a ladder and last a horse, all of these in a desert.

I imagined a lemonade stand, with a naked Iraqi man behind it, selling lemonade. The ladder went up the side of the mountain next to the man. The ladder had seven pieces and the man would climb the ladder to get to the river. He would get his water from the river to make more lemonade. Then, the horse was white with red hair, with no saddle. He was being sucked off by a hot blonde, while drinking lemonade.

I am telling you all now, from the little bit of scene I created…he told me my whole life.

It was amazing. I am also sure, for those of you into Psychology you have learned this little experiment yourself.

It intrigued me.

I jetted on this weird man, I left him. I have a tendency to do this because I feel bad. He wanted to take me shopping today and buy me jewelry, he said ladies need jewelry. He kind of creeped me out.

I am in the studio, as I said before. Ruth Blackwell scenes are being shot today, I don’t shoot until Thursday morning. I will have splendid pictures after my scenes!

I just chatted with Billy Watson, we are going to sushi tonight and watching the movie “Knocked Up.” I am happy to be here. I am happy to be with Billy. I love him.


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